Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Luongo Regrets His Comments

Roberto Luongo Vancouver Canucks Autographed 8x10 PhotographMonths after Roberto Luongo and his team choked in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Vancouver Canucks goalie says he regrets negative comments he made about Boston Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas (YARDBARKER). Luongo had criticized Thomas's goaltending style.

That was a ridiculous comment. Thomas had been outplaying Luongo and didn't let in bad saves.  Luongo on the other hand couldn't stop a soccer ball let a lone a puck. The following night, Luongo actually let in a similar goal.

Luongo was terrible when it mattered most. He reminds me of Lebron James. These guys are great during the regular season and even some playoff games but when the game's on the line and you need a win to clinch a championship, their game is nowhere to be found.

Luongo is not a winner. He lucked out by winning a gold medal but every time a puck was shot towards the net I cringed.  I didn't have any confidence in his ability to stop a puck.

Now this guy claims he regrets his comments. Why didn't he comment about regretting his comments a couple of months ago?

I think Luongo was watching a tape of how he sucked in the finals. I think he was watching tape on how to play his position by watching Tim Thomas. I don't think watching a winner will do much for Luongo. He sucks. He's an overpaid goalie who can't take the pressure.

Vancouver fans are lucky. They have many more years of watching Luongo attempt to bring a Stanley Cup to Vancouver. Good luck Canucks fans. It should be enjoyable to watch.

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  1. I find it disgusting that you are taking shots at Mr. Luongo at this time. Have you not heard what happened? Do you not even follow sports news?

    Thanks to people like you and your flagrant attacks Mr. Luongo tried to take his own life the other day.

    Out of nowhere he jumped in front of oncoming traffic - right in the path of an approaching semi tractor trailer. Thankfully it passed straight through his legs and did not even touch him.

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