Sunday, September 11, 2011


After today’s debacle in San Diego which saw the Vikings offense do absolutely nothing in the second half and give up a 17-7 lead, is Donovan McNabb done or should I say McDone?

I don’t know the answer to that question but the quarterback was 7-15 for 39 yards and an NFL rating of 47.9.  39 yards, are you kidding me?  That’s putrid and unacceptable at this level.

The Minnesota Vikings have no chance of winning if they can’t do better in the passing game.  The running game can open up the passing game but in this contest,  the Vikings gained over 150 yards on the ground and their passing game sputtered.

All eyes are on McNabb.  Fans are wondering if last years' horrid season was aberration or is it the new reality for Donovan.  If McNabb has more games like today, we will know the answer.

McNabb needs to do much better.  He needs to be accurate with his passes and he needs to gain more than 39 in the air.  Vikings fans expect that Adrian Peterson who gained 98 yards, will do his part.  Peterson did do his part but he won’t always gain that many yards.

What will happen next week if Peterson can only gain 75 or 80 yards.  McNabb would have to throw for at least 250 yards to make up the difference.  Actually we should expect 250 yard games every week for the veteran quarterback. 

Just think what the outcome can be if Peterson runs or over 100 yards and McNabb throws for 200 or 250.  The Vikings could be playoff contenders.  With games like today, the Vikings will be lucky to win 6 games and McNabb could be McDone very soon.

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