Monday, October 3, 2011


Minnesota should change it's name to refer to how putrid a sports state this place is.  My vote is for LoserSota.  LoserSota has done almost nothing to provide their fans with smiles.  LoserSota teams are good at one thing:  Breaking the hearts of their fans.
Minnesota had their last major sport championship in 1991.

Below are popular teams and their story:

Vikings Have never won a Super Bowl.  They went to four straight title games in the 1970's but lost all of them, despite having the NFC's best defense.  The team has not been back to the title game but has been to a number of NFC championship games.  Their performance in those games have been putrid.  In the 2009 season, the Vikings made it to the title game and were a field goal away from going to the Super Bowl, when Brett Favre threw an interception.

In 1998, with the best offense in NFL history, the Vikings were upset at home to huge underdog Atlanta.


The Twins have won two championships in 1987 and 1991.  1991 was the last time Minnesota won a major team sport championship.  The Twins had a good run in the past few years but haven't been able to defeat the New York Yankees.  The Minnesota Twins have not lived up to their potential and have frustrated their fans.


They have missed the playoffs the majority of the years since joining the NBA.  They have been a cellar dweller and are a horribly run organization.

Minnesota Wild

Since joining the NHL in 2000, this team has made the playoffs 3 times.  That's not such a good record.  The Wild did reach the Western Conference finals in the 2002-2003 season.
The 2011 season seems promising but the LoserSota curse is sure to kick in soon.

Minnesota Gophers Hockey
About the best thing going for the state as far as sports is concerned.  While the Gophers have had a tough couple of years, the team has been very successful.  The team's last championship was in 2003.  LoserSota can expect that this team will be competitive and challenge for a championship more times than having disappointing seasons.
It's too bad that other LoserSota teams don't live up to the success Gophers hockey.

Minnesota Gophers Football

They're awful.  This year they've lost to NDSU and been blown out 58-0 by Michigan, their second worst loss in their history.  Enough Said!

Minnesota Lynx

The ladies should teach the men how to be a winner.  The Lynx are up 1-0 in the best of 5 WNBA  finals series.  Go Lynx Go.

If the teams above didn't convince you that LoserSota isn't an adequate nick name for Minnesota, just take in a season at any one of our teams.  You will end the season shaking your head, crying and then being angry.  It's much easier to stay at home and punch yourself in the gut a few times (just kidding).

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