Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sportmentary is Back

After the summer off Sportmentary is back in time for the NFL and NHL seasons. I'm glad to be back. I'll start writing soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Tampa Bay Lightning Join the Fight to End Hunger through Give & Grub Food Truck

The Tampa Bay Lightning made headlines this year during an impressive 2015 season in which they broke franchise records and asserted themselves as one of the NHL’s up and coming elite. While their accomplishments on the ice made the Lightning a household name, their philanthropic endeavors outside of the arena are bringing the team to the forefront in a way that extends far beyond the world of hockey.
In partnership with Laser Spine Institute, the Tampa Bay Lightning have joined Feeding America Tampa Bay and Metropolitan Ministries to reduce food insecurity in the Tampa community through the Give & Grub food truck – a unique way to spread awareness about hunger in the community. The truck travels across the greater Tampa Bay area selling gourmet food with a purpose; for each meal sold, Laser Spine Institute will donate a meal to a hungry child in the community.
The distressing statistics on hunger in the Tampa community reveal that food insecurity isn’t just an issue, it’s an epidemic. According to Feeding America Tampa Bay, there are an estimated 700,000 people in West Central Florida struggling with hunger, and 250,000 of those people are children – that’s one out of every four children in the community. The collective goal of the food truck project is to give back 150,000 meals to those local children who need it most.
The Lightning were an ideal partner for the program due to their incredible commitment to giving back to members of their community, annually contributing more than 45,000 volunteer hours and supporting nearly 50 charitable organizations.
The Give & Grub food truck has a gourmet menu named after Lightning personnel and inspired by their favorite foods. For just $9 per meal, customers get hefty size portions of items like Cooper’s Candied Burger, named after Coach Jon Cooper, and the Chicken Parmkos Sandwich, paying homage to team Captain Steven Stamkos. The truck makes appearances at local events and during the lunch hour at regional office parks.

For those interested in joining the Tampa Bay Lightning and Laser Spine Institute in their mission to ”Stick it to Hunger,” visit the Give & Grub website to find out where you can find the truck next. You can also share the hashtag #GiveAndGrub on your social media platform and they’ll donate an additional meal to a family in need!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Can Minnesota Make The Playoffs?

Minnesota Vikings PennantLast season overall was pretty weird for anyone who follows the Minnesota Vikings. It started off with some devastating news that Adrian Peterson would be indefinitely suspended after being charged with child abuse. It ended with more than their fair share of losses, but a bit of optimism as Teddy Bridgewater started to show that he could be the franchise quarterback of the future. With all the best playmakers back in 2015, there are more than a few people in fantasy football leagues two feel like they have enough firepower to make the playoffs.
Everything is obviously going to start with Peterson, as he is still one of the most feared running backs in the game. He is getting close to the end of his prime, but getting a chance to take basically the entire season off last year might have his body feeling fresher than ever. They recently gave him a pretty good contract for someone his age, so they definitely plan on using him much like they did during his MVP season in 2012. After all, that was the last year the Vikings made the playoffs.
As for Bridgewater, there is no doubt that he is going to show improvement in his second year. Not only will teams be focusing on the running game quite a bit more, he will be a lot more relaxed and used to playing at the highest level. They have one of the worst overall offenses in the game last year, but things will be changing in 2015. Greg Jennings is going to continue to be his main target, but they also have some younger guys who looked extremely promising as well.
The pass defense was pretty good last year, and that is important in a division with Aaron Rodgers. Speaking of that quarterback, the Green Bay Packers might be the biggest reason why the odds are not in there favor to make the playoffs. On paper, Minnesota stands very little chance of finishing with a better record then Green Bay this year. They could very well finish above Detroit and Chicago, but they would still need to do enough to get one of the wild card spots. They should finish better than 7-9 in 2015, but they might need to get to 10 wins to get into the playoffs. Eight or 9 wins seems the most realistic.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Arizona Coyotes Should be Renamed the “Ha Ha” Coyotes

UPDATE: The city of Glendale has terminated its lease with the Arizona Coyotes.

ARIZONA COYOTES - LOGO 14If we go back nearly 20 years when the Winnipeg Jets (original version) bolted for the desert of Arizona, we would see and hear that a number of great hockey minds didn’t believe that the team would last in the Phoenix area.

Sure, many fans believed that there would be an initial interest by the locals that might keep the team afloat for a few years but long term? I don’t think that many fans realistically thought it would n even last this long in the desert and it has only because the NHL refused to let the team fold or be relocated when it should have.

Now there’s news that the city council of Glendale where the Coyotes play are going to meet secretly to decide if the city should terminate their lease with the Coyotes.

Shortfalls in revenue sharing” have cost the city millions of dollars. The community has to be upset that they are on the hook for footing eight million dollars in revenue shortfalls year over year.

