Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twins Should Refund Their Fans

The Minnesota Twins AKA “Twinkies” should refund their fans who are season ticket holders or game pack holders for the remainder of the season.
The Twins have lost the last two games to the Baltimore Orioles which are the worst team in the American league and the second worst in Major League Baseball.

The Twins have lost 14-2 in their last two outings to the Orioles.  The Twins are have also lost four straight games and those games have been blowouts.

Twins - Target Field 10It looks like these incompetent players have thrown in the towel this year.  As mentioned in an earlier commentary, the Twinkies raised prices this year for their second season at Target Field.  Fans deserve better.  They deserve an honest effort and for their team to be competitive, especially at these prices.

The Twins are operating in a poor economic environment where there’s a battle for customer spending.  When the Twins asked for money to build a new stadium, they told the community that the team would be able to spend more to put a winner on the field.

So the community opened up their pockets and built a nice new stadium for the team.  The team rewarded the fans by putting an atrocious squad on the field this season and done little to improve the team through trades or free agency.

In late June and early July, it looked like the Twins might be able to compete for the division title.  The team did nothing to trade for much needed pitching.  They never went the free agene route either.  Instead they horded their cash and fielded a loser, while gauging their fans.

Enough is enough Minnesota.  Take out your anger on this team.  Show them how it feels to lose patrons.  Other businesses have felt the wrath of a poor economy or when they took their customers for granted.  Look at Netflix which was forced by increasing movie studio licensing fees to increase their subscription rates.  Customers reacted negatively towards the company and not the studios.

I love my Twins and was a supporter of a new baseball stadium.  The Metrodome now known as Mall of America field is a dump and was not suited for baseball.  It’s a junk pile.
It pains me to say that fans should teach this team a lesson but the only power fans have is not showing up to games.

It’s time that Twins ownership who’ve historically treated their fans like cattle, do the right thing.  The right thing would be a refund or partial refund and discounts to season ticket holders, game pack holders and single game ticket purchasers.

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