Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adrian Peterson Plays His Cards Poorly - The Hammer Strikes

Roger Goodell Autographed Photo - 8x10 COMMISSIONER RARE PSA DNAThe NFL acted swiftly and harshly today and Adrian Peterson (AP) was dealt a severe blow and will not be playing football this season (unless he wins an appeal). I can't stop laughing. Adrian Peterson isn't the brightest bulb in the room but he is a brutal one and he was dealt a severe and harsh punishment.

Soon I will get to his punishment (laid out below on how he played his cards poorly) but I am happy that he was punished for his brutal beating of one of his sons that left the boy with bruises.

This story isn't about due process and all the other BS that some people are talking about. This is not about the inconsistency in Roger Goodell handing out punishments. It's about a pompous man who thought that he was more powerful and smarter than everyone else.

The legal system did nothing to punish AP. What he thought was left was for the NFL to be forced to doing nothing more to him as far as discipline is concerned, That is why today's events put a smile on my face. One way or another, fair or not fair Adrian Peterson received justice. Yes Sir!

AP gambled and lost and I love it.

Adrian Peterson Pleaded Guilty

Adrian Peterson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor in regards to his child abuse case. Allegedly AP's lawyers did not want him to plead but AP wanted to get back on the field. He thought he would be right back in his purple uniform and on the field with his Minnesota Vikings teammates.

When AP's legal case was completed, Roger Goodell and the NFL refused to take him off the commissioner's exempt list. AP and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) quickly objected and said they were appealing the case (that ended up being heard by an arbitrator on Monday).

Adrian Peterson was flexing his muscles and he thought that his maneuvering alongside his union would yield positive results.

You'll see later that this strategy didn't work and that AP would have been better off going to trial.

AP Refused to Show Up to NFL Disciplinary Meeting

Last Friday Adrian Peterson refused to show up to a meeting with Roger Goodell in regards to a disciplinary hearing. AP released a statement that he did not agree to the meeting because it was unfair and that the NFL was not following rules agreed to by the NFL and the NFLPA.

I didn't think that this was a good move at the time. I probably was the only one. I thought at the time that it was too big a gamble. I knew that the NFL would hand out a punishment (with or without his participation) and if he lost his appeal hearing in regards to fighting not being taken off the commissioner's exempt list that he would be dealt a severe blow.

So the gambler went all in and as you know by now he lost but we will get to that in a bit.

NFL Suspends Adrian Peterson

On Tuesday Adrian Peterson was suspended without pay for the remainder of the season. AP will not be allowed to file for reinstatement until April of 2015 and even then he isn't guaranteed be allowed back at that time.

While a suspension was likely, few people thought that the NFL would issue such a harsh penalty. I believe that Roger Goodell gave AP a severe punishment due to AP snubbing him and refusing to show up to his disciplinary meeting.

I believe that Roger Goodell thinks that he is a king that is immune to being accountable to his superiors and the NFL's fan base. I think Roger has the ego the size of the universe.

So, on Tuesday Roger flexed his muscles and they proved to be mightier than AP's.

This was the second way that AP played his cards (hand) poorly but AP still had the hope and I'm sure the belief that NFL Arbitrator Shyam Das would rule in his favor and that the NFL would be forced to remove him from the NFL's exemption list.

Adrian will appeal the decision and the NFLPA wants an independent party to handle the appeal. Good luck with that.

Shyam Das Rules in Favor of the NFL

Not long after Roger Goodell handed out his punishment to Adrian Peterson, NFL Arbitrator Shyam Das ruled that the NFL could keep Adrian Peterson on the commissioner's exempt list. That decision dealt a huge blow to Adrian Peterson and the NFLPA.

This means that AP will remain on the list and will be barred from playing while his appeal is heard. Ha ha ha ha. Talk about losing big time. He pleadrd to a misdemeanor hoping to play this season. Then he missed a disciplinary hearing and put all his eggs in the arbitrator's basket.

Adrian is a big loser today. Adrian Peterson probably won't reflect on his situation. If he was smart he would take the time to everything that Goodell laid out for him so he could return to the field as soon as possible.