All I can say is that I told you so. That’s not really all I can say. I can say, how about having the league call the Coyotes the “Ha Ha” Coyotes. They are a laughable organization and they play in a community that should have cut them loose years ago.

The team continues to rank among the lowest in attendance, even after new owners bought the team. The desert couldn’t care less about hockey, even if the team’s name was changed from Phoenix to Arizona. It does look like fan support for this team has dried up in the desert.

The Arizona Coyotes ranked third last in attendance last year. That’s putrid and unacceptable. The arena was filled to 77% capacity. That just isn’t good enough Arizona. That type of poor support is pathetic. Arizona doesn’t deserve a hockey team. They have been bailed out year after year after year. The NHL needs to realize that it’s a business and not a charity.

How Do You Fix The Problem? The team should move to a market that cares about hockey. My choice would be Quebec but as ESPN notes, the ability to play in Quebec is a year away. That’s OK. Play one more year in Arizona and then bolt for Canada and never look back.

We can’t only blame the NHL for what’s transpiring with the club. We can’t only blame the fans for not going to watch games. The city council of Glendale has to bare much of the blame for this fiasco. The council should have cut their losses last year and not entered into a new agreement with new ownership.

Many NHL fans knew this was a dumb decision but for some reason the city council was compelled to give this experiment another shot. That was stupid and now they want out. The team should allow the city council to bale on them. Then they could move to a legitimate NHL market.

It will put a smile on my face and allow me to say “ha ha Coyetes” if and when the team leaves the desert for icier pastures.

Arizona Coyotes

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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Illiterate Adrian Peterson Should Stick to What He Knows Best

Adrian Peterson vented against the Vikings and the NFL in a number of Tweets yesterday. He seems to be trying to be the poster child for guaranteed contracts. So what’s the problem? A person should be literate when writing about contract t changes. See his illiterate rants on KFAN.com.

While Peterson’s Tweets seemed to be very anti Minnesota Vikings, he reportedly clarified those Tweets. Don’t you believe Mr. Peterson? Not a chance.

There are a number of things that stand out with Adrian Peterson’s Tweets. The guy is a misguided punk who tried to say that this was all about football (a couple of days ago) and then gets personal. Adrian Peterson seems to lack the intelligence to argue his points. Maybe he should go back to school. How did this guy graduate?

Peterson should stick to what he knows best and that’s playing football and fathering children.


Adrian Peterson is a great back. He plays football better than most people but he’s not a very educated man. Reading his Tweets makes me feel like he can barely write. If Adrian made a point in his Tweets, I don’t have a clue what it is.

His Tweets were so incoherent, he lost me and the message he was trying to make was lost in his inability to write well. AP wrote at a grade three level and that’s being kind.

AP should stop this madness of trying to be the spokesperson for the NFLPA and play football. He does that well but speaking and writing coherently? That’s another story.

Fathering Children

AP does this better than most people. He’s really good at fathering children. Maybe that’s why he needs more money. He needs to ensure that he will be able to support the dozens of kids he might father in the future.

That’s not the fault of the Minnesota Vikings. When AP signed his extension a few years back, he knew what was guaranteed and what wasn’t. He seemed to be happy to be the highest paid back in the NFL. Now he’s unhappy?

The guy has changed his tune over and over again. First he wanted out because he believed the team wronged him which is a complete crock of sh*t. Adrian Peterson was not wronged by the Vikings. Adrian wronged himself and is unable to see that his actions caused the problems he found himself in last year.

Now he says this is about changing the structure of NFL contracts? Seriously? Really? BS!

I might have been a little mean and out of line here. Taking a jab at the guys ability to father children was a little over the top for me but the guy has brought all this criticism upon himself. When Peterson speaks, I want to vomit. The guy is an imbecile and I wish he would just stick to football and forget about trying to be a Nobel Prize laureate.

Adrian Peterson Rant

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

When Alex Ovechkin Guarantees a Victory You Can Expect the Opposite

Alex OvechkinAlex “Ovechloss” Ovechkin guaranteed a victory for his Washington Capitals in game 7 against the New York Rangers. When Alex made that bold guarantee, I thought to myself that the Rangers had just been handed the victory.

It helped the Rangers that they were playing the deciding game at home. After Washington took a 3-1 lead in the series, it looked the Rangers’ were in big trouble. Then again, they were playing the Capitals who’ve had their share of game 7 heartbreaks (including OTs).

Game 7 did go into OT but it was the rangers who came out on top, leaving Ovechkin and his teammates to wonder what could have been.

Alex has become accustomed to big time failures. He’s the poster child for that.

Alex is a Great Regular Season Player

Ovechkin is a great player…in the regular season. He’s arguably the greatest player in the world during the regular season but when it comes to the playoffs, a different Alex emerges. He has flashes of brilliance but those are often shadowed by a near non-existence in many playoff games.

