Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chad Henne in Need of a Pacifier

Autographed Chad Henne Picture - Looking to Throw 8x10 Miami reports that Chad Henne was “stung by” fans who booed him in an open practice.  Poor Chad.  Do you need a pacifier?

It’s time for Mr. Henne to take his thumb out of his mouth, place a pacifier in its place and play some football.  This is so dumb, why am I even commenting on it?
Henne is a professional Quarter Back in the NFL and doesn’t seem to be able to handle a few boos.  How will he deal with the pressure during the regular season?

I think the Dolphins need to look elsewhere for a QB who has thicker skin.  Being able to deal with pressure and criticism should be a natural tendency for an NFL QB.  I hate to be so critical of the guy.  Until I heard this, I was willing to cut the guy some slack.  Not now.   He better produce or I’ll really burst a gasket.

What really surprised me was the fact that Dolphins fans actually showed some passion and seemed to care.  Now if only they could bring that passion to an actual game, that would be something.

Maybe that’s why Henne was stung by those boos.  He’s not used to Dolphins fans actually showing much emotion.  I wonder how many fans actually showed up.  Was it like two or three?

Seriously folks, what does this say about the guy if he can’t handle a few fans giving him a rough time?  He will face thousands of fans booing him if he doesn’t produce on game day.  What will the Dolphins do when he falls apart, climbs into his crib, inserts his pacifier and loses it?  Who will they have for a QB?

The Dolphins have had a void in the QB position since Dan Marino.  Now the fish have a guy who is more worried about a few booing fans than working hard during training camp.

Henne’s head coach, Tony Sparano defended the Quarter Back.  I guess that’s part of the job but shouldn’t Sporano be concerned that he has a QB who doesn’t seem to have the tolerance to handle a few critical fans?

I think Henne should team up with Jay Cutler in Chicago.  The two would make a great pair.  When Cutler walks out of another game with a boo boo, Henne can come in and mop-up after him. 

For Henne’s sake, let’s hope it’s during the last moments of the game.  We wouldn’t want his feelings to be hurt now, would we?

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