Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Is it Time to Stick a Fork in Tiger Woods?

With many experts predicting that Tiger Woods is done and finished, this sports fan hopes they continue their negative banter.
Tiger Woods PGA Golf 8x10 Photograph Tiger Eyes PuttingI believe in the jinx/anti-jinx when it comes to my sports viewing.  As a matter of fact, while watching the 2002 Olympic hockey tournament, I watched every game at my friends house standing exactly 4 feet away from the television.  I was hopeful that team Canada could win a gold medal.

After Canada's first victory, I believed I had to stand in the same spot for the entire game.  Well Canada won the gold, so it has to be true.  OK so you think that I'm nuts and certifiably crazy!

Well the point I'm trying to make is that early in Tiger's career, he had been written off when he went on a slump of not winning majors.  He went on to win big time.  Now some so called experts are writing him off again. I hope that these experts continue what I call the anti-jinx (Continue to be critical of Tiger and write him off).

I believe that Tiger can rebound and shut their pieholes.  America loves an underdog and even more likable is a fallen superstar who rebuilds their image and makes a comeback.  Tiger is an amazing athlete.  He made golf an exciting spectator sport.  He made many of my generation  want to watch every major Tiger was in.

So should we stick a fork in Tiger?  I don't think so.  Right now I think he's been jabbed with a spoon (or whacked over the head with a golf club...just kidding) and he'll surely recover from that.

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