Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Out of Shape Bryant McKinnie Released by Vikings

Bryant McKinnie Signed Photo - 8x10Bryant McKinnie showed up to training camp out of shape and as a result, Head Coach Leslie Frazier cut McKinnie from the team.

Frazier had no choice.  He had to set an example to his team that everyone needs to do their part in making this team successful.  It is inexcusable for any player to show up to training camp out of shape.

Teams have a responsibility to ensure that players are healthy to compete and train, especially in the hot summer months.  McKinnie didn’t show that he was a professional.  He had a responsibility for taking his job seriously by continuing to train in the offseason and getting into playing shape.

The rest of the Vikings did their part.  They showed up ready to compete for starting jobs.  McKinnie sat on his duff during the post season and showed he wasn’t worthy of having a starting job or any job in the NFL.
McKinnie’s actions were not only an insult to the team, and his fellow teammates but to himself.

McKinnie should be embarrassed and humiliated.  I hope he takes the time to reflect on how he conducted himself and learn from this mistake.  He might have a small window of opportunity to find another job but it’s not looking good.  If he starts working out and getting himself back to playing shape, maybe after the seasons starts he can land a job with a team that needs to fill a void.
Teams will suffer injuries and if McKinnie takes this time to right his ship, teams might come calling in September or October.

The problem for McKinnie is that he would probably have to accept a contract that pays him far less than what he was currently making with the Vikings.  McKinnie might be an asset to a team in the future if he was in shape and he showed that he cares about playing football.

The impression that many NFLers might have of him is that he’s a lazy guy who doesn’t even care about playing in the NFL.  The impression about his work ethic (or lack there of) has taken a big hit and he’s now viewed as a lazy oversized and washed-up player.

I hope McKinnie takes this opportunity to reflect on the damage he has done to himself and the embarrassment he’s caused to himself and his former teammates and improve his attitude towards his craft.

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