Friday, January 16, 2015

MEN'S Hockey Day Minnesota

Fox Sports North calls this Saturday Hockey Day Minnesota and they are the network that has the coverage of the day, airing live High School, College and NHL games from the state of hockey.

The name "Hockey Day Minnesota" is misleading. The network focuses on men. The women in our state are relegated to second, even third tier status. Parents in Minnesota should be disgusted with the network and the fact that it won't air a live women's hockey game.

Thanks Fox Sports for doing women in Minnesota a great favor by airing a high school women's hockey game at 11:00 PM Saturday night and that game will be a replay from earlier int he day. The network is definitely covering the men's game and they do it well but wouldn't it be great exposure if the network aired a women's high school or college hockey game.

The Minnesota Women's Golden Gophers are ranked second in the nation. They are an exciting team to watch. So why does Fox Sports refuse to air a women's game? Ratings you might be saying? I think that the women's Golden Gophers would do well.

I would love to be able to sit and watch a live women's hockey game with my daughters on Fox Sports North. I think it would help grow their interest in women's hockey. At least they would be able to relate to women hockey players.

Instead, my daughters are left to feel like Fox Sports North views their sports as CRAP and INFERIOR. That is the message that the network seems to be conveying.

We'll have to see how many featured stories, if any at all that have women as the featured hockey player during the day. The network focuses on men and women are left to wonder why they are not considered important in the state of hockey.

Women's hockey has come a long way in Minnesota. It is one the best states for women to play hockey in. That's great but I believe that it's despite Fox Sports North. That's sad and I believe it's an indictment on the network.

I can go on and on and on ranting about how pathetic Fox Sport's coverage is but it will only make me angrier than I already am. I can't call the network's coverage good. The network is covering only one gender on Saturday.

It's sad because Fox Sports North has an opportunity to showcase the women's game but I beleive that the network has chosen to brush women's hockey aside. It's really pathetic in my opinion.

Well, that's enough of my ranting. I will continue to write a scathing article regarding Fox Sports every year until they do the right thing and air a women's game live. What are you waiting for Fox Sports North? Why don't you care about women's hockey Fox Sports North?

Fox Sports North

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

John Harbaugh is a Cry Baby Like His Brother Jim

Autographed John Harbaugh Photograph - 8x10 Psa dna #t77588Jim Harbaugh is not only a poor sport and sore loser but he's also a cry baby like his brother Jim. Jim Harbaugh whined and complained after the San Francisco 49ers lost to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. Jim was upset that the officials didn't call a holding penalty on the team's final offensive series.

After Saturday's heartbreaking loss to the New England Patriots, the Baltimore Raven's coach called the ingenious, creative and awesome plays by the Patriots "clearly deception".

Crybaugh was referring to a big play after a New England substitution, where a tight end declared himself ineligible to the officials. Since the Patriots had 5 tight ends lined up.

Harbaugh said his defense was confused. Harbaugh also insinuated that the play was illegal and hoped that the NFL would review the so called deceptive substitution(s). Harbaugh ran on to the field after the play and was flagged 15 yards.

The NFL did review the game tape and ruled that the substitutions were legal. That ruling was a no-brainer. Whah Whah Whah John. Just because his defense was confused doesn't make the play illegal

Instead of acting like an adult and a sportsman, Harbaugh showed his true personality, the Harbaugh personality. That personality is one that is akin to being a poor sport and blaming others for his own failures.

The New England Patriots won the game fair and square. There were some trick plays but they were legal. Harbaugh is upset that Bill Belichick out coached him. Belichick is a master of coaching and John could learn a lot from him.

It's really getting old listening to the Harbaughs whine and cry after losing a close game. It's getting old blaming the other team and the officials. These coaches make NFL fans hate their teams. Who wants to route for a team where their coach is poor sport and a complete and utter bone head?

Not only was John Harbaugh a cry baby, he was also wrong. The substitutions were legal. So Harbaugh made an ass of himself. His behavior was terrible and he had no reason to act like he did.

Maybe Harbaugh should have focused his anger on his quarterback Joe Flacco who threw two interceptions, Flacco couldn't get it done when it counted!

John Harbaugh

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Minnesota Wild Make Corey Crawford Look Great

Signed Corey Crawford Photo - 11X14 JSA G41280Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford made 42 saves and single handedly crushed Minnesota’s hopes of winning a much needed game in attempt to crawl out of the funk that they find themselves in.

