Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Idiot Player Opens Their Mouth

Eli Manning claims to be in the same league as Tom Brady, "a great quarterback" (ESPN.com).What is Eli talking about.  He had a few good games and lucked out by winning a Super Bowl.  He's not close to great.  He's an OK quarterback (QB).
Eli Manning Photo
Eli Manning is an inconsistent quarterback.  You never know from game to game how he's going to play.  In some game she's good and in other games he's terrible.
Eli Manning's career stats are: 58% completion rate, 156 TDs, 113 INTs and a QB rating of 80.2.
His stats last year were: 62.9% completion rate, 31 TD's, 25 INTs and has a QB rating of 85.3 (NFL.com). 

Tom Brady on the other hand is great.  He's one 3 Super Bowls and his team's are almost guaranteed to make the playoffs.  Brady is reliable.  Eli Manning isn't.
Brady's career stats are: 63.6% completion rate, TDs 261, INTs 103 and QB rating of 95.2.
His stats last year were: 65.9 completion rate TDs 36, INTs 4 and QB rating of 111.0 (NFL.com).

It's clear that Eli Manning isn't even close to great or the QB that Brady is.  Maybe Manning should look back at some of his less than stellar games to realize that he's not great.

Manning must be thinking of his brother when he said he was great.  Maybe next week he'll say that he was misquoted and that he meant it was Peyton who's a great QB like Brady.

Tom Brady is probably laughing like crazy after hearing about Eli's comments.  Brady must be thinking "Manning is an idiot".  One thing that I'm certain of is that another idiot player has opened their mouth.  When will these guys ever learn?

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