Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sportmentary.com NFL Power Rankings for Week #4

We took the week off last week but we're back with another addition of our weekly Sportmentary.com NFL Power Rankings.
Week #5 sees 3 teams in the Suck for Luck sweepstakes and all have no wins in the 2011 campaign. 

1)     Green Bay Packers (No Change) – The Packers were tested in the first half in Atlanta but then their star QB took over and showed everyone why Green Bay will be tough to beat.  The defending Super Bowl champions look better than last year.
2)     Detroit Lions (Ranked #4 in last edition) – How can't you list the other 5-0 squad in the number two slot?  You can't.
3)     New England Patriots (Ranked #5 last in edition) – Since dropping a close game to the Bills in week #3, the Pats have won 2 straight games.  This past week they beat division rivals, the New York Jets.  Their running game has improved and that's a killer combination when added with Brady's passing game.
4)     New Orleans Saints (Ranked #2 in last edition) – The Saints will battle Detroit for the #2 seed in this year's campaign.  Brees is having a good year.
5)     Buffalo Bills (Ranked #3 in last edition) – The Bills have good company in the top 5.  Any of these teams can drop positioning from week to week.
6)     Baltimore Ravens (No change in ranking) – The Ravens had a bye this week.
7)     San Diego Chargers (Ranked #7 in last edition) – The Chargers aren't off to a slow start this year.  At 4-1, there's still room for improvement.
8)     Pittsburgh Steelers (No Cahnge) – Big Ben's 5 TDs was a huge surprise and might be what the Steelers need to take off.
9)  San Francisco 49ers ( Not ranked last edition) – We can't believe the blowout that the 49ers handed to Tampa Bay.  Are they really legit?  We'll have to see.
10)  Oakland Raiders (Ranked #14 last week) – What a huge emotional victory for the Raiders.  Al must have been proud!  Oakland is 3-2 and has played some tough games.
11)  Houston Texans (Ranked #7 in last edition) – Houston had a chance to win the game on the last play but blew their opportunity with a turnover.  Houston could easily be 4-1 and ranked higher.
12)  Washington Redskins (Ranked #20 in last edition) –I'm not sold on this team or Rex Grossman.
13)  New York Giants (No change from last edition) – Why aren't they ranked lower?  there are worse teams than them.  Eli needs to be more consistent and can't throw 3 INTs in one game.
14)  Tennessee Titans (No change) – They blew a tire on Sunday but I think this team is pretty good.
15)  Dallas Cowboys (Ranked #13 in last edition) – Once again there are worse teams.  Romo's on again off again playing makes this team mediocre and middle of the pack.
16)  New York Jets (Ranked #10 in last edition) – The Jets are a huge disappointment and they need to beat undefeated Miami this week or the boo birds will be loud.
17) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ranked #11 in last edition) – This team could have been in the top 10 with a win against the 49ers.  Instead they were blown out.
18) Chicago Bears (Ranked #17 in last edition) - The Bears are not a good team and if they're not careful, Cutler is going to get seriously hurt.  Cutler was the only good player on MNF against the Lions.  The Bears have faced tough competition in the 5-0 Packers, 5-0 Lions and 4-1 Saints.
19) Atlanta Falcons - (No Change) - Could have made a statement this week at home against the Packers.  Instead they played one quarter and then took the rest of the game off.
20)  Cincinnati Bengals (Ranked #28 in last edition) – They're 3-2 but their competition hasn't been that great. Still, a win is a win.
21)  Cleveland Browns (Ranked #21 in last edition) – They're actually 2-2.  We'll have to see if they can continue to win half their games.
22)  Seattle Seahawks (Ranked #30 in last edition)  – They've won 2 games but they still suck!
23)  Philadelphia Eagles (Ranked #18 in last edition) – The dream team can move the ball but turnovers will get you every time and make you not so dreamy.
24)  Carolina Panthers (Ranked #22 in last edition) – They are actually a surprise so far this year.
25)  Kansas City Chiefs (Ranked #33 in last edition) – Two WINS.  Are you kidding me? They're still awful.
26)  Minnesota Vikings (Ranked #31 last week) – This team has lots to Ponder going forward.  Hopefully they do put in Ponder sooner than later.
27)  Denver Broncos (Ranked #23 in last edition) – Orton had a terrible first half in week #5 and was booed off the field.  Will Tebow save the day after the bye.  He's a rookie so probably not. 
28)  Arizona Cardinals (Ranked #24 in last edition) – They're so bad that even the Vikings beat them.
29)  Jacksonville Jaguars (Ranked #26  in last week) – What is there to say when the Bungals beat you?
30)  Miami Dolphins (Ranked #29 in last edition) – They didn't lose this week.  They had a bye.

31) St. Louis Rams (Ranked #25 in last edition) - It's really a toss-up for the Suck for Luck sweepstakes with the bottom three teams.
32) Indianapolis Colts (Ranked # 27 in last edition) - The Colts have a shot for Luck.

So there you have it.  Our week #5 power rankings are complete.  Let us know what you think!

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