The question that I’m asking myself right now is if Crawford played outstanding or if the Wild are inept and couldn't find a way to score a couple of more goals?

Minnesota Makes Opposing Goalies Look Great

I think that most of the credit for Crawford’s performance should be attributed to the Minnesota Wild and their inability to score goals in this game and during this losing streak. At the start of the season, the Wild did a much better job scoring goals.

Now the Wild look like their previous selves, which is a team that pepper’s their opponent in net but magically and inexplicably can’t score. The Wild had a couple of can’t miss opportunities but hit the pipeandf made Corey look amazing.

This has been the formula for losses in more than just a few games this season. I could make a list of goalies that the Wild made look like future hall of famers but I won’t do that. It would take me too long to do so.

Not Only Top goalies that Crush the Wild

It’s not only top rated goalies that the Wild have made look great. They've made backups, newbies and goalies who have struggled up to the time of the game against them, look like standouts.

At some point the Minnesota Wild has to face facts that it’s not only their goaltending that’s letting this team down, it’s also the inconsistency in scoring goals every night that is also hurting this team.

Many NHL experts have commented on the Wild’s great improvement in scoring goals this season and while their has been good improvement in this area the Minnesota Wild ranks 15th in goals per game, scoring 2.74 goals per contest. That’s smack dab in the middle of the pack and not good enough for a team that needs to find ways to win games.

A Lot of Blame to Go Around

Now it’s true that the Wild’s goaltending has dropped off significantly from last season. The Wild were in the top seven in goals against last season and now they are in the bottom ten this season. It’s true that great goaltending could counter the team’s inability to score goals at times this season but putting all the pressure on the goalie hasn't worked in previous seasons (prior to 2013-14).

If the Wild were scoring tons of goals and their goalies were losing games, I would be putting all the blame on the goalies (who do deserve a lot of blame this season).

Blaming only the goalies is letting the team’s forwards and defenseman off the hook and while the Wild have been hammered by injuries and illnesses, the fact that they could only muster two goals when having 35+ shots in a game is horrid. If this was the first time this season where that happened, I wouldn’t be writing this article but it has happened multiple times before.

While many experts and analysts think the Wild outplayed and should have won the game last night against Chicago, the truth of the matter is that only one statistic counts and that’s the amount of goals that a team scores.

The Wild need to focus on outscoring their opponent and not just out shooting them.

This season is turning into a nightmare. There was so much promise for this club entering the 2014-15 campaign and the season is slowly evaporating away. The Wild can turn this around by winning games but it will be an uphill battle.

The team will need good goaltending but they will also need to score more than one or two goals in a game to have a chance at making the playoffs.

Corey Crawford

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I'm Sick of the Dallas Non-Call Penalty Talk

Dallas Cowboys Football HelmetI’m sick of everyone making more of the penalty non-call in the Detroit vs Dallas Wild Card game. I’m sick of the talk because even if a penalty should have been called, it did not decide the game. A game is 60 minutes long and we are assuming that the Detroit Lions would have scored a touchdown or even a field goal after that play.

Anything could have happened after that non-call had a penalty in fact been called. I will address why Detroit wasn't robbed and why the Cowboys won the game fair and square.

To focus on this one play doesn't do justice to the game as a whole and the events that preceded it.

Ndamukong Suh shouldn't have been allowed to play

Ndamukong Suh had two critical sacks in the Wild card game against the Dallas Cowboys. He was a key player for the Detroit Lions defense. So is it fair to say that without Suh, the Lions might not have been as competitive as they? I think that’s correct.

In the days leading up to the big game, Suh was suspended for a dirty play on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. That suspension was overturned by Ted Cottrell, the NFL’s appeals officer. Cottrell offered a pathetic reasoning for his reversal and seemed to indicate that suspending Suh wouldn’t be fair to Suh’s teammates.

That’s bogus. Who cares what the consequences would have been to his teammates. When a piece of garbage player tries to injure another player he should be suspended.

By allowing Suh to play, talk about pivotal plays or non-calls should be thrown out the window. If Detroit had won, we could say that allowing Suh to play caused Dallas to lose and that’s unfair. So Dallas deserved to win because they overcame the odds of facing Suh.

Other non-calls or bad balls could be considered game changers as well

There were other questionable calls in Sunday’s Wild Card game. I won’t rehash all of them but it’s safe to say that the Detroit Lions were the beneficiaries of a number of poor calls and one non-called running into the punter penalty that went their way.

