Sunday, August 14, 2011

The New York islanders are a Classless Organization

The New York Islanders are a classless organization.  The team is "sponsoring a party dedicated to the re-watching a brawl-filled game against the Pittsburgh Penguins" (
The brawls led to multiple suspensions and a major fine to the Islanders.

Penalties are meant to correct actions of teams and players.  The Islanders who are pathetic on the ice are also showing that they are pathetic off it.  Major sports leagues and teams looking to portray positive behavior. The Islanders are showing kids that it's OK to be thugs and degenerates.

The management of the Islanders seem to be embracing criminal behavior by sponsoring an event like this.  The NHL needs to step in and prevent this event.  The NHL has major image issues with the media and fans in general.  The NHL is the lowest rated (by terms of viewership) of the major sports leagues.
Many fans view the NHL as a game that takes fighting and violence more seriously than the actual game of hockey.

Now you have a team in the Islanders that are embracing this behavior.  As a parent who loves hockey, it will become harder and harder for me to explain to my daughter why it's OK for grown men to fight on the ice but it's not OK for her to smack her friend.

I'm not a lawyer but I do believe that the NHL owns all rights to NHL televised games.  They need to exercise those rights by preventing the re-airing of this game by the Islanders.  If the Islanders fail to listen to the NHL, the team must suspend the Islanders as a team for 10 regular season games and fine them five million dollars.  This would destroy the team and they would be free to leave New York for another market and ownership group.

Professional sports has seen it's fair share of criminal behavior and disgusting behavior.  The actions of the New York Islanders shows that they are trying to teach their fan base that they embrace violent behavior.  It shows the NHL that the Islanders ownership is going to support violent behavior by its players.

If this event is allowed to continue and no repercussions are felt by the New York Islanders, I would expect that Islanders players will be free to act violently on the ice by failing to abide by NHL rules and conducts.
What's it going to take for the NHL to step in and prevent behavior like this?  Will it take a death on the ice?
I sure hope not.

One thing is certain, I have no respect for the Islanders.  I wish they fail as an organization and I hope they leave for Canada.  They are a disgusting team led by disgusting and degenerate management.

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