Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tony "Oh No" Romo

Tony Romo Signed Photo - 16x20Tony "Oh No" Romo can't handle pressure situations.  Sunday night's game against the Jets was proof of that.  For most of the game and half way into the 4th quarter, Romo seemed poised to show that he's turned the corner and could finally win the big game.  That was until his last two drives.

With the game winding down and the Cowboys in position to have a chance to drive for a game winning touchdown, Romo through an interception on the drive's first play.  It was a terrible play and terrible decision.  Romo showed that he doesn't have the stomach for big game situations.  Sure he's great when the pressure isn't on but when it counts, the only thing you can really count on is for Romo to fail.

Romo has a history of failure during critical moments.  Anyone remember that 2007 playoff game against Seattle, Romo set to take the snap, pin the ball and let Gramatica kick the game winning  field goal from chip shot range?  Well it went like this...snap, bobble and loss.

I'm not a Cowboy's fan, so I get a smile on my face when the team loses.  What made Sunday's game even more enjoyable for me is that I picked the Jets to win in my pickem.  I have to admit the game was in doubt midway through the 4th quarter but when Romo got the ball at the end of the game with a chance to win the game, I had a feeling Romo wouldn't disappoint me.

Romo lived up to his reputation and failed miserably.  I'm sure many Cowboys fans were ticked off and couldn't believe what they were seeing.  The fact is that they shouldn't be surprised anymore.  Romo just isn't a winner.  We should be used to the "Oh No's" when he the game's on the line and Romo has the ball.

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