Tuesday, October 18, 2011

QB Ratings for Week #6 - Top 5

Sportmentary.com is ready to release its QB rankings for week 6.  With losses come some changes in the ratings.  At least we have some consistency in the top 2, although #2 is lucky to maintain his spot.  If it weren't for a game winning drive who knows where we would have placed hi.

1) Aaron Rogers (No change) - Some things never change.  Rogers is 6-0 and seems to have winning in his blood.  We hate to look forward to the Vikings game in week #7 but it could be 70-0 before the night's done.  Aaron Rogers has thrown for 17 TDs (Most in the NFL and almost 3 per game) with only 3 INTs and 2,031 yards (3rd in the NFL).  That's incredible.  Rogers QB rating is 122.5, the highest in the NFL.  Rogers is averaging over 338.5 yards per game and has a completion percentage of 71.7 (Highest in the NFL).  Can Rogers be beat.  Doesn't look like it.  Can we start talking about an undefeated season?

2) Tom Brady (3rd Last Week) -  Brady is 5-1 and directed a great game winning scoring drive.  He has thrown for 16 TDs (2nd in the NFL) with 8 INTs and has a pass completion record of 67.5%.  Brady has a QB rating of 104.8 (Second most in the NFL).  Brady has thrown for 2,163 yards (most in NFL). That's 360.5 yards per game.

3) Mathew Stafford (2nd Last Week) - Losing will drop you like a fly.  Stafford didn't get it done on Sunday and as a result his star may be failing.  He'll need to rebound next game to remain in the top 5.  Was Detroit over achieving or are they for real?  We're not sure! 

Stafford's Numbers: TDs 15 (3rd Most in NFL. INTs 4, 1729 Yards Passing, a pass completion record of 62% and a QB rating of 98.2.

4) Eli Manning (Not on list) - Just when you though this guy was done, he rebounds with a couple of good games.  Manning has his team in contention for a division title.  Manning has thrown for 11 TDs and 5 INTs with a 63.8 % pass completion %.  He has thrown for 1,778 yards (4th most in NFL).  His QB rating is 101.1 (3rd Most in NFL.  If Manning remains consistent he could challenge for the 3rd spot as early as week #7.

5) Drew Brees (4th Last Week) - While Brees remains on the list, his stock is dropping.  Brees and his Saints dropped a big game to the Bucs in week #6.  Brees is 4-2.  His numbers are good.  He's thrown 13 TDs (4th most in NFL) and 8 INTs for 2,152 yards (2nd in NFL) and a 68.2 pass completion percentage (2nd in NFL).  His QB rating of 97.0.  

Just missing the cut:  Ryan Fitzpatrick.  We told you losing will drop you like a fly.  There's no mercy in our ratings.  the biggest factor in making the cut is wins.  As the late Al Davis said "Just Win Baby"!

There you have it.  Sportmentary.com's QB ranking for the end of week #6.  Let us know what you think.  Did we miss a QB or would you have ranked the top 5 differently?  We're eager to find out your opinions!

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