Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turn the Lights Out on the Canes

It pains me to say that Miami needs to receive the death penalty since I'm a Miami Hurricanes fan.  The NCAA needs to send a message to other universities and colleges around the nation that it will not accept any rules violations from its member universities.

Miami has a long history of ignoring NCAA rules.  It has been fined and penalized in the past but it still continues to ignore the NCAA.  I believe the Canes think they're untouchable and that the NCAA will shy away from handing out severe punishment.

Miami is a storied university when it comes to winning championships.  That's why the Hurricanes think that the NCAA will be afraid to rock the football world by suspending its program.

The latest allegations are troubling.  The Hurricanes are accused of accepting improper gifts and other benefits according to Nevin Shapiro who is serving 20 years in jail for a Ponzi scheme conviction.  While Shapiro is a dirtbag, the NCAA are taking his accusations seriously.

I really don't believe Miami will stop violating rules unless they receive the death penalty.  What would a death penalty mean?  Miami would be banned from competition for a year or two.  After reinstatement they will have further restrictions that would probably limit recruiting (If players would actually want to go there).  It would take about 20 years for the program to have a chance of recovering.

I guess you could consider it more like a life sentence.  Many believe the NCAA wouldn't do that.  There's lots of revenue at stake.  I don't think it would happen but wouldn't it be nice for a change if money could be taken out of the equation?

It would be nice if the NCAA could enforce their own rules and punish violators with severe penalties. Every day we open the paper, or visit our favorite online sports sites, we read about another university being investigated for rules violations.

The Hurricanes need to receive the death penalty.  Maybe then, other universities will follow the rules.

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