Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week #2 QB Rankings - Top 5

We might be late in our end of week #2 QB rankings release but at least we're releasing it in time for you to finalize you fantasy league line-ups.  The list will not be a surprise for most of you and probably resembles most of the experts out there.  QB statistics were found on  The top 3 ranked QBs on our list are very close to each other and Sportmentary wouldn't be surprised if the top 3 change positions throughout the season.

1) Tom Brady - This is a no-brainer.  Tom Brady has thrown for 7 TDs with 1 INT, 940 yards and is 2-0.  Add the fact that Mr. Brady has a pass completion percentage of 71.6% is enough to make most people see that Brady has been lights out.  In week 3, Brady faces the Bills and he's had tons of success against the team.  Brady's QB rating is 128.

2) Aaron Rogers - This was a close call with our #3 choice but Rogers has 5 TDs, no incerceptions and almost a 71% completion percentage.  Rogers has a 2-0 record and beat our #3 choice in week #1.  Rogers has what it takes to be successful and he will compete for a chance to reach is second Super Bowl.  Rogers has a QB rating of 126.4.

3) Drew Brees - Brees is 1-1 but could have been 2-0 if he had faced any other team besides the Green Packers in week #1.  Brees has 6 TDs with no INTs and has a pass completion record of 67.4%.  Brees has a QB rating of 114.9.  Brees would have been in our #2 spot if he had won in week #1 against the Packers.

 4) Ryan Fitzpatrick - This is my surprise pick.  #4 and #5 have very close numbers, are both 2- 0 and have both faced the lowly KC Chiefs.  Buffalo beat Oakland in dramatic and in come from behind fashion in week #2.  Fitzpatrick also has 1 less INT than our #2 guy.  His numbers: 7 TDs with 1 INT and a 63.4 % pass completion %.  His QB rating is 109.6.

5) Mathew Stafford - Stafford would probably be number 4 on most people's list but the fact he's thrown for 1 more INT forced me to move him to #4 (Just barely).  I do think as the season progresses, Stafford could end-up in the #4 position.  Stafford's numbers are: 7TDs with 2 INTs, a 65.3 pass completion record and a QB rating of 112.

There you have it.'s QB ranking for the end of week #2.  Let us know what you think.  Did we miss a QB (Kevin Kolb) or would you have ranked the top 5 differently?  We're eager to find out your opinions!

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