AP must be fuming and his hatred for Roger Goodell must be huge but that hatred will get him nowhere quickly.

The events of today might not seem fair to players and fans. Many people will say that Roger Goodell has been inconsistent and made things up as he's gone along. I think that's true but I also think that players should realize that they are gambling with their futures when they take on the mighty NFL, especially when they've done heinous things that could damage the NFL.

Adrian was powerless in taking on the NFL. He bought into his union's claim that the NFL was not upholding their part of the bargain when it came to the commissioner's exempt list but an NFL arbitrator didn't see it that way.

The NFLPA thought that it knew everything and led the public to believe they had a slam dunk case. They didn't and their handling of Adrian Peterson's case was terrible. They counseled AP to refuse to show up to his disciplinary hearing. Now AP is suspended without pay for the remainder of the season.

AP played his cards (hand) poorly and got obliterated!

Adrian Peterson

Do you agree with the NFL's handling of Adrian Peterson

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Monday, November 17, 2014

NFL Recap - Week #11- 2014 Season

Autographed Aaron Rodgers Photo - 8x10How is it that Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals can be so terrible one week and then rebound to demolish the New Orleans Saints the next week in New Orleans? If I had the answer to that question I could make a boat load in Vegas.

Cincinnati isn't the only team that shows NFL fans that anything can happen from week to week in this league. A team might look atrocious one week and then look like a Super Bowl contender the next week.

The same is true about a team that looks great one week and then looks like a Pop Warner one the following week.

This is what makes the NFL exciting. It's hard to predict which team will win and most fans are looking for a few teams to separate themselves from the pack and emerge as contenders.

Besides the New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers, it's a complete grab bag when it comes to nailing down a playoff berth. For NFL fans that uncertainty is sure to make for some great football down the stretch.

Buffalo Bills 9 at Miami Dolphins 22
Buffalo - Our man Orton didn't hear a who but he did feel the brutality of the Dolphins defense.
Miami - Our slogan for this season is...Yes we can.

San Francisco 49ers 16 at New York Giants 10
San Francisco - So we intercept Eli five times and we only score 16 points? Where's Alex when we need him?
New York - You want a win? Then we should be on your team's schedule. You want a good QB? Then go get my brother.

Denver Broncos 7 at St. Louis Rams 22
Denver - This is a minor setback. Now I'm ticked off and I wouldn't want to be the next team that plays against me.
St. Louis - We are the spoilers. We are the spoilers. Have fun playing is you chumps.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 at the Washington Football Team 7
Tampa Bay - Washington is a terrible team and we should know it because we are the definition of a terrible team.
Washington - If my teammates did their job maybe we could win games. There's only one superstar on this team and it's me, RG3. There's no friction in the locker room. Didn't you see how great a leader I am?

Cincinnati Bengals 27 at New Orleans Saints 10
Cincinnati - Can we play against Rob Ryan's defense every week? They sure make me look good.
New Orleans - Can we play against our defense every week? Maybe we would have a winning record if we did.

Atlanta Falcons 19 at Carolina Panthers 17
Atlanta - We're tied for first in our division baby. Here we come!
Carolina - Ha ha ha ha ha. Yes we're laughing at our pathetic selves.

Seattle Seahawks 20 at Kansas City Chiefs 24
Seattle - Where's Golden Tate. Oh yeah. Where's Percy? Oh yeah.
Kansas City Chiefs - And the experts said this would be a bad year for us. That shows how little those guys know.

Houston Texans 23 at Cleveland Browns 7
Houston - We're .500! We're .500!
Cleveland - The real Browns showed up on Sunday. Yes we did!

Minnesota Vikings 13 at Chicago Bears 21
Minnesota - You know how bad we are? We just lost to the Bears.
Chicago - We found a team we can beat. Now Cutler is confident. Ha ha ha ha.

Oakland Raided 6 at San Diego Chargers 13
Oakland - Yes we are playing for the number one pick. At least that's our excuse for being so bad.
San Diego - It doesn't take much to beat those guys does it?

Detroit Lions 6 at Arizona 14
Detroit - Just when the experts were calling us a contender we go and lay an egg.
Arizona - We've got more in the tank and we're going to take it out on you!

