Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tim Tebow is a Work in Progress

Denver Broncos - Tim TebowThere are Tim Tebow critics out there who claim Tebow doesn’t have what it takes to be successful in the NFL.
What are they basing that on?  It looks like they are studying footage of his college days and they feel his skill-set or lack of skills will not transfer to the NFL.

I think that’s complete and utter garbage.  We have seen potential NFL stars flop when it counts, even when critics thought they would have what it takes to be a star Quarter Back.

I agree that you need some raw talent and ability but I believe what makes a QB successful in the NFL can’t be taught and sometimes doesn’t come down to natural talents or expectations of proper technique.  To be successful, it takes a natural winner, someone with the propensity to win and get the job done.

I believe that Tebow has that intangible ingredient to win.  I think that’s his greatest asset.  Bottom line is we don’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict how things will turn out for Tebow.

The fact remains is that Tebow doesn’t have enough NFL playing experience for us to judge his potential for success.  Those who are predicting he will fail are grasping at straws.

Those experts might end up being correct but I might also get lucky and win at the slots in Vegas.  Tebow needs more playing time.  That’s the only way he can work on his skill set and gain some NFL experience.  Once that occurs we will see how he does.

I have no doubts that it’s a huge transition going from college football to the NFL.
Don’t forget that former Denver Broncos star and legend John Elway wasn’t a star out of the gates.  Many thought he would end-up a failure after watching his first couple of seasons.

Right now Tebow is a work in progress for the Broncos.  It will be up to them when he will get a chance to work on his skill set and gain the experience necessary for us to judge him.  We need to judge him based on his NFL resume and work experience, not on some preconceived notions about his technique.

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