Monday, October 20, 2014

NFL Recap - Week #7- 2014 Season

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Becomes NFL All-Time Touchdown Passing Record Leader Framed 15�?? X 17�?? 5 Collage With a Piece of Game-Used Football �?? Limited Edition of 250It was a great week of football in week seven and the best part of it was Peyton setting the record for touchdown passes. Peyton needed three TDs to break Brett Favre's record of 508. Manning threw four TD passes and his record now stands at 510 and counting.

Peyton set the record in the first half of Sunday night's game against the San Francisco 49ers. Peyton put on a show and it was a thing of beauty. Now he can set his sights at 600.

Now for the recap.

New York Jets 25 at New England Patriots 27
New York - Can we win a game that we dominate? No we can't. Not when we have to settle for Field Goals most of the time. Don't worry. We now have Percy Harvin to deal with.
New England - It's so beating the Jets. I wish we could see something as spectacular as the butt fumble again.

Carolina 17 at Green Bay 38
Carolina - How do you stop Aaron Rodgers.
Green Bay - You don't!

New Orleans 23 at Detroit 24
New Orleans - Rob, we had the Lions and your squad blew it. Shut up Drew. You have to score more than 23 points and you had a chance at the end but you blew it.
Detroit - First place! First place!

Miami Dolphins 27 at Chicago Bears 14
Miami - We made some Veal Cutler and it was good.
Chicago - When will we learn that Jay Cutler is the most overrated QB in the game.

Minnesota Vikings 16 at Buffalo Bills 17
Minnesota - Debacle doesn't even begin to describe our performance yesterday. We sure love to cause our fans to endure heartbreak.
Buffalo - Orton heard a who and stuck it to the Vikings.

Cincinnati Bungals 0 at Indianapolis Colts 27
Cincinnati - You see what we get out of Dalton in big games against good teams. You get a doughnut (Donut).
Indianapolis - Poor Bungals. They couldn't stop Luck and company. Andrew sure made the Cincy defense look like a bunch of amateurs.

Cleveland Browns 6 at Jacksonville Jaguars 24
Cleveland - Everyone thought that we had turned the corner and couldn't lose to the Jaguars. Hey people? We are the Browns.
Jacksonville - We won a game? Who did we beat? New England? Dallas? Green Bay? No! We beat the Browns? That figures. We couldn't beat a decent team.

Seattle Seahawks 26 at St. Louis Rams 28
Seattle - Where's the ball. Where's the returner? He's over there. No he's over there. Doh!
St. Louis - OK guys. We tricked these duds once, we can do it again. Let's fake the punt. But coach, we're deep in our end of the field. Don't worry. They won't expect it!

Tennessee Titans 17 at Washington Football Team 19
Tennessee - Hey coach? We're not a good team. Did you just get that memo now!
Washington - Whew! We pulled that one out of the bag. It's really not that tough when you play the Titans.

Atlanta Falcons 7 at Baltimore Ravens 29
Atlanta - We give up!
Baltimore - Ha ha ha ha ha.

Kansas City Chiefs 23 at San Diego Chargers 20
Kansas City - Who said we wouldn't be good this season?
San Diego - We came close. Does that count for anything?

New York Giants 21 at Dallas Cowboys 31
New York - Lose 2, win 3, lose 2 and counting.
Dallas - Any doubters yet?

Arizona Cardinals 24 at Oakland Raided 13
Arizona - It's so nice playing a college team every once in a while. College team? They're more like a High School team.
Oakland - Coach? We have a good chance at getting a win next week in Cleveland. Don't kid yourself.

Houston Texans 23 at Pittsburgh Steelers 30
Houston - Losing to this team proves how terrible we are.
Pittsburgh - Thankfully we played the Texans tonight. This may be one of the only wins we have this season.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fiasco in Buffalo - Vikings Blow Game With One Second Left

Blair Walsh Minnesota Vikings Sublimated 10.5" x 13" PlaqueNow that a couple of hours have passed since the fiasco in Buffalo, I can now sit down and write my weekly update. I'm still upset and fuming but I'm a little calmer now. It's just getting painful watching a terrible brand of football week after week and year after year.

