Monday, August 8, 2011

Pete Carrol is Better at NCAA Rules Violations Than Being an NFL Coach

Pete Carrol showed us that he's better suited to violating NCAA rules than being a credible coach and executive in the NFL.  It takes more brains to an NFL executive!

I'm referring to Carrol's comments that Tarvaris Jackson was "jerked around" by the Vikings (StarTribune).  If Carrol would have done any homework at all and wasn't foaming at the bit, he would have realized that former vikings coach Brad Childress gave TJack more than enough time to develop.

One of the criticisms of Childress is that he was to patient in TJack's lack of progress as a starting QB.  It was evident that when it came to game time, TJack couldn't adapt to game day situations.  Sure he showed promise during practice and the pre-season but when it counted TJack couldn't read coverages or show that he could even run the team's game plan.

Childress was convinced that TJack would be able to develop into a stater and run a kick ass offense for the Vikings.  Pete Carrol is incompetent.  He should have known the situation before running his mouth off.  Does Carrol realize that Brett Favre was the starter in 2009 and had his best year statistically? 

Why would the Vikings have made TJack their starter?  Favre was brought in to give the team a chance of making the playoffs.  Childress realized that Jackson had failed and wasn't worth spending time on.

In my opinion TJack is one of the worst quarterbacks to wear a Vikings uniform in the last decade.  He was putrid.  He couldn't deal with the pressure that comes with being a starter.  He has the poor me attitude and not the "how can I improve" attitude.

Pete Carrol might have a magical potion and transform TJack but if he fails, he should go down as one of the worst NFL executives in the history of the sport.  Paying a QB 8 million dollars, who was mediocre at best shows a lack of judgement.


  1. First, Congrats on the new sports blog - its looking good!

    As to uncle petey and his lack of judgment, that should be on his tombstone. Sports fans around the county only know a part of the story from his usc years. His total lack of oversight in welcoming every scoundrel and low life into his trojan brain surgeon family is fairly well known, as are the basic facts about the criminals who played for him. What is not well known and has never gotten the notoriety is should have is the Dave Watson story. Under unk's watchful eye, assistant coach Watson was addicted to prescription drugs, which were dispensed to him by the carload by the trojan medical staff, for 2 years, until Watson, driving a school vehicle while under the influence, caused an accident critically injuring an innocent passenger in another car. Watson admitted it all under oath when he pled guilty to a mickey mouse reduced charge (thanks to the influence of the usc legal establishment). When uncle petey refused to appear for a deposition in the injury lawsuit that followed, he was ordered to appear by a judge. Within a week of that order, he took his millions, his piss-poor judgment, and high-tailed it to Seattle.

    (I've written extensively about him over the years)

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