Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cubs Hot Head Banned for 30 Days

The Chicago Cubs have suspended Carlos "Hot Head" Zambrano for 30 days without pay and without contact with his teammates (  The ban came after the "Hot Head" had a melt down during a game with the Atlanta Braves.

Zambrano was ejected after throwing at Atlanta Braves player Chipper Jones.  Zambrano cleared out his locker room and told the team he was retiring.  Hot Head then retracted his comments but the damage had been done.

His actions came on a night when former Braves manager Bobby Cox's Jersey was retired (  Zambrano lacks class and has serious issues.  This is not the first time Zambrano has acted like a spoiled brat.  Zambrano has anger management issues and doesn't know how to control his temper.

Zambrano is a loose cannon and he will pose more problems in the future.  I think things are building up for a major melt down on the pitcher's mound.  Zambrano is going to feel that he's a victim.  Hot Head plans to file a grievance with Major League Baseball Players Association.  He must think the Cubs 30 game ban is unjust or extreme.

In my opinion the cubs did the right thing.  Zambrano is lucky they aren't releasing the jerk.  The cubs now have 30 days to decide what they're going to do with Zambrano but other teams might consider him damaged goods and he comes with an expensive contract.

If it was me, I wouldn't want this guy on my team.  He doesn't know how to control himself and he can fly off the handle at any moment.  Add that with the possibility that he resents the harshness of the team's penalty (In his mind) and you have a real problem.  You have no idea what can happen!  It's definitely a tough spot for the Cubs to be in.

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