Sunday, October 16, 2011

Greg Norman Should Shut His Mouth

Greg Norman should shut his mouth.  Norman has made disparaging comments against Tiger Woods recently.
The first comment by the man also known as the "Shark" first said that Woods would never win another major tournament.  How would this idiot know that?  Why would he say that?  Because he's a jerk and wants attention.

The second comment was made this weekend when he said that if he was captain of the US team for the 2011 President's cup he wouldn't have picked Woods (  Why would Norman comment about a team he doesn't captain?  Once again,, Norman is a jerk.

Norman had many chances to win championships but was known to choke his way to losses.  He did win two British Opens but with his dominance during those years, the "minnow" should have won more.  Woods has won far more tournaments and major championships than Norman.

Woods has many years still to play and may still win some majors.  The fact that Woods was so dominant for so many years is incredible.  the fact that he won so many majors during his years of dominance places him as possibly the greatest player ever.  Fans have come to expect that Woods would win forever.  That's just not possible.  What I do know is that Woods has provided me with far more excitement and wins than Greg "Minnow" Norman.

I'm sick of the of Norman and his comments.  He was an underachiever during his career and now is plain rude and annoying.  Maybe that's what we should expect from the "Minnow".  Maybe he's acting the way we should expect.  He's falling far short of decency and respectful character.  He's a bum and a rotten jerk.

Good luck to you "Minnow".  Please go into the night and shut your mouth!

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