Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can Hakeem Teach Lebron James How to Win?

Hakeem Olajuwon Signed Picture - Auth 16x20 JsaCan you teach an athlete how to win or be a winner?  I don’t thinks so.  You either have it in you or you don’t.

Why am I asking this question?  USA Today has an article about Lebron James learning from Hakeem Olajuwon.That’s all nice and all but it’s one thing to learn specific moves to increase your talents but Hakeem can’t teach Lebron the most important thing, how to win when it counts.

James definitely has talent and is one of the best regular season players of his generation.  If you were to grade Lebron on his regular season only, he would have a shot at being one of the greatest to play in the NBA

The problem is that his team has hired him to win a championship.  Lebron has had a few good playoff games but has crumbled when it really mattered and his team needed to wrap up a playoff series or championship.

I’m not confident that learning a few more moves will change things for Lebron James.  There might be nothing he can do.  He might be destined to be known as a great regular season player but not among the greatest to play the game.

Is it fair to judge James for not winning an NBA championship?  Of course it is.  James had a golden opportunity to win this year but played terribly in games six and seven of the NBA Finals.
James was also brought to Miami to win championships.

James was confident that being part of a Super Team would be his ticket to championship success.  James might realize this success in the future but I’m not going to bank on that.

Learning new moves will not be the ticket James is looking for!

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