Friday, September 23, 2011

Against The Odds

Against all odds the Twins made sure that they could beat the record books. Unfortunately for the Twins it's nothing to be proud of. Twice this week the Twins had bases loaded with no outs and couldn't score a run.

On Monday night, the Twins were in the bottom of the 9th inning with bases loaded and didn't score a run. Tonight the Twins had bases loaded in the top of the 5th inning with no outs and once again they didn't score.

The Twins went on to lose both games. The chances of scoring 2+ runs with bases loaded and no outs is 60%. The Twins beat the odds twice this week. The Twins are trying to avoid a 100 loss season for the first time in decades. They had their chances in both games and should have had two wins instead of 2 more losses.

The Twins have given their fans many good years in the past decade, so we've come to expect greatness from the Twins.  This year it seems like the Twins made up for all the good years by having one of the worst years in decades.

I've mentioned in earlier posts that Twins season ticket holders should get some sort of discount on future tickets or a refund.  The Twins raised ticket prices this year for the team's second season at Target Field.

So when you raise ticket prices and gauge the public, shouldn't the product on the field match the increases the team's taking in the form of raised ticket prices?  The Twins have let their fans down.  They've decided to gauge the public and place a poor product on the field.  That's a terrible recipe for success.

I think Target Field is a great place to watch a ball game.  Is it enough for me go through another putrid season at insane prices?  I'm not sure.  I would be more inclined to do so if the team decides to spend some money in the off-season.  If the Twins do what many fans thought they would do when the state helped build the ball park with my money and other taxpayers money, then I will be willing to take in some games.

I also think the players need to commit to putting  a good product on the filed.  Joe Mauer had every injury known to mankind this year.  It seems like hangnails and pimples kept him out of the line-up.  Mauer needs to trim his nails and take some acne medication and get back to the business of baseball.

All kidding aside, I like many other fans aren't happy to witness the Minnesota Twins beating the odds but not in a positive way!

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