The Minnesota Vikings had the game with 2:30 left in the game. They had the Buffalo Bills where they wanted them and that was a 4th down and 20. Had the stopped the Bills, they would have won the game. The defense that played well all day long blew it. They allowed the Bills to get a first down and march all the way to the two yard line.

If that wasn't bad enough, the Vikings defense gave the game away with one second left. It was a pathetic end to a well played game by the defense. It would have been nice to see the Vikings finish the game and win one but the team is terrible, makes big mistakes throughout the game and has shown their fans that this team is a long way away from being a contender.

Vikings Offense to Blame for Loss

For the most part it was the Vikings offense that is to blame for the Vikings loss. When you only score 16 points in the game, while the defense holds their opponent to 17 points and you lose the game, you have a pathetic offense.

The main problem is the offensive line which has been embarrassing the team all season long. Rookie quarterback (QB) Teddy Bridgewater has faced defensive pressure all season long. On most plays, the offensive line has missed their blocks and allowed the defense to march in on Teddy.

Matt Kalil continues to digress and it's painful for this fan to see. At this point in time, my hope is that Teddy doesn't get injured and that the relentless pressure that he faces doesn't harm his confidence.

Teddy is a rookie QB that has been put in a tough situation. I think teddy has what it takes to make it through this tough time and when he does he will be a much better QB.

There was a bright spot on offense. It was Blair Walsh who kicked three field goals (he was 3/3), one of which was a 55 yarder. It's sad when the best player on offense is the kicker. That's no offense to Walsh. It;s more an indictment on our offense that they are struggling scoring TDs.

Vikings Defense Did their Job

The Vikings defense forced 4 turnovers, three fumble recoveries and an interception. That should have been good enough for this team to win the game. They stopped the Buffalo Bills all game long while the Vikings offense stumbled and crumbled.

Sure the defense fell apart in the last couple of minutes but this loss can't be blamed on them. When a defense is consistently stopping their opponent, it's up to the offense to score some points.

My game ball goes to Everson Griffen who had eight tackles (two for a loss) and three sacks. Everson had a good game and deserves my imaginary game ball.

Coaches Had Some Blunders

The coaching staff deserves their share of the blame, especially at the end of the game. A couple of times during the Bills game winning drive, Mike Zimmer could have called a timeout to make sure the defense could regroup and have the right defense.

When you have your opponent on a 4th and 20, you don't need a fancy defense. All you need to do is make sure they don't get 20 yards. So the Vikings poured everyone on the line and exposed themselves against the long ball.

That's on the coaches.

I'm not going to throw in the towel. The Coaches can't turn things around in their first year and I'm sure they will make the necessary changes with time.

The same can be said about Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy is a rookie and I still believe he has a lot of potential and will figure things out.

Teddy is being blitzkrieged out there and will have to learn how to deal with tough situations without making mistakes.

The Vikings have been without some key players all season long. That's not an excuse but reality. While it's become painfully obvious that they will not make the playoffs this season, I hope they will show some growth as the season progresses.


Vikings Lose to Bills

Who is most to blame for the Vikings loss?

Offensive Line
Teddy Bridgewater
Wide Receivers
Coaching Staff
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Seatle Seahawks Ship Percy Harvin to the Jets

Percy Harvin Signed Photo - 8x10 PSA DNA ID #74222The New York Jets have acquired toxic player Percy Harvin from the Seattle Seahawks. This was a move that took the league by surprise but it shouldn't have been a big surprise at all. When Harvin did take the field, he didn't establish himself as a breakout receiver and one that could be counted on down after down.

I wrote about Harvin's poor attitude in 2013 and provided and opined that things would be the same in Seattle.

It's not certain if Percy Harvin requested a trade or if his alleged poor behavior in the locker room forced the Seahawks hand but Seattle acquiesced to Harvins behavior by shipping him to the Jets.

ESPN is reporting that sources said that Harvin was a disruption to the team and also had "physical confrontations in the locker room with teammates".