Philadelphia Eagles 20 at Green Bay Packers 53
Philadelphia - We're not so good after all.
Green Bay - I don't think there's any way you can stop our guy Aaron Rodgers. You can double check that if you want.

New England Patriots 42 and Indianapolis Colts 20
New England - Let's be honest. Bill is a genius. Brady is still great and we keep getting better and better.
Indianapolis - Don't worry Andrew, you'll get your chance to beat Tom Brady...when he's 50.

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 at Tennessee Titans 24
Pittsburgh - How many quarters does it take to beat the Titans? According to ESPN analyst Steve Young, only a quarter and a half,
Tennessee - You can see why we're 2-8.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Minnesota Vikings Were Pathetic on Sunday

Minnesota Vikings Speed Football HelmetThe Minnesota Vikings came out strong in the first quarter and took a 10-0 lead against one of the worst teams in the NFC on Sunday in Chicago. Then everything fell apart. The Vikings embarrassed themselves by playing one of their worst games this season.

I will not give any credit to the Chicago Bears. Jay Cutler is a terrible quarterback and so is their entire team. The Vikings handed the Bears the game by playing poorly.

No sense of urgency

The Vikings didn't play with any emotion or a sense of urgency. They were lethargic and they had trouble making plays both on offense and defense.

This was a winnable game. The Vikings played a weak opponent that was reeling. Their fans were booing them after the Vikes took a 10-0 lead. So what did the Vikings do in that situation? Did they go for the jugular? Did they take advantage of their opportunity?

No they didn't take advantage of the situation? They looked like they were going through the motions. This is professional football and even bad teams will make you pay if you let-up. That's what Jay "Mr. Interception" Cutler did.

Vikings defense was horrid

When things have been going poorly on offense this season the Vikings defense has stepped up. On Sunday the Vikings defense allowed Jay Cutler and the Chicago offense to run all over them.

The Vikings never adjusted to Chicago's play calling. Chicago was able to run the same plays all game long without much of a push back by the Vikings. It was a frustrating game for this Vikings fan to watch.

This was a game that the Vikings should have won. The problem was that this team looked unprepared for the challenge of winning at Soldier Field.

If the Bears were a good team I could try and stomach this loss but I don't respect the Bears or their quarterback. So I can't stomach this loss.

The whole team played poorly

If I think that the Vikings defense was horrid today, the offense was equally as bad if not worse. The Vikings were unable to mount much of an attack all game long. The offensive line was pathetic again on Sunday.

Teddy Bridgewater was unable to move this team for most of the game and the Vikings do not have a reliable running game.

This loss is not solely on Teddy. It took the whole team to stink up the field. This loss is on the whole team.

When you don't have any part of your team playing well, you can't win. The defense has won us some games this season but they were non-existent against the Bears.

The offense could have taken advantage of terrible Bears team but they were non-existent as well.

If we're honest with ourselves, we know the Vikings played a terrible game when the washed up Jared Allen had a good game!

This was a game that I want to forget about. Right now that is hard to do. I'm mad at the poor effort by my favorite football team.

There's not much more that I can say. This was a terrible game!


Vikings Lose to Bears

What word best describes the Vikings loss to the Bears?

All of the above

Monday, November 3, 2014

NFL Recap - Week #9- 2014 Season

Ben Roethlisberger Autographed Photo - 8x10Like previous weeks in the NFL, week number nine showed us that it's very hard to predict which teams will win from week to week. As WCCO reporter Pat Kessler said it, some call it parody but it could also be mediocrity. Well that's basically what Kessler said and I agree with him.

It doesn't matter what you call it. It makes for exciting football. It also makes for some frustrating football if you're in a pick'em.

Now let's get to the recap.

New Orleans Saints 28 at Carolina Panthers 10
New Orleans - We won the battle of the duds and we did it on the road.
Carolina - We've got some major issues but thankfully we play in the worst division in the NFL.

Washington Football Team 26 at Minnesota Vikings 29
Washington - Can we buy a win? Really, can we?
Minnesota - Matt Asiata baby! Asiata!

