Saturday, August 6, 2011

Minnesota Twinkies are Done!

Minnesota Twins Photo Day, FORT MYERS, FL - FEBRUARY 25: Joe NathanWhy call the Minnesota Twins the Twinkies?  Because their pitching is as soft as Twinkies.  The Twins pitching staff has been putrid in the past 3 weeks ensuring that hopes of the Twins competing for a division title are DONE!

Where do I place the blame?  I place the blame on Twins ownership and management for not doing more to place a winner on the field.  When the fans in Minnesota helped spring for Target Field, they hoped that the Twins would respond by being competitive and spending some money to bring top caliber players to the Twin Cities.

We figured that the new stadium would generate more cash for the Twins and that they would be willing to spend some of that money.  What did the fans get this year?  Higher ticket prices.  Yes, HIGHER TICKET prices!  Twins ownership rewarded their fans by raising tickets in the second year at Target Field.  That's a nice reward in a poor economy.

The Twins have done nothing to improve their pitching that has been poor all year and really started to collapse in mid July.  Cuddyer will be a free agent next year and fans thought they might deal the player to bring in some much needed pitching.
Instead the Twinkies have done Jack to improve this aspect of the team.

I think Twins management has given up on 2011.  I only hope for the team's sake that their fans don't reward the team by giving up on them at the gate.  In this economy you have to produce and you need to reward your fans who've been loyal to you for many years.

I'm disgusted by these hacks.  It's time they rewarded this community by taking their jobs seriously and fielding a winner.  When I mean winner, I mean a team that can advance past the first round in the playoffs and one that can beat the New York Yankees.

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