Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are Athletes Prone to Criminal Behavior?

Are athletes prone to criminal behavior?  That's the question that I'm faced with today.  My gut tells me that we hear about criminal behavior of athletes because they're in the public eye.

That may be true but since tracking criminal behavior by athletes in Sportmentary's Busted page, 11 athletes have been documented since August 2nd.  That's more than I originally thought would occur when I first started Busted.

Crimes of the athletes have ranged from assault and disorderly behavior to murder.  Not all the athletes on the list are currently playing.  Some have retired.  Most of the athletes on the list are professional athletes or were professional athletes.  Football players make up over 36% of the athletes on the list.

Golf Clubs animated

It's hard to make any conclusions about athletes being prone to criminal behavior.  I don't think they're more prone than he average person.  The fact remains that athletes are more recognizable than the average Joe and they're in the public eye.

While I might conclude that athletes are not prone to criminal behavior, they are morons if they take part in such behavior.  Why am I saying that?  The reason is that it's stupid and they're likely to get caught.  Another reason is that they're sure to make the headlines and the nightly news.  Their reputation will be tarnished and will be very hard for the athlete to restore their image.  The average Joe likely will not make the headlines or the nightly news and it will be much easier for Joe to restore their image.

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