Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NFL Power Rankings For Week #2

Week #2 brings our first ever power rankings.  For some teams like the Vikings, Dolphins and Chiefs it’s not pretty.  For other teams, their spot in the rankings were things of dreams a few weeks back.

1)     New England Patriots – While their defense needs some work, teams need to score more than 35 points against these guys and hold Tom Brady to under 400 yards in passing offense.  It doesn’t seem that likely.
2)     Green Bay Packers – Yes they are the defending champs but they didn’t impress me last week by narrowly escaping with a win against Cam Newton and the Panthers.  They’ve also lost Nick Collins and that’s might hurt them.
3)     New Orleans Saints – They could be 2-0 if they didn’t lose an exciting game to the defending champs.  Brees is set to have another good year.  The Saints have to be considered as an NFC contender.
4)     NY Jets – They should have lost in week #1 if it weren’t for the fact that Tony Romo threw that game away, literally.
5)     Philadelphia Eagles – This is a game that could have gone their way if Maclin catches the ball.  It’s tough to win in Atlanta.
6)     Baltimore Ravens – Yes, I know they lost the game but that can be expected after a lopsided win like they had in week #1.  They will rebound from this game.
7)     San Diego Chargers – You might think I’m crazy but this team is good.  They found a way to come back against the Vikings and in week #2 they faced a monster in Tom Brady.
8)     Atlanta Falcons Atlanta found a way to win win week 2.  Ryan looked great in the Red Zone and it might be the game he needs to lead his team to more victories.
9)     Detroit Lions – While week #2's opponent is terrible (KC Chiefs) they did beat Tampa Bay in week #1.  I think they’re showing that they will contend in the NFC North.
10)  Chicago Bears – While week #2 was a let down for both the Bears and Cutler, I was impressed with week #1’s victory.  The Bears should be considered a tough opponent each week.
11)  Houston TexansHouston’s 2-0 record might be considered by some as worthy of a higher ranking.  Not in my book.  Houston beat the 0-2 Manningless Colts in week #1 and the Miami Dolphins in week #2.
12)  Pittsburgh Steelers – Week #1’s loss in blowout fashion concerns me, even with a rebound win in week #2.
13)  Washington Redskins – They’ve come out firing in the first two week’s and week #1’s win was against division rivals New York Giants.
14)  Dallas Cowboys – While they fell apart in week #1 against the Jets, Romo did lead his team to a huge OT victory in week #2.  If Romo’s injury isn’t too serious, look for the Cowboys to contend every week.
15)  Buffalo Bills – The Bills make the top 15 based on their 2-0 record.  Their win against Oakland was impressive.

16)  Tennessee Titans – Their victory over the Ravens in week #2 was impressive. The Ravens will contend for an AFC title this year, so beating this team is a good start to the season. They also narrowly lost to the Jaguars (by 2 points) in week #1.
17)  Arizona Cardinals – They’re 1-1 and they will definitely contend for title in the leagues worst division.
18)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – While they came back against the Vikings in week #2, the Vikings handed them a win on a silver platter.  This team could easily be 0-2.
19)  San Francisco 49ers – They blew a chance of going 2-0 and that’s going to hurt them.
20)  New York Giants – They won last night but St. Louis handed them this game.  Manning and the offense is putrid and this team will be lucky to win 7 games.
21)  Oakland Raiders – While they beat divisional rivals Denver in week #1, they blew a golden opportunity to go 2-0.  I think they gave up 35 points in the second half.
22)  Jacksonville Jaguars – They’re on the downward spiral and have QB issues.  Not a good sign for the club.
23)  Carolina Panthers – What?  They lost close games in weeks 1 and 2.  Newton looks good and I think they’re better than the other teams listed below.
24)  St. Louis Rams – Sure Bradford can move the ball but they can’t score a TD in the Red Zone and they make too many mistakes that include taking ill advised penalties and turnovers.
25)  Denver Broncos – They beat a terrible team.  Congratulations!
26)  Miami Dolphins – They get a break since they’ve lost to 2-0 teams and division contenders, one of them the Patriots is a divisional rival.
27)  Cincinnati Bengals – They’re bad but they’ve managed to go 1-1.
28)  Cleveland Browns – Ranked below the Benglas because they lost to them in week #1.
29)  Minnesota Vikings – Have blown half time leads of 17-7 and 17-0 in the first two weeks.  In week #1 the Vikings threw for 39 yards.
30)  Indianapolis Colts – Better than the teams listed below.
31)  Seattle Seahawks – Terrible offense.  They will be lucky to win 4 games this year.
32)  Kansas City Chiefs – Are they this year’s 0-16 team?  They will come close.  They’ve been outscore 89-10 in the first 2 games.  That’s not a typo.

So there you have it.  Our week #2 power rankings are complete.  Let us know what you think!

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