If that is true and I'm inclined to believe it, Harvin seems to have anger management issues. This is not the type of player that I would want on my team. He's a toxic individual and a team that is in it to win it doesn't want that type of player, regardless of talent.

Seattle is a Winner - The Jets are...

Seattle wants to win another Super Bowl this year. They are focused on that goal and that goal only. They will not allow any individual to disrupt that goal, so they traded Harvin to the Jets.

The New York Jets are on the opposite spectrum. Sure they want to win but they don't know how to and they will make a deal with a toxic individual like Harvin regardless if that guy might become a major disruption.

That's why the Jets can't get their act together and win games. They don't have a good plan and allow disruptions to dictate their being a failure.

History of Injuries and bad attitude

Percy "Peanut Brittle" Harvin has only played in 15 regular season games since the beginning of the 2012 season. As  a matter of fact, his time on the field greatly diminished midway through the 2012 season while he was on the Vikings.

Harvin had great potential prior to that and if only he had a good attitude he might have transpired into a real superstar.

While injured, Percy wanted a mega contract and the Vikings didn't agree to that. They wanted to see more of Percy, especially after he was injured to see if he was worth a big contract. Percy couldn't accept that and the Vikings agreed to trade him when it became apparent that keeping Harvin was more of a distraction than what he was worh.

Seattle now knows what the Vikings had to put up with. Like the Vikings they realized that Harvin is too big a distraction to the team than he's worth on it.

If I were a betting man, I would have the opinion that Harvin has psychological issues and likely has anger management issues. It's been reported that Harvin had character issues in college. So wearing out his welcome in Seattle should come as no surprise.

When it comes to Percy Harvin's poor attitude, history seems to repeat itself.


If the New York Jets were looking to add a player who exhibited good behavior in the locker room in addition to their skills on the field, they likely dropped the ball with Harvin. As noted above, Harvin has been a problem for teams and teammates since college.

Why do the Jets think that things will be different in New York? Percy Harvin wasn't a go to receiver in Seattle. So will Harvin transform into that type of receiver with the Jets? I doubt that he will.

He is a talented player, a niche player. He can make some big plays here and there but in my opinion he's not an every down receiver, especially since he's not healthy on a regular basis. Now he will have to rely on Geno Smith to get him the ball on almost every play, when healthy.

Geno has enough pressure trying to win games and avoiding big mistakes. Having the pressure of trying to get Harvin the ball is not a good thing for a young quarterback and I believe that Harvin will expect the ball all the time.

Once again the Jets are looking for the silver bullet in Harvin but if they had don their due diligence they would have seen a player who is a disruption in the locker room, a disruption to his teammates and an all an selfish player.

That's something that the Jets don't need now. They had put together two good games (even though they lost those games). Geno seems to have turned the corner. What he needs now are teammates that will support and grow with him. Harvin is not that type of teammate.

Percy Harvin

Will Harvin be a distraction to the New York Jets?

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Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 NFL Picks - Week #7

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Autographed 16" x 20" Vertical Orange Uniform Throw PhotographI’m changing things up a little bit this week with our NFL picks. This week I'm providing different NFL picking categories than we've had in previous weeks.

Week #7 started with a bang as we witnessed a thrilling and competitive Thursday night game in which the New England Patriots hung on to defeat the lowly New York Jets 27-25.

The big takeaway from Thursday night’s game is that “Pick Six” Geno Smith didn’t throw an interception. That was the first game in seven starts that Geno didn’t throw a pick. He now has seven touchdowns and seven interceptions.

I’m hopeful that the rest of week seven will bring more excitement to NFL fans.
Now on to this week’s NFL picks.

NFL East Showdown – New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

This is a showdown between NFC East rivals.

Dallas is on a roll. They’ve won five games in a row and are tied for first in the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles. They are playing good football and they don’t seem to have many weaknesses.

Dallas may be re-identifying itself as an NFC power house. Maybe this is the start of something special for Tony Romo.

New York has had an up and down season and things are going to get worse for them in week #7. After starting the season on terrible note the Giants seemed get into gear winning three straight before being destroyed by the Eagles last week.

