Monday, October 3, 2011

Clueless in Minnesota

It's now time for Vikings fans to realize that it's clueless time in Minnesota.  The Vikings have a clueless coach and one of the worst in the history of the team to start an NFL campaign.  Leslie Frazier is the worst head coach in the NFL at this time.

What makes watching Vikings loss after Vikings loss more and more fustrating is listening to Leslie Frazier's post game conferences and Monday media conferences.  Frazier is either clueless or not telling the truth to the media and Vikings fans.

Frazier said that his coaching staff looked at tape from yesterday's loss to Kansas City.  He told a press conference that the Vikings are on the "verge" of turning this thing around.  Are you kidding me Mr. Frazier?  Your team is worse than Kansas City who came into yesterday's game as the worst ranked team in the NFL.

Mr. Frazier, you have a veteran QB who has 680 total yards of passing this year, 4 TDs and has an ranking of 17.  McNabbed's QB rating is 80.9.  McNabbed's  inaccuracy is atrocious and he can't sustain drives.  Frazier, you have a defense that can't stop a pewee football team in the second half of games.  Your defense made a horrible football team look like a playoff contender and you say that this team is on the "verge" of turning this thing around?

Leslie Frazier is an underwhelming coach.  He's talking out of his A**.  Frazier looks clueless on the sideline and sounds clueless in a press conference.  Frazier is becoming painful to listen to.  Frazier makes Brad Childress look like a hall of fame head coach.  I didn't think the Vikings could do worse than Childress but somehow, some way they've found a way.

Frazier will start McNabbed in the next game because McNabbed is doing some things right.  So have Jay Cutler and TJAck but would you start those clowns if you had a choice?  Not a chance.  They're terrible QBs.  McNabbed is not much better.  TJack might have done a few things right but he's done the majority of things wrong.

Frazier needs to start Ponder now.  The season is done!  Start the rookie and see what you've got in the guy. There's no reason to start MacNabbed.  He's done.  He's washed up and needs to sit the rest of the season on the bench.

DNab is not the only reason for the teams troubles but in a passing game, you have to look at the veteran as a big part of the Vikings poor start to the season.  DNab can't sustain drives and there's very little accuracy with his passes.  The Vikings can't do much worse than DNab.

Friends, it's clueless time in Minnesota and the face of this clueless approach to head coaching is Leslie Frazier

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