Friday, September 9, 2011

Sean Payton Should Take the Blame for Game One Loss

I hate to name one individual that was responsible for the Saints losing a great game but New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton needs to take the blame.

There were 2 critical drives that the Saints blew and could have been game changers.  The decisions made by Payton on those drives were brutal and he looked confused.  Late in the 3rd quarter and New Orleans in Field Goal range, Payton decided to go for it on 4th and inches.  I think it was the right call but the wrong play was called.  Payton obviously had no faith in his team’s running game, so he elected to attempt a passing play that went for a loss.

That was a terrible decision.  Payton should have had faith in his team’s ability to get a few inches or he should have kicked a field goal and taken the points.  It’s inexcusable for the Saints to come out of that drive with no points.

The second botched decision came on the game’s final play at the one yard line.  This time, Payton who earlier showed no faith in his team’s ability to gain inches, put rookie Mark Ingram in the game to try and run for a yard.  He was stopped easily by the Green Bay Packers.  The decision making was terrible.  This was the time to throw the ball.  It was not the time to give the ball to a rookie.

Many things happen in the game and it’s hard to narrow the game down to two plays.  What about the rest of the game?  Don’t those plays matter?  They sure do but I have to call out the coach on this one.  His decision making was putrid on 2 plays.  Those 2 plays could have been the difference in the Saints winning the game.

In looking ahead for the Saints, they have a great quarterback in Drew Brees.  Brees threw for 419 yards, 3 TDs and no interceptions (ESPN).  If the Saints manage to improve their running game, the Saints will be dangerous.

It’s hard to asses how bad the Saints running game is, since they played the defending Super Bowl champions.  The Packers are an excellent team with a good defense.  We’ll have to see how the Saints do against lesser opponents

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