The Giants are in a tough spot. For the second straight week they are playing a divisional opponent. This game is huge and the Giants will either be able right the ship or will become a non-player in the East.

Dallas wins 31-9.

Record Seeker – San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos

The 49ers have been on a roll the past few weeks but they are playing a formidable opponent and one of the greatest QBs ever to play the game (Peyton Manning). Manning is only three TDs away from setting the record for the most TD passes.

Peyton has been averaging three TDs per game and I don’t think he’ll be stopped very often on Sunday night.

Peyton will get his record but what about winning? This will be Peyton’s night and he will do it in front of Broncos fans. This will be a celebration of Peyton Manning.

Denver wins 35-24.

Boredom in Washington - Tennessee Titans at Washington Football Team

Let's face it, the Titans are a terrible football team and they're going nowhere fast. They barely beat the Jaguars last week. They're lucky they play another terrible team this week but will they win?

Washington is the worst team in the NFC East. While they have shown flashes of good play, the team stinks to the bottom of the heap.

What does Washington have going for them? They're at home and they face the Titans.

Washington wins 13-9.

Rebound of the Week - Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams

After a tough loss at home to the Dallas Cowboys, look for the Seahawks to rebound and take out their anger and disappointment on the Rams.

The Rams haven't shown that they can play four quarters of goof football. They are bound to have one lousy half where their opponent can take advantage of them.

Seattle wins 31-13.

Monday Night Football Snoozer - Houston Texans at Pittsburgh Steelers

This might be the worst Monday night matchup of the season. Pittsburgh is in disarray and haven't shown their fans that they're capable of playing good football this season.

After Monday Night's game, if the fans are still awake from the mess they saw on the field, they will want this season to end quickly.

Houston wins 24-3.

Season totals: W-21 L-9.

Peyton and his Quest for 509

Will Peyton Manning set the all time TD passes record?

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Geno Smith is Not Fit to be an NFL Quarterback

Signed Geno Smith Photo - 8x10 green jersey passing black sig)- JSA HologramI thought that I had read some of the weirdest and dumbest comments from athletes until today. reported that New York Jets quarterback (QB) Geno Smith is blaming the media for his atrocious playing this season.

Are you kidding me Geno? Geno “Pick Six” Smith has been terrible on the field this season and it has become obvious to many people that Geno doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the NFL, especially in New York. The funny thing is that the bar has been set so low in New York that it’s a wonder why Geno isn’t taking advantage of that.

Well it’s not really a wonder. The kid sucks!

Geno Smith Groomed to Fail

Geno barely faces any opposition from head coach Rex Ryan. So why is he letting the pressure get to him? I think the answer is that he is mentally unstable to be an NFL QB. If he allows the media to get into his head and plays poorly because of that, he should be run out of the Big Apple.

If this loser is going to blame the media for his poor play, he should also blame New York Jets fans for his poor play. It was only a couple of weeks ago when Geno uttered an obscenity to a Jet fan who was heckling him. Geno is not only a terrible QB who provides the Jets with almost no chance of winning but his mind is mush.

The Greats Have What it takes to be Successful
Great QBs like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers don’t only have the physical attributes of being great QBs but they can handle the pressure of the media and NFL fans. They seem to thrive when they are criticized.

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady faced criticism early this season and followed that criticism by winning games and putting up good numbers.

How did Geno Smith react to media scrutiny? He blamed the media for his poor play.

Note to Geno: He should look internally at why he’s a terrible NFL QB. He should work to fix his issues and not blame anyone else. A QB looks like a complete and utter failure and cry baby when they blame the media for their horrid playing.

Geno also picked the wrong city to blame the media. New York City is a tough place for any professional athlete to play. There are high expectations from New York fans. This is true with Jets fans, even though their teams are perennial failures and are expected by most outsiders to stink up the field week in and week out.

Geno Smith Should Put Up or Shut Up

So how should the media and New York Jets fans react to Geno’s latest outburst? They should step up their heckling and criticism. They should boo him every time he enters the field.