I’m underwhelmed with his playoff performances through the years. I know it’s not a fair question to ask but I’ll ask it anyway. Would the Capitals have a better chance in the playoffs without Alex ovechkin? Who knows? Alex is the face of the team and may also be the face of their failures.

One thing is certain to me, Alex Ovechkin should never guarantee a playoff victory again. History wasn’t on his side and the guarantee doomed him and his team. It was a no win situation for the guy. How can he explain this loss? How can he explain that he never delivered on his guarantee?

His guarantee makes him look like a dud. I have a recommendation for Ovechkin; He should shut his piehole and concentrate on winning the game. He shouldn't add distractions to his team or undue pressure.

Do you think that I’m being overly critical of Ovechkin? Yes I am but he deserves it.

Ovechkin’s Woes in the Winter Olympics

Alex Ovechkin’s Russian team has had its fair share of frustration and trouble during the past two winter Olympics. In the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Russians didn't only lose to Canada, they were trounced in the Semi-Final game.

Then there was last year’s debacle in front of a home town crowd at Sochi. Alex’s Russian team didn’t even medal. I think that’s awesome. It was wonderful to see Alex and his teammates stumble and crumble at home.

Alex hasn’t won a Stanley Cup or Olympic gold medal and until he does, he might be considered a failure. Sure he’s a great regular season player but that doesn’t count for much. It’s only statistics. If that’s what matters to Alex he is a success. If winning a cup or gold medal is his goal, he is a big failure.

I Don’t Like the Guy

I have to admit it, if it isn't already obvious; I dislike Alex Ovechkin. The reason for this dislike has to do with Alex’s behavior after his Russian team was demolished by Canada in the Semi-Final game at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Alex was invisible during the game against his arch rival Canadians.

When Alex exited the ice, he rudely avoided the media. He acted like a rude punk and not an NHL superstar. The crybaby couldn't even act like an adult for one second.

Sure his team was humiliated by Canada in Canada but he could have showed a little class.

Alex might surprise us all someday and have the last laugh if he wins a Stanley Cup. I think that’s a long shot andI won’t be holding my breath. I sure hope that doesn’t happen.

Alex Ovechkin

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Much Ado about Nothing – Tom Brady & Deflategate

Tom Brady PosterSo the Wells Report came out a couple of days ago and in it, it stated that it was more than probable that Tom Brady was aware of the deflated footballs. The report is basically accusing Brady of lying and not cooperating with the investigation, both claims that his agent denies.

Football fans have been fixated over something that I think is much ado about nothing. Other quarterbacks and players in the NFL have said that their teams did the same thing and that it’s common place. Yet, we are fixated on Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Should Tom Brady be Punished?

Do I think that Tom Brady should be punished? Sure I do. The rules were broken and he likely lied about his knowledge and involvement in Deflategate. He should be suspended. The NFL needs to support its rules and those who cheat should be punished.

This would be no different than suspending other players who have broken NFL rules. So yes, Tom should be punished and that’s that. All the other talk about Deflategate is nonsense and hot air.

Not a Competitive Advantage

According to Ben Leber, former Minnesota Vikings player and now a TV/Radio personality, he said on Friday morning’s Power Trip radio show on KFAN that the deflated footballs provided no competitive advantage to Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Ben should know. Other football players and experts have said the same thing. Fans are right in wanting tom Brady punished but to say that Deflategate helped the Patriots win the Superbowl or a playoff game is completely ridiculous.

Fans who want Tom Brady to have some sort of asterisk besides his name due to his role in Deflategate are also ridiculous. The NFL would have to put an asterisk in front of many players who have cheated. That list would be huge and it wouldn’t make any sense to do that.

Other Teams Cheating has Provided a Competitive Advantage

So why pick on the Patriots? Because of jealousy. People are jealous about the success of this team. Some fans seem to hate winners and love to root for inferior teams. People forget that the Patriots were once the laughing stock of the NFL. The team turned themselves around and into a winner.

Other players have cheated (numerous times) and very few people have been upset with them. As Ben leber mentioned this morning, we can look at the Seattle Seahawks who have had multiple players suspended for PED use. We know that PEDs provide a player with a competitive advantage. Shouldn’t we say that the Seahawks Super Bowl victory was tainted?

I believe that most fans give other clubs a pass when they cheat. Look at the Atlanta Falcons who pumped noise into their stadium. That gave them a competitive advantage. I could go on and on but the criticism by football fans regarding the New England Patriots is unjustified, ridiculous and an outright joke.

I believe the only reason football fans are so upset with the Patriots is because they are jealous of the Patriots and their success.

If it was their team that were winners like the Patriots and they did what the Pats have been accused of doing, they wouldn’t care. That’s why I think all this coverage of Deflategate has been blown way out of proportion.

It really has been much ado about nothing!

Tom Brady - Deflategate

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