Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rodger The Dodger

Roger "The Dodger" Goodell, dodged another one of his duties, penalizing a player for misconduct.  The NFL levied a putrid $10,00 fine to Charles Woodson of the Green Bay Packers for punching New Orleans Saints player David Thomas.

I believe the minimum fine for the buffoon should have been $100,000.  If you behave like a thug, you should be treated like one.  I watched the game and think Woodson should have been thrown out out of the game.  The Packers must be getting preferential treatment by the commissioner.

The NFL is a family viewed sport.  The NFL is telling kids that you won't be punished if you physically attack your opponent.  I would have gone even further with Woodson.  I would have suspended the thug for 2 games and fined him $100,000.  He could then stick his pacifier in his mouth and pout like a baby.

I'm getting sick of "The Dodger".  He's a terrible and inconsistent commissioner and makes Garry Bettman look like a genius.  In think NFL owners need to get rid of this poor excuse for this league head.  He's not respected by players or fans.

What does Goodell hope to accomplish with this fine?  Absolutely nothing.  He was probably laughing as he handed down the fine.  He couldn't have taken this incident seriously.  The problem with Dodger is that the game took place for everyone to see.  Now we all see that "The Dodger" is an incompetent commissioner.

I just hope that Roger "The Dodger" Goodell doesn't screw up anymore as I'm growing increasingly frustrated with his antics.

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