So you could say that Dallas was robbed a number of times. That one non-call Pass interference penalty, even if you think it should have been called was not the game changer or the pivotal play. It was only one play in a long game.

I’m sick of Detroit Lions fans focusing on that one play and not the entirety of the game or the events preceding it. I think that it was justice that the officials decided not to call a pass interference penalty. It was JUSTICE against a team that had a player get away from facing a one game suspension for a dirty play against an elite quarterback.

Multiple penalties could have been called on the pass interference non-Call

Let’s focus on the pass interference non-call that was originally called a pass interference penalty. There could have been three or even four penalties that were called.

The officials missed a holding the penalty call on Hitchens since he held on to Pettigrew’s jersey. The officials missed that call.

After the play continued, there was a potential pass interference penalty that was initially called but later picked up. Was Hichens interfering with a Pettigrew? I think he was but Pettigrew held on to his face mask, so that should have been offensive pass interference as well.

The potential penalties against both teams that weren't called would have offset and the teams would have replayed the third down with one yard to go. We don’t know what would have happened on that play, do we?\

There is also talk of not flagging Dez Bryant who came off the field to argue the pass interference penalty without a helmet. That is a subjective penalty as well and I’m fine with the officials not flagging Bryant.

I think that we should take a look at the game as a whole when deciding if the Lions were shafted. I think that the right team won the game and that it was a fair outcome. If Detroit Lions fans think otherwise, they are just focusing on one play and one part of it and not being objective.

It’s easy for me to be objective. I don’t like either team. I do think it’s hilarious how the Lions and their fans are whining about the game. The more they do that, the more I like the outcome of the non-call and the outcome of the game!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Skip Bayless Might Be Right About Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel Signed Photo - 11x14 PSA R77838Skip Bayless of ESPN called Cleveland quarterback Johnny Manziel an “alcoholic liar”. He was criticized by at least one writer for using the word alcoholic to describe Manziel but I think he’s on to something. Keep in mind that this writer has about two to three drinks a year, so maybe an alcoholic to me is a casual drinker to others.

Party Animal

let’s look at Johnny boy. Johnny has loved the sauce and partying since his college days. He loves to make a complete and utter fool of himself. When he drinks it up, he brushes it off as a young man wanting to have fun.

That might have been OK when he was in college but now he is a professional football player whose team is looking for him to be their future. Quarterbacks are expected to lead by example and to have a great work ethic. Johnny rather party it up and drink like there’s no tomorrow rather than put in the time needed for him to improve his craft.

I believe that the fact that Johnny is still a party animal is a sign that he may have a problem. He might be chalking it up to being young but at some point the will have to look in the mirror and decide if he has the ability to focus on the job he’s been hired to do or if the party lifestyle is to fun for him to give up.

Late for Work

If being a party freak was all that the team had to worry about they might be able to stomach it little bit more and work with the guy and encourage him to focus of football. The problem is that Manziel missed  a walk-through prior to game 16 this past weekend. He was allegedly partying the night before.

His name is Johnny football isn’t it? Maybe it should be Johnny Drunk instead.
Partying and missing work are indicative of a major drinking problem for Johnny. That’s why I think that Skip Bayless is on to something here. Bayless is right. There are major issues with Manziel and they seem to stem from drinking.

For Johnny’s sake, I hope that he’s able to look at himself in the mirror and admit that he has a problem. If he can do that and get help for his drinking and partying, he will be able to focus on football.

Unless Manziel is able to admit and be truthful to himself that partying and drinking excessively prior to work day is a problem, he will spiral out of control and out of the NFL. The Cleveland Browns are watching his every move. They want to see how he handles this offseason.

If all Manziel does is drink and party and doesn't take the offseason seriously and act like a professional and leader of the Browns, he will find himself off their roster.

Other NFL teams are watching his every move as well. If things don’t work out for him in Cleveland and he is perceived as a problem and ship wreck, those other teams won’t want him on their rosters either.

The fact that Manziel is drinking, partying and being late for work means that his drinking is a problem and out of control. If most of us did that, our companies/bosses would show us the door. Johnny has a problem and it must be addressed now!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ndamukong Suh Stomps on Aaron Rodgers

UPDATE: Ndamukong Suh has been suspended for the playoff opener against the Dallas Cowboys. I'm surprised but very happy that the NFL did the right thing by suspending Suh. This is a big blow to the Lions and a lesson to the Lions. play thugs and you will pay the price!
Ndamukong "I'm a piece of horse manure" Suh was at his dirty best yesterday in Green Bay. Suh stomped on Aaron Rodger's foot, initially accidentally but appeared to intentionally take another step backwards in an attempt to injure the elite quarterback.

