Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Worst NFL Teams

This is part 1 of  a 4 part series that lists the worst franchises in their league’s history. Picking the worst teams is not hard, ranking them on the other hand is subjective.

The Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills were left off the 5 worst NFL franchise list since they both have made the Super Bowl 4 times and Minnesota has made the playoffs in recent history.

I also left the San Diego Chargers off the list.  The Chargers have a better regular season winning percentage and have made the playoffs more times than some of the teams on the list.

Teams are ranked from worst to 5th worst.
Chime in with your comments and what you think of the list.
  1. Detroit Lions - The Lions have won four NFL championships but have never won a Super Bowl or even played in one. The Lions had an 0-16 regular season record in 2008.  The Lions also set a regular season record for consecutive losses of 24.

    Regular Season Record: 496-593-32 (That's a 44% winning percentage)
    Playoff Record: 7-10
    Last playoff Appearance 1999 season
    Stats source: Profootball-Reference.com.
  2. Arizona Cardinals - It was a tough call not giving the honor of the worst NFL franchise to the Cardinals but they have a recent Super Bowl appearance and don't have an 0-16 regular single season record.

    Regular Season: 488-691-39 (That's 40% winning percentage.
    Playoff Record: 6-7
    Last playoff appearance 2009 season
    Stats source: Profootball-Reference.com.
  3. Houston Texans - The Texans have never made the playoffs and have a 55-89 regular season record (Profootball-Reference.com).  That's a 38% winning percentage.

  4. Atlanta Falcons - This was tough. It was a close call between the Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but the Buccaneers have won a Super Bowl.  The Falcons have been an improved franchise in recent years and do show some promise.  The fact remains is that they have a poor winning percentage (42%) which is below the Buffalo Bills (46%).

    Regular Season Record: 289-393-6
    Playoff Record: 6-10
    Last playoff appearance: 2010
    Stats source: Profootball-Reference.com.
  5. Cleveland Browns - Not only have the Browns not won a Super Bowl, they’ve never even made it to the title game. The Browns did win four NFL titles and have one of the highest winning percentages of all NFL teams.

    Regular Season Record: 485-398-13
    Playoff Record: 16-20
    Last playoff appearance 2002 season
    Stats source: Profootball-Reference.com.

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