Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tim Tebow is Taking the Right Approach

Tim Tebow seems to be taking the right approach and doing the right things.  He replied to his fans who want to see Kyle Orton benched and replaced by Tebow.  Tebow said he will take his turn and trusts his coach.  Fans also wanted to take out billboards in support of Tebow and he responded by asking them to donate the money to his charitable foundation (

I believe Tebow will get his chance when it’s the right time.  I think he’s taking the right approach by being a team player and not causing a rift within the team and his head coach.  Those are qualities of a leader.

I become more and more impressed with Tebow.  While some people criticize him, I think he carries himself ina respectable and honorable manner.  He seems to be a hard worker and eager to elarn his craft.

He also has the tools to become successful, even if a few mechanics need to be smoothed out.  Those qualities along with his approach to this season should make Broncos feel good about their future with Tebow.

Too often we here about cry baby players who are all about the me, me, me.  Some of those palyers end up going from team to team and never seem to garner respect.  Tebow is the complete opposite.  He’s not causing a stir.  He’s biding his time, knowing he will get the chance.  In the mean time, he’s not making enemies.

I have a feeling that his team mates will respond positively to Tebow.  I also think that if he proves himself on the Field, the rest of the team will be loyal to him. Time will tell how things play out for Tebow but in the mean time, he’s doing the right things.

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