Suh has a history of dirty play and I refuse to give him the benefit of the doubt that this incident was purely accidental. I believe that Suh intentionally tried to hurt Aaron Rodgers. I believe that Suh is a disgusting and dirty piece of garbage player that doesn't deserve to play in the NFL.

The NFL has given this animal chance after chance and the guy still hasn't learned his lesson. The only way for cow dung like Suh to learn their lesson is by being suspended and I hope in this case it's for a very long time. Suh is the poster child for players who play the game dirty and have no respect for their fellow players.

Suh plays on a Detroit team that embraces dirty play. They might have a different coach this year (Jim Caldwell) but it's apparent to me that the team still has the same mentality and that's trying to go out of their way to seriously injure opposing players.

Suh should not be allowed to take the field again. I've said that before. He will seriously injure an opponent in the future if he is allowed to continue to be thug.

Jim Caldwell should also be suspended. He is obviously allowing his players to do what they do best and that's stomping on players who are on the ground. If Caldwell can't control his wild players he shouldn't be allowed on the sidelines either.

The Detroit lions have been allowed to continue their dirty play for a number of seasons. They know they can get away with their behavior with a minor fine. They are not be being held accountable for their actions and they know that a slap on the wrist is all that will be metered out by the NFL.

I hope that I'm wrong and that the NFL does suspend the disgusting Suh but I'm not confident that they will.

The NFL claims that they care about player safety. If that's true, they will suspend Suh for intentionally trying to injure an elite NFL quarterback.

It's time for the NFL to take a stand against Suh and his thug teammates by handing out a serious suspension and one that will not only hurt Suh in his pocketbook but also hurt his playing time. That's the only way to get through the thick skull of the piece of garbage dirty human being!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vikings Block Punt Their Way To Victory Over Carolina Panthers

Teddy Bridgewater Minnesota Vikings 2014 NFL Action PhotoFor a team that hadn't returned a blocked punt for a TD in nearly 30 years, the Minnesota Vikings blocked two punts in the first half for touchdowns (TDs) on their way to a 31-13 rout of the visiting Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers came into the game with a 3-7-1 record and they couldn't get much going on Sunday. If they've been cold this season they froze in the Tundra of TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The temperature was around 12 degrees at game time but it felt more like 5 below zero.

The Vikings took advantage of the lowly Panthers and their mistake oriented game and while Carolina mounted an attack early in the second half, the Vikings shut them down for most of the game, especially when it counted.

Improved Teddy Bridgewater and Offense

Teddy had a much better game. Due to the two blocked punts, Teddy didn't have the ball as much as he would normally have had in the first half but he did play well when he had the ball.

Teddy didn't make many mistakes on Sunday and his throws were more accurate. Teddy finished the game with 138 yards passing and two TDs. He also threw 15 completions on 21 attempts. The good news is that Teddy didn't throw any interceptions.

The offensive line still has work to do but the Vikes only gave up three sacks. All in all the offense looked better this week and hopefully we'll see continued improvement from Bridgewater and company.

Defense Yields Only 13 Points

The Vikings defense has been the strong part of the team this season and things didn't charge much on Sunday. While the Vikings gave up a few big plays they held their own for the most part yielding only two field goals and a TD.

I was really impressed with Everson Griffen today. Griffen had two sacks as well as recovering one of the blocked punts for a TD. Everson is having a good year and is a big surprise to me.

Before the season started I criticized the Vikings for signing Griffen to an extension that I thought was obscene. Everson is proving me wrong this season.

Xavier Rhodes is another player that made a couple of big plays and he's becoming Mr. Reliable on the defense.

Blocked Punts Ruled the Day

As well as I thought that both the offense and defense played today, I thought that the two blocked punts that were returned for TDs were the game changers. They ignited the Vikings in the first half and they set the tone for the remainder of the game.

It was nice to see the Vikings make some huge plays on special teams and they finally broke through with some blocked punts and TDs!

The Vikings won't make the playoffs this season but I'm looking for them to make improvements in their remaining games. If they can finish 8-8 I will be happy.