Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sportmentary 2011 NFL Prediction

Well folks it’s time for the start of another NFL campaign and also time for Sportmentary’s first ever prediction to win the Super Bowl.  Below I’ve selected the conference championship games and the eventual Super Bowl match-up and winner.

AFC Championship
This was a hard one as 4 teams stand out to me at the start of this campaign:
1)     New England Patriots 12-4 (Regular Season)
2)     Baltimore Ravens  12-4 (Regular Season)   
3)     NY Jets 13-3 (Regular Season)
4)     Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5 Regular Season)

When all is said and done, the Jets will beat the Patriots 35-21 to reach the AFC championship.  I think the Jets improvement on both sides of the ball will be enough for the Jets to overcome the decade’s worth of experience the Patriots bring to the table.

In a much tougher battle the Ravens will get the better of the Steelers in hard fought affair.  I see the ravens winning on a last second field goal 10-9.  When these two teams meet there’s always heartbreak and it’s usually the Ravens who get the short-end of the stick.  Not this year.

The AFC championship will be a let down for the Ravens.  I believe that the game against the Steelers will take its toll on the Ravens.  The Jets will be much fresher and their fire power on offense will end the Ravens season 42-10.
NFC Championship
I see three main contenders this season:
1)     Green Bay 14-2 (Regular Season)
2)     Philadelphia  11-5 (Regular Season)
3)     New Orleans  10-6 (Regular Season)

Green Bay will defeat the Eagles 35-13 and walk into the Super Bowl unscathed and roaring like a Lion.
Aaron Rogers who had a great year last year and won his first Super Bowl will do even better this year.  He will light it up in the playoffs and the Pack will be unbeatable in the NFC.  I also see the Pack ending the regular season at 14-2.

Philadelphia will defeat the Saints 48-35 in touchdown derby.  The difference in this divisional playoff game will be the Eagles defense that will stop the Saints on enough drives to take the game.
Unfortunately for the Eagles, they will face a much tougher competitor in the Packers whose experience and talent will be too much for the Eagles to handle.

In the NFC title game, the Packers will throttle the Eagles 49-13.  It will be another easy game for Green Bay and they will enter the Super Bowl as 14 point favorites.

2012 Super Bowl
It won’t be so super for the Jets.  The Packers will show that experience and talent at every level of the game will be too much for the Jets to handle.  Aaron Rogers will have another great performance in this game and will win his second straight Super Bowl MVP award.

The pack win this one 31-14

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