Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ponder Time in Minnesota

Well Vikings fans we got our wish.  Rookie QB, Christian Ponder will get the start Sunday against arch rival Green Bay Packers.
The move comes after 6 horrid games by Donovan "McBad" McNabb.  McNabb is ranked among the bottom half of NFL QBs.

Vikings fans are looking for a QB who can throw to a receiver and not the turf.  They are looking for a QB who can hit a receiver in stride and not making them leap 5 feet for a poorly thrown McNabb pass.
They're looking for a QB who is the future and not washed-up.

I hate to be so critical of McNabb but it's time for him to retire.  Ponder brings new excitement to fans who've spent the first 6 games shaking their heads.  Hoepfully the fans at Mall of America Field will be patient with the rookie.  Ponder needs time to grow and he has the remaining 10 games of this NFL campaign to learn his craft.

While Ponder played in garbage time in the 4th quarter of last Sunday night's game in Chicago, he impressed  While the Bears might have been a little soft on Vikings receivers, the Bears continued to pressure Ponder.  He took it in stride, avoiding the defense and looking cool under pressure.

Ponder's pocket presence was surprising and his ability to make good decisions while facing a good defence was also a positive sign.  The big test will be against the Packers.  Spoortmentary is looking to see if Ponder continues to make good decisions.  Hopefully he won't make critical errors like throwing bad passes or taking unnecessary sacks.

While a loss seems inevitable, I sure hope Ponder can keep the game close.  Who wants a 50-0 thumping at the hands of Green Bay?  Sportmentary's predicition is 34-6 Packers.  It will be the deference that gives this one up.  Ponder will not be great but he will manage the game efficiently.

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