The media should continue to criticize him and ask him tough questions when they interview him. In other words the media should continue to do what they’ve been doing. Geno deserves the criticism. His childish behavior makes him a bigger target for that criticism and I’m convinced that his play on the field will continue to provide the media with even more ammunition to criticize not only his poor play but his childish outbursts and behavior.

I’m not a big fan of New York sports teams or their fans but one thing I do know is that New York fans are passionate about their teams and loyal to them. They aren’t afraid of showing their emotions for their teams and they are critical of poor play.

If an athlete can’t take that criticism, New York is not the place to play. It’s not for everyone. It’s a place for athletes who have thick skins. That’s not a bad thing. Instead of asking New Yorkers to stop what they do, an athlete should stop to think about what they need to do to fit in.

It’s not the place of the New York sports fan to change their behavior. They are great fans and they make the New York sports scene what it is. Like them or hate them, New York sports fans make watching their teams and hating them more pleasurable. They add to the game and make it more interesting and entertaining.

If Geno Smith can’t take the heat, it’s time for him to move out of town. New York deserves better than what they have at QB.

Geno Smith

Will Geno Smith be a successful QB?

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Minnesota Vikings Performance Offensive in Loss to Detroit Lions

Autographed Ndamukong Suh Photograph - with "2010 Def Roy" InscriptionThere was a lot to complain about for Vikings fans in regards to the performance of their beloved Minnesota Vikings. Simply put the Vikings were offensive and should give back the money that their fans paid to see such a horrible game by the Vikings.

I'm just kidding about giving the money back to the fans. We all know that Vikings fans gamble when they see their Vikings play. For the most part this season they have been terrible. The past two games have been especially troubling.

Last week the Vikings were blown out by their arch rivals (Green Bay Packers). Today they were thrashed by the Detroit Lions 17-3. The Vikings managed to get their only points in garbage time.

The Detroit Lions, led by Ndamukong who had two sacks on Sunday have to be given some credit. They suffocated the Vikings offense. They brutalized the Vikings Offensive line and they brutalized Teddy Bridgewater.

Teddy Bridgewatwer looked like a rookie on Sunday. He threw three interceptions amd for most of the game he couldn't move the offense.. The Vikings had 212 yards of offense (69 yards rushing). Many of those yards were gained in garbage time.

The offense did nothing all day long and much of the blame could be blamed on the offensive line.

Teddy was sacked eight times, was hurried play after play and was knocked down numerous times. There wasn't much Teddy could do. When he did try and make a play his receivers dropped the ball.

This was a horrible game for a rookie QB to play in and Teddy was exposed play after play. Teddy will be a good QB but he isn't the team's savior yet.

The Vikings will have to make great strides in improving the offensive line. They are brutal. They play like amateurs and they have been destroyed game after game.

The defense had a good game. They had some lapses but they held the Detroit Lions to 17 points. The defense kept the Vikings in the game until the fourth quarter. The defense sacked Detroit QB Matthew Stafford four times.

While the defense played well, the offense couldn't hold up their end of the bargain.

The Vikings also have a major problem in taking stupid penalties. Many times those penalties stalled drives. It wasn't only this game but has been a problem all season long.

If the O-line can't find a way at playing better and protecting Teddy, this will be a very long and frustrating season for the Minnesota Vikings and their fans.

I think Christian Ponder is thinking to himself that Teddy experienced what he did last week in Green Bay. Christian shouldn't take any comfort in that thought because he has no potential to be an adequate QB while Teddy has tons of potential.

That's all I have to say about this game. If I think of this game much longer I will blow a gasket.

Minnesota Vikings lose to Detroit Lions

Who is most to blame for the Vikings week 6 loss?

Vikings Offensive Line
Teddy Bridgewater
Vikings Defense
Lions Defense
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Friday, October 10, 2014

First Article of the NHL Season at The Hockey Writers

Sportmentary's Editor in Chief has written his first NHL article of the 2014-15 season for The Hockey Writers.

Anthony recaps a great start to the season for the Wild and definitely shows his excitement for what is store for our Minnesota Wild. 

Anthony lives in the State of Hockey and loves his Minnesota Wild.