Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Five Reasons Why the Vikings Will Miss the Playoffs in 2011

With the acquisition of Donovan McNabb, many fans are expecting the Vikings to have a good season.  The problem is that McNabb is a big question mark in my opinion.  He had an awful year last year and we’ll see if he can return to form at the age of 36.

There are five reasons why I think this year’s Vikings squad will miss the playoffs and finish 3rd or 4th in their division:
  1. The Vikings are weak at pass rushing.  Part of the problem last year was that the Vikings were weak in pressuring the QB.  Allen also had a let-off year but most of the responsibility fell on his shoulders.

    The Vikings really need to show an improvement in this area this year in order to compete for the division title.
  2. The Offensive Line has major issues.  Brett Favre seemed to be on the ground all the time last year.  While McNabb might be able to elude a pass rush, he will need time to find open receivers for the passing game to have a chance.

    In order for the passing game to have a chance Adrian Peterson needs to have some holes to run through.  With AP’s talent, he doesn’t need much room and once he does, he’s off to the races.
    If the Offensive Line doesn’t improve, the Vikings will have a terrible offense which will put more pressure on a defense which has its issues.
  3. The Vikings have issues defending the long ball.  If they can’t pressure the QB, the safeties will be tested consistently and I don’t believe that they can win those battles.
  4. The Vikings don’t have a deep threat receiver, especially with the departure of Rice.  We’ll see if the Vikings can find the right free agent to fill the void that Rice leaves behind.  If they don’t, the Vikes and McNabb will be in for a long season!
  5. The wild card here is how good the other teams in the Vikings division will be. Most people are expecting the Packers to repeat as NFC North champions.  I expect that will be the case.  Can a second NFC North team make the playoffs?  It’s very unlikely and I don’t see the Vikings being that team.

The Vikings will have to improve greatly this year to have a chance at the post-season.  They will need to win 10-11 games to have a chance.  I think they will win between 5-7 games.

For the most part, the Vikings are fielding the same squad sans Rice at Wide Receiver and McNabb replacing Favre at quarterback.

So the Vikes are replacing one geriatric QB with another one.  That’s not the recipe for success that I was hoping for.

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