Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sportmentary NFL Power Rankings For Week #3

Week #3 brings some movement in our rankings.  For some teams like the Vikings, Chiefs, Dolphins and Seahawks it’s atrocious.  It's planning for next year time.  

1)     Green Bay Packers (Ranked #2 last week) – The defending Super Bowl champs are super at 3-0.  Until a team can find a way to beat them, they will remain at the top of our rankings.  The Packers also have Sportmentary's top ranked quarterback in Aaron Rogers.
2)     New Orleans Saints (Ranked #3 last week) – At 2-1 they have faced the NFLs toughest competition so far.  While they lost in week #1, it was to our top ranked team.  Brees is on fire and New Orleans seems to be set for an NFC championship match-up with the Wisconsin's team.  Yes it might be too early for that prediction but it sure looks that way early in this campaign.
3)     Buffalo Bills (Ranked #15 last week) – Sportmentary believes that beating last week's top ranked team and being 3-0 is worthy of a number 3 ranking.  Buffalo does have to work on its defense but Fitzpatrick and company topped Tom Brady and the Patriots.
4)     Detroit Lions (Ranked #9 last week) – 3-0!  That's enough for me but coming back from a 20 point half time deficit is pretty good.
5)     New England Patriots (Ranked #1 last week) – A loss to Buffalo and 4 INTs by Brady will lead to a fall from grace and 4 spots in our ranking.  The Patriots have a huge issue on defense.  Brady guided his team to 30+ points and the Patriots couldn't hold on for the lead.
6)     Baltimore Ravens (No change in ranking) – The Ravens rebounded nicely for week #3 and are 2-1.  Sportmentary thinks that the Ravens are better than the Texans (#7 in our rankings).
7)     Houston Texans (Ranked #11 last week) – The Texans are a huge surprise to me this year.  They had a tough game with the Saints and are 2-1.  We'll see if they finally have what it takes to make the playoffs this year. Why aren't they ranked higher?  They beat the 0-3 Colts in week #1 and the Dolphins in week #2.  Until they can beat a winning team, there's no way for them to crack the top 5.
8)     San Diego Chargers (ranked #7 last week) – Whoo hoo, they beat the KC Chiefs this past Sunday.  Just barely but they're still 2-1 and for a team that starts slow, their competition better watch out.
9)     Pittsburgh Steelers (Ranked #12 last week) – Yes they barely beat the Colts but that Colts defense really played well.  They have 2 consecutive wins and they will be a tough team to beat.
10)  New York Jets( Ranked #4 last week) – Sportmentary is not impressed with the Jets.  They lost on Sunday to the Raiders and should have lost to the 2-1 Cowboys in week #1.
11)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Ranked #18 last week) – They're 2-1, beat Atlanta on Sunday and came from a 17 point second half deficit in week #2 to beat the Vikings.  The Bucs will be competitive this year.
12)  Pittsburgh Steelers (No change) – Week #1’s loss in blowout fashion still concerns me, even with a rebound win in weeks #2 and #3 but they have won 2 consecutive games..
13)  Dallas Cowboys (Ranked #14 last week) – Two gutsy performances by Romo has lead his team to a 2-1 record.  The Cowboys have issues with their receivers, their center and came away with 18 points in the red zone.  All field goals.
14)  Oakland Raiders (Ranked #21 last year) – What a nice victory over the Jets on Sunday.  The raiders are a good team but have to find a way to play 4 quarters of good football in each game.  The raiders might break the top 10 list this year.
15)  New York Giants (Ranked #20 last week) – Eli Manning has put together two solid games and two straight wins.  On Sunday they defeated division rival Philadelphia Eagles.
16)  Tennessee Titans (No change) – They've had two good games and are 2-1.  Hasselbeck might be the missing ingredient for the team.
17)  Chicago Bears (Ranked #10 last week) – They've played two sloppy games in the past two weeks. They had a chance to prove that they're an elite team if they could have beaten the Packers at Soldier Field..  Jay "Veal" Cutler is a terrible quarterback.
18)  Philadelphia Eagles (Ranked #5 last week) – America's team is falling apart and the 100 million dollar man is injury prone.  Will Vick finish the season?  Probably but he might only play in half the games.
19) Atlanta Falcons (Last week ranked #8) – Who else would you put here.  They're a disappointing so far.
20) Washington Redskins (Ranked #13 last week) - Were non-existent in the red zone.  Bad team!
21)  Cleveland Browns (Last week ranked #28) – They're 2-1 but who have they beaten?  The Colts and the Dolphins.  Congratulations, you still suck!.
22)  Carolina Panthers (Ranked #23 last week) – They won a game.  That's great for the rookie.
23)  Denver "Orton Hears a Who" Broncos (Ranked #25 last week) – They're lucky there are teams that are worse than them.
24)  SArizonaCardinals (Ranked #17 last week)  – Why the drop?  They lost to Seattle.  LOL!
25)  St. Louis Rams (Ranked #24) – They're better than the remaining clowns!
26)  Jacksonville "Jokeaurs" Jaguars Dolphins (Last week ranked #22) – They're a joke and have QB issues.
27)  Indianapolis Colts (Ranked #30 last week) – They made this spot solely based on their defensive effort against the Steelers.
28)  Cincinnati "Bungals" Bengals (Ranked #27 last week) – Field Goal!!!!
29)  Miami Dolphjins "Are Drowning"(Ranked #26) – They're 0-3 and lost to the Browns.  They're awful.
30)  Seattle "TJacked" Seahawks (Ranked #31) – Managed to win despite having the worst quarterback in the game.
31)  Minnesota "We lead at half time" Vikings (Ranked #29 last week) – This team can't hold onto the lead.  Look for KC to jump over the Vikings in the rankings next week.  Maybe the Vikings can spot the Chiefs 24 points this time.
32)  Kansas City "What Sport is This?" Chiefs (No change) – 2 weeks in the cellar doesn't deserve much more commentary than that!

So there you have it.  Our week #3 power rankings are complete.  Let us know what you think!

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