Monday, September 26, 2011

Facing the Facts - Minnesota Vikings are Terrible

OK, I've calmed down just a little bit after yesterday's debacle at Mall of America Field.  Well not really.  The team's second half performances in the first three games to start the 2011 campaign are embarrassing at best and amateurish at worst.  The Vikings are the only team in NFL history to blow half time leads in the first three games.  At least the Vikings made the record book.
Fans of the purple have had to endure tough seasons and frustrating season under former head coach Brad Childress.

If the start to this season is an indicator fans might have to endure more frustration in the Leslie Frazier era.  Should we be surprised?  No.  Frazier was a student of Childress in the form of an assistant coach.  Why should we be surprised that his play calling is reminiscent of Bradley's.

I like Frazier.  He seems like a nice guy and I hope he can turn things around but you know what they say about nice guys?  OK that was a cheap shot.  I took a swipe at myself as well on that one as I consider myself a nice guy.  I'm not a head coach in the NFL.  The room for error is slim.  You have to produce right out of the gate.

Let's look at two decisions by Leslie that have been critical to the team's losses in week's two and three.  In week two, with Tampa Bay marching and in the Red Zone, Frazier refused to call a timeout to save some clock. Tampa Bay were in striking distance of the end zone.  Frazier thought his putrid defense could force a field goal attempt. The problem with that reasoning is that even if they had, the clock would continue to run and the Vikings would be left with no time on the clock.

What happened is that Tampa Bay did score and the Vikings were left with little time on the clock.  That was poor time management on Leslie's part.

Now let's turn to yesterday's melt down.  Early in the fourth quarter with Detroit getting closer to their comeback, the Vikings had a 4th and 1.  They were in field goal range and sent out their kicking team.  AP sent them back.  The Vikings went for it but did not hand the ball off to AP, their best player.

Frazier made three errors their.  He should have kicked the darn field goal.  That would have been enough points to win the game.  If he wanted to go for it, hand the ball off to AP.
The 3rd error was letting a player and the fans dictate the decisions Leslie made as the team's head coach.

So we've established that the Vikings coach sucks so far.  What about the rest of the team,  They're awful.  I don't want to hear that they've outplayed their opponents in the first half (By a margin of 54-7).  They've been decimated in the second half by a margin of 67-6.  I'm not kidding.  67-6!  Good teams don't fall apart like that.  Good teams hold onto their leads and finish the game with a victory.

Face the facts.  The Vikings are terrible.  The Vikings defense is putrid.  Who cares how you play in the first half.  If you give up so many points in the second half, you suck.

The Vikings offense is nearly non-existent. The team had 6 yards of total offense in the third quarter.  C'mon guys.  That's awful.  Donovan was definitely McNabbed in the second half.  The McNabbed led offense only had 18 yards of offense in the 4th quarter.  That's 24 yards of offense in the second half.  The Vikings are AWFUL!

Frazier needs to take the blame for the Vikings terrible showing.  The coaches have limited AP in the second half and yesterday was evident of the fact.  It's disgusting to watch and if Leslie doesn't start Ponder soon, the Vikings should ponder shipping him out of here!

So looking ahead to rest of the season, take a look at my predictions and see if you have smile or frown on your face.

Week 4  @ KC.  KC 20 Vikings 10.  LOSS (0-4).

Week 5 Home to Arizona. AZ 30 Vikings 3.  LOSS (0-5).
Week 6 @ Chicago. Bears 23 Vikings 17. LOSS (0-6).
Week 7 Home to Green Bay.  Packers 42 Vikings 9. LOSS (0-7).
Week 8 @ Carolina.  Panthers 30 Vikings 20. LOSS (0-8).
Week 9 BYE.  Finally a week without this terrible team playing!
Week 10 @ Green Bay on MNF. Packers 55 Vikings 3. LOSS (0-9).
Week 11 Home to Oakland. Vikings 6 Raiders 3. WIN (1-9).
Week 12 @ Atlanta. Vikings 18 Falcons 14. WIN (2-9).
Week 13 Home to Denver. Vikings 20 Broncos 10. WIN (3-9).
Week 14 @ Detroit. Lions 48 Vikings 6. LOSS (3-10).
Week 15 Home to New Orleans. Saints 50 Vikings 24. LOSS (3-11).
Week 16 @ Washington. Washington 17 Vikings 14. LOSS (3-12).
Week 17 Home to Chicago.  Vikings 14 Bears 12. WIN (4-12).  Season finally over!

Wipe that frown of your face and put on your happy face.  The Vikings will get a great draft pick.  The only problem is that there's so many holes to fill.  Where will they start?


  1. I think saying that the Vikings are terrible is slightly hyperbolic. The Vikings have played three playoff, or near playoff teams, and have lost by a combined 14 points, all in the last quarter. Much attention has been placed on the second half woes, but that also ignores how good the Vikings have been in the first half of all three losses. I would be interested in seeing how the Vikings would be regarded if they had lost all three games in a more traditional fashion. When you come down to it, there are a lot of positives so far:

    - Adrian Peterson looks really good and the offensive line, that was a huge problem last year, has been helping him average 6 yards per carry and has only allowed 8 sacks
    - The defensive line also looks great, with Brian Robison replacing Ray Edwards and Ayodele replacing Pat Williams, the line has held opponents to an average of 65 yards rushing and also has 9 sacks
    - Chris Cook and Cedric Griffin, coming back from injury, have looked healthy
    - Percy Harvin has played in every game (aside from getting sick at the end of last game) and seems to be migraine free
    - Michael Jenkins has been a pleasant surprise
    - Hussein Abdullah has one of the safety spots all locked up

    There are problems, like the Viking's inability to convert third downs and stopping the pass on defense, but most teams have similar deficiencies. The Viking's deficiencies have simply been magnified because they have all been shown in the second half of games. In conclusion, the Vikings will win more than three games, starting this weekend against the Chiefs. They may not be playoff bound, but this team is a lot better than terrible and really was a play away from winning all three games. I would not be surprised if the Vikes end up third in the NFC North ahead of the Bears.

    - As I did the past three weeks, I predict that the Vikings will kill the Chiefs this week

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for stopping bye and providing your comments. Sportmentary appreciates it. This is why I do think the Vikings are terrible, putrid and inferior through the first 3 weeks. The Vikings are the first team in NFL history to blow 3 consecutive 1st half leads to start the season. All those leads were double digit leads. They've been outscored 67-6 in the second half and opponents have scored on the majority of their second half drives, many of which have been long sustained affairs. The Vikings had 39 yards of total offense in their 1st game and 24 yards of offense in the second half last week. the head coach is in over his head and has blown some decisions. If it were any other team we would be calling them worse than terrible.

    If the Vikings can play 4 quarters in each of their remaining games, my position might change.

    I do think it should be PONDER time!

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