Tuesday, October 25, 2011

QB Ratings for Week #7 - Top 5

Sportmentary.com is ready to release its QB rankings for week 7.  We're shaking things up this week with two new entries.  One of the rating's regulars drops off the list due to his second straight loss (Even though he has good numbers).  it's about winning and if your team wins, you will be rated higher.

1) Aaron Rogers (No change) - At 7-0, Rogers keeps on shining.  While the Packers were tested in week #7 by christian Ponder and the Vikings, Rogers managed to throw for another 3 TDs.  Aaron Rogers has thrown for 20 TDs (Most in the NFL and almost 3 per game) with only 3 INTs (That's amazing) and 2,372 yards (2nd in the NFL but Brady had a bye this week).  
Rogers QB rating is 125.7, the highest in the NFL.  Rogers is averaging 338.9 yards per game and has a completion percentage of 71.5 (Highest in the NFL).  

2) Tom Brady (No change and didn't play this week
) -  Brady is 5-1 and directed a great game winning scoring drive.  He has thrown for 16 TDs (2nd in the NFL) with 8 INTs and has a pass completion record of 67.5%.  Brady has a QB rating of 104.8 (Second most in the NFL).  Brady has thrown for 2,163 yards (most in NFL). That's 360.5 yards per game.

3) Drew Brees (5th Last Week) - Brees rebounded this week with a huge win and threw for 5 TDs and over 335 yards before sitting out the 4th quarter.  Can you imagine what numbers Brees would have put up if he played the whole game?.  Brees is 5-2.  His numbers are great.  He's thrown 18 TDs (2nd most in NFL) and 8 INTs (None this past week) for 2,477 yards (Most in the NFL) and a 70.9 pass completion percentage (2nd in NFL).  His QB rating of 104.6.

4) Matt Schaub (Not ranked last week) - Schaub led his Texans to a huge blowout victory in Tennessee in week #7.  As a result Schaub is this week's surprise to make the list. 

Schaub's Numbers: TDs 12 with 5 INTs.  He's thrown for 1,893 Yards Passing, a pass completion record of 61.2% and a QB rating of 96.8.

5) Big Ben Rothlesberger (Not ranked last week) - Ben is another surprise listing this week.  His Steelers have won 3 straight games and are 5-2.  Ben's numbers continue to rise.  

His numbers are good.  He's thrown 12 TDs and 6 INTs for 1,937 yards and a 62.8 pass completion percentage.  His QB rating of 95.3.  

Just missing the cut:  Mathew Stafford, Eli Manning (Did not play this week) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (Did not play this week).  We told you losing will drop you like a fly.  Mathew Stafford's numbers are good and if he finds a way to rebound from two straight losses, he will find his way back in the top 5.

There you have it.  Sportmentary.com's QB ranking for the end of week #7.  Let us know what you think.  Did we miss a QB or would you have ranked the top 5 differently?  We're eager to find out your opinions!


  1. Can't argue with your top five, but let me give you my bottom three of the NFL's 86 quarterbacks:

    84 - Charlie Whitehurst: Uncle Petey's talent-judging brilliance demonstrated in Charlie's 3.2 yards per attempt vs Browns. (P.S. - that's no fluke, he's at 5.1 lifetime)

    85 - Kyle Boller: Lot's of talent, blown yet another chance, but figures to play yet another day after Palmer self-destructs again.

    86 - Carson Palmer: The Trade-Me-Or-I'll-Take-My-Ball-And-Go-Home trojan has a 17.3 QB rating after his 3-interception half against KC.

  2. theHoundDawg, you did it again. you put a smile on my face tonight :)

    I can't argue with your list.


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