Wednesday, October 12, 2011

QB Ratings for Week #5 - Top 5 is ready to release its QB rankings.  The top 4 will battle it out this year but we believe Rogers will maintain his position throughout the year.  There's very little wiggle room for the top 5 and a bad week can send them tumbling in the rankings.  The top 4 remained the same.  Fitzpatrick replaced Hasselbeck for the #5 spot.

1) Aaron Rogers (No change) - Rogers is 5-0 and continues to lead his team to victory.   The Packers fell behind to Atlanta in Atlanta on Sunday but Rogers led a second half comeback that impressed Sportmentary. Aaron Rogers has thrown for 14 TDs with 2 INTs and 1,721 yards.  That's incredible.  Rogers QB rating is 122.9, the highest in the NFL.  Rogers is at the top of the list due to his low interception count and the fact his team is 5-0.  Rogers is averaging over 344 yards per game and has a completion percentage of 71.7 (Highest in the NFL).  Rogers is the most valuable player in the NFL right now.

2) Mathew Stafford (No change) - Another game and another comeback for Stafford.  This wasn't his biggest comeback but it was against division rivals Chicago.  Stafford has thrown for  for 1,436 yards, 13 TDs (3rd most behind Rogers and Brady) and only 4 interceptions and has a completion percentage of 63.6%.  Stafford has a 5-0 record and a QB rating of 101.4 (was 100.3 last week).

3) Tom Brady (No Change) -  Brady is 4-1 and he's led his team to two straight victories. Brady has excellent numbers.  He has thrown for 14 TDs (Tied with Rogers for the most in the NFL) with 6 INTs and has a pass completion record of 67.9%.  Brady has a QB rating of 109.5 (Second most in the NFL).  Brady has thrown for 1,874 yards (most in NFL). That's 374.8 yards per game. wouldn't be surprised if Brady ended up in the second spot at season's end.  It's unlikely he'll beat our Rogers for the top spot.

 4) Drew Brees (No change) - Brees has led his team to a 4-1 record and 4 straight victories.  His only loss comes to the Green Bay Packers. Brees will be in a fight for the rest of the season with Brady and Stafford for the #2 spot.  Brees has thrown for 12 TDs and 5 INTs with a 69.4 % pass completion % (Second highest in NFL).  Brees has thrown for 1,769 yards (2nd most in NFL).  His QB rating is 102.3.  Brees is averaging almost 354 yards per game. 

5) Ryan Fitzpatrick (Was not on the list last week) - Fitzpatrick replaces Matt Hasselbeck for the 5th and final spot.  Fitzpatrick is 3-1 and has won some big games.  This week he rebounded from a loss in week #4.  That showed Sportmentary that he's going to be a contender this year.  His numbers are good.  He's thrown 10 TDs and only 4 INTs for 1,233 yards and a 65.7 pass completion percentage.  His QB rating of 96.4.  

Just missing the cut:  Eli Manning.  His numbers are good but he has to show consistency to break into the top5.

There you have it.'s QB ranking for the end of week #5.  Let us know what you think.  Did we miss a QB or would you have ranked the top 5 differently?  We're eager to find out your opinions!

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