Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Joe "GoPa" Paterno Must Leave Now

Update: Paterno has been fired.

Joe "Gopa" Paterno must leave now. In the wake of the largest scandal to hit Penn State due to a horrific sex scandal, Joe Paterno must step down for failing to alert authorities about knowledge of an alleged incident of sexual assualt  committed by one of his coaches on a minor.

While GoPa alerted his superior, he did nothing else.  He never inquired about the incident and worse, he never alerted police.  If any of the victims were one of my children I would be feel betrayed and I would be angry.

Paterno has led his football team expecting his players to do what's just right, not just what's expected.  He expects his players to act ethically and morally.  Why shouldn't we expect the same from him?  We should.
It's sad to see.  Penn State was thought to be a clean program.

Joe Paterno now claims to be remorseful but was that just because he's been caught or would he have ever come forward himself?  Not a chance. Just a week ago, his friend Sandusky who's been charged with multiple counts of child sexual assault was allowed to visit the University.

Where was GoPa kicking that slimeball's ass off campus?  Where was GoPa ensuring that the scumbag didn't come near the University?

By doing nothing after being informed about an alleged sexual assault by his coach, Paterno allowed the scumbag to rape more boys.  How can GoPa live with himself?  There would have been no guarantee that if he reported the incident to police that Sandusky would have never harmed another boy but we would know that GoPa did the right thing.

If Joe Paterno was truly sorry and remorseful he would have retired today.  He wouldn't allow this thing to drag on and on and on.  Penn state must fire Paterno now!  This is the humiliation that Joe Paterno deserves.

In my opinion Paterno was an accomplice to all future sexual assaults that Sandusky allegedly took part in.  Why?  Because Joe Paterno could have done his part to alert authorities and ensure that the rapist paid for his crimes.

Joe Paterno should have ensured that his friend the scumbag child rapist never came near the university.  How couldn't Paterno be disgusted that this creep was allowed within school property?  The more I write about this, the more I think Paterno is scumbag as well!

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