Saturday, October 29, 2011

Donovan is McWrong

Donovan McNabb is definitely McWrong about his playing ability.  McWrong believes he should still be a starter for the 1-6 Vikings.  He also believes he has what it takes to be a successful starter in the NFL.

What is this guy smoking?  I understand that he must have a competitive drive and wants to continue to play NFL football but McNabb is terrible right now and should retire.  Last year in Washington wasn't just an off-year.  McNabb started the 2011 campaign stinking-up the field and had to be benched.

McNabb was terribly inaccurate with his passes.  In many cases, if McNabb had been accurate with his passing, his receivers might have been able to make large gains out of the receptions.  Mcnabb  threw for only 4 TDs in 6 games and averaged a putrid 171 yards per game passing.

In Ponders first game last week against Green Bay, he brought excitement to the offense and connected on longer passing plays than McWrong could have dreamed of.  In fact Ponder was able to move the offense, aided behind a good game running by Adrian Peterson.  This helped the Vikings offense make critical stops in the 4th quarter of the game.

While the vikings lost the game, they kept it close.  Sportmentary believes that if McWrong was in the game, the Vikings would have scored only 3 points and McWrong would have been lucky to throw for more than 95 yards.

McWrong is terrible. Plain and simple.  If he's been watching tape of the garbage he put forth on the field in his 6 starts he would own up to it.  Sportmentary believes that McWrong doesn't deserve another shot at a starting quarterback role for any team in the NFL.  Sportmentary isn't even sure he should be paid to be a back-up. McNabb is washed-up and should be hung out to dry.

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