Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Tony Romo started the season in poor fashion by single handedly losing game 1 to the Jets.  Then in games 2 and 3, we saw the heroic side of Romo.  This past Sunday we saw the choke artist return in a way that only resembles Tony Romo.

So I'm calling him ChokoRomo for his ability to choke under pressure and when it counts.  In Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions, ChokoRomo and his team had a 27-4 lead.  Then ChokoRomo threw 2 pick sixes and Detroit was back in the game.  Detroit won the game in dramatic come from behind fashion but choko's 3 INTs were the difference.

ChokoRomo could have handed the ball off he entire second half and there would have been little chance for Detroit to engineer a comeback.  That's why ChokoRomo is out their.  He helped the Lions to their 4-0 start.  It's ridiculous how up and down Choko is.  It has to be extremely frustrating to their fans.

I've been critical of Choko in the past.  I just don't think that he's a  consistent QB.  He will win you some games but not as many as he should.  When it's late in the game and Dallas needs a big play or just needs to hold  onto the ball, you can count on ChokoRomo to turn the ball over.

I think that the two games that ChokoRomo lost single handedly are a joke.  A veteran QB should manage the game better.  Especially with his knowledge of how he can screw up.  I think opposing teams will have a sense of confidence when they play Dallas.  They will spot ChokoRomo a 24 point lead and then force the guy to either fumble the ball away or throw an INT.

Soon you will be hearing loud chokes in opposing teams stadiums.  You might even hear some boos in Dallas.  I'm confident that ChokoRomo will have some good games.  He will try to convince us that it's the real Romo but when the game or the season is on the line, you can almost bet that the real ChokoRomo will emerge.

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