Thursday, September 29, 2011

NHL - National Homophobic League

The NHL soon to be known as the National Homophobic League seems not only to be indifferent to discrimination against homosexuality but might even sponsor it.  In my humble opinion I think these guys believe that it's the big bad macho man's fighting league and homosexuals can't take part.  Of course I think this is utter garbage.

After Monday night's game Sean Avery of the New York Rangers accused Wayne Simmonds of hurling a homophobic slur.  Video tape seems to substantiate the claim.  While I'm not a lip reader, I think it's clear what the suspected gay hater Simmonds said.

The NHL will take no action because it says it can't prove what Simmonds might have said. That's nonsense.  Simmonds who initially didn't deny the claims changed his mind when he met with NHL senior vice president of hockey operations Colin Campbell.  Campbell is either a gay hater himself, is being forced by the NHL to do nothing or is a complete and utter idiot.

Simmonds was involved in a horrible incident when a fan allegedly threw a banana on the ice.  Simmonds is black.  Why do I say allegedly?  Did anyone see a fan throw a banana?  Did officials see it.  Maybe there's a banana tree growing in the arena in London Ontario.  We know that's nonsense.  We know a fan did throw a banana.  We were all outraged.  We should also be outraged for what we believe Simmonds said to Avery.

Simmonds knows what he said and is now lying to the NHL (My opinion).  The league had a golden opportunity to suspend Simmonds for 10 games and a $200,000 fine.  That would have sent a message to league players and to fans.  Simmonds would have known that the NHL doesn't tolerate behavior like this. He would know that if a fellow player hurled a racial slur, the league would take action.

What do you think would happen if Simmonds plays a game and an opposing player hurled a racial slur?  Let's say the only evidence is video.  The NHL would hire experts to determine what was said on that video.  There are experts who read lips who could make that determination.
The NHL could have taken some time and hired experts to examine the video evidence.

I believe everyone who sees the video (I did) would know what Simmonds said.  Decent human beings believe that Simmonds should be punished.  I believe severely.  Not only am I convinced that Simmonds is a gay hater and uttered those slurs, I believe he lied to the NHL.

So you can add 50 games for lying.  The total penalty for this incident should be a 60 game regular season ban and a 200,000 fine to Simmonds.  The Flyers organization should be fined $250,000.  Do you think that would send a message?  Of course it would.

By not taking action against Simmonds, the league seems more like the National Homophobic League than a legitimate professional hockey league.


  1. I think it is fair to say that a player should be punished for using a derogatory slur against Homosexuals in a game.

    What is unfair and unacceptable on your part is to label the player as a "suspected gay hater" and then to go so far as to label an NHL official as either a "Gay hater" or an "Idiot."

    We all know people, and in most cases have ourselves, used racially/culturally/sexual preference offensive speech at some point. This does not necessarily make one a racist/antisemitic/gay hater etc (especially when said in the heat of battle/moment) .

    I have a good friend who I have heard on many occasions use the N-word. He would then mockingly say...."no I mean the river in Africa." This guy was not racist - he was just acting like an idiot. There is a big difference. It is very unfair to label people without actually knowing their true beliefs.

  2. Campbell is in the unique position to take action against this hatred. He could have taken the time to hire the right experts to validate what every reasonable person believes was uttered but chose not to. I'm sure if Campbell was reviewing a case where one of the NHLs players was alleged to have used the the N word in the heat of battle, he would have acted as quickly to punish the player severely as he did not to punish Simmonds.

    That is why I believe Campbell is either a gay hater himself, is being forced by the NHL to do nothing or is a complete and utter idiot. Don't forget that GLBT organizations sent letters to educate Cambbell and offered further education like it has done with the NBA and other organizations.

    Remember Kobe who isn't a gay hater. He uttered an offensive slur to gays, was then educated on his offense, fined by the NBA $100,000 and stated his ignorance and his desire to change. He apologized.

    Campbell and Simmonds did not offer such statements. Campbell didn't punish Simmonds and Simmonds who should have known better recanted his comments and never apologized for his comments.

    The league was quick to condemn the fan who threw a banana peal onto the ice when Simmonds was taking a penalty shot. The NHL had to evidence of why the fan threw the banana peal. They have no evidence that it was racially motivated, yet they labeled the fan a racist and condemned the fan.

    This beyond ignorance, it's shameful. We're not talking about your friend, we're talking about a professional sports league that spends tens of millions of dollars in marketing its product and should know better.

  3. I wasn't commenting on the NBA, NHL, Kobe Bryant, Colin Campbell, Wayne Simmonds, or even Gene Simmonds. Didn't you read what I wrote?

    I was saying that it wrong to label someone as a "gay hater" when you know nothing about them other than that it appears that the used a derogatory term for homosexuals.

    I used the example of my friend using the N-word because we can all relate. I would venture to guess that 99% of people have used derogatory socially unacceptable terms either in a joking way or in the heat of the moment. It doesn't make 99% of us racist/homophobic etc.

    I would go so far as to wager that you yourself have made derogatory comments about homosexuals at some point in your life. Does that mean you were a "Gay Hater" back then? No - it just means you were being stupid/goofing around.

    I think you need far more evidence in this case before you can label Simmonds as a "Gay Hater" and Campbell as either an "idiot" or a "gay hater."

  4. I did say he was either a gay hater, forced by the NHL or n idiot.

    Yes, in those times when I may have ignorantly uttered a socially unacceptable term, may called a friend a name that would be offensive to homosexuals, I was an idiot. People grow.

    In the case of Colin Campbell, he's in a position whre he's had the opportunity to grow. So has Simmonds. One way he could have shown his growth, is not by retracting hos comments and telling the truth to Campbell. He could have taken a fine and apologized to Avery and the public. He chose to remain ignorant or defiant, which makes him either an idiot or something else. Colin Cambell had the opportunity to grow and learn from GLBT organizations. He chose not to and chose not to fine Simmonds. He chose to remain defiant, which either makes him an idiot or something else.

    I don't know Campbell or Simmonds but the fact that they're in the public eye, we should demand that they do better.

    I would have hoped that after Simmonds went through the unfortunate episode in London Ontario, he would have been more sensitive to acts of stupidity and offensive language.

    He wasn't and the fact that he seems to have been less than truthful to the NHL and is not apologizing males me feel that he's anti-gay. So is Campbell in my OPINION.

    I believe that since I don't know them, they need to prove to me that they aren't the things I accuse them of being.

    I hereby invite Campbell and Simmonds to my house for dinner, so I can get to know them and see who they are.

    If I'm wrong about them after my personal meeting with them, I will print a retraction!

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