San Diego Chargers 0 at Miami Dolphins 37
San Diego - Talk about going downhill quickly.
Miami - We love doughnuts and our opponent put a big fat one up on Sunday.

Jacksonville Jaguars 23 at Cincinnati Bengals 33
Jacksonville - We scored 23 points? Yesss!
Cincinnati - Yes! We can win the easy ones.

New York Jets 10 at Kansas City Chiefs 24
New York - OK, you've figured out our secret. We're trying very hard to get Rex and Idzik fired but our owner is a moron.
Kansas City Chiefs - It's nice to play teams like the Jets.

Philadelphia Eagles 31 at Houston Texans 21
Philadelphia - You see? I can still play this game. What do you have in New York?
Houston - So whose fault is that we suck this year? Who's the scapegoat?

Arizona Cardinals 28 at Dallas Cowboys 17
Arizona - It doesn't matter which quarterback plays for them. We still would have won the game.
Dallas - So you though we were the best team in the NFC? LOL!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17 at Cleveland Browns 22
Tampa Bay - This is getting old. We can't even beat the Browns.
Cleveland - That's because we're not the old browns and you are the new Cleveland Browns.

St. Louis Rams 13 at San Francisco 10
St. Louis - They tried. They really did but they ran into a wall called the St. Louis defense. It also helped that Kaepernick fumbled but that's another story.
San Francisco - The Rams are who we knew they were...an opportunistic team.

Oakland Raiders 24 at Seattle Seahawks 30
Oakland - Soon we will have the number one pick. At least something good will come from this season.
Seattle - Had we played any other team, including the Jaguars we would have lost. OK. It's a stretch regarding the Jaguars. We would have beaten them.

Denver Broncos 21 at New England Patriots 43
Denver - I think there's enough proof that I can't win in the cold but our defense sucks!
New England - It's going to really suck when they have to come here for the playoffs. You think it was cold on Sunday? Think how cold it will be in January.

Baltimore Ravens 23 at Pittsburgh Steelers 43
Baltimore - We tried to knock Roethlisberger’s head off. Suggs tried to paralyze a guy. Heck we tried to kill them and we still got blown out.
Pittsburgh - Big Ben’s favorite number is six as in six touchdowns two weeks in a row.

Indianapolis Colts 40 at New York Giants 24
Indianapolis - Did you see that Giants defense? They were spectators watching us run all over the field. I sure hope that they like what they were watching. They sure had a good view.
New York - We were exposed for the terrible team that we are.

Worst Team in the NFL

Which team is the worst in the NFL?

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rapid Fire Sports Review for Sunday November 2nd

Rapid Fire Sports Review is a brief commentary on the stories that I find most interesting during the day.

I'm back with another Rapid Fire Sports Review. I wasn't going to write a Rapid Fire today since my day was consumed with following and commenting on the Minnesota Vikings.

Here I am and you can sit back and read my commentaries on my favorite or most interesting stories of the week.

The Butt Fumbler

Mark Sanchez got his shot at playing in the Philadelphia Eagles/Houston Texans game when Nick Foles was injured. My first thought when I heard that Foles was injured and Sanchez was in the game was "Oh no...this can't be happening".

Mark Sanchez threw for two touchdowns and led the Eagles to the victory over the Texans. Sanchez did play well, especially since he hadn't played in a regular season game since 2012.

In typical Sanchez fashion he was unable to end the day with more touchdowns than interceptions. Sanchez had two of each.

The Eagles haven't elaborated on the extent of the injury to Foles and how many games he will miss. If I were an Eagles fan I wouldn't too happy that Sanchez will take the reign while Foles is sidelined.

If you're a fan of a team who will play Philadelphia you're probably jumping for joy. Will we see more butt fumbling type plays from Sanchez? It's quite possible.

Please Allow me to Plea

Adrian pleaded not guilty in his child abuse case. Some people thought he would fight this thing to the end but that could mean him missing a whole season, going to jail and then facing a suspension from the NFL.

If he enters a plea to lesser charges there's no guarantee that he will play this year but he would likely avoid jail time.

I would like to see Peterson do some jail time but there is a good chance that a Texas jury would find him not guilty. So a plea deal might be the best outcome here. I would like to see him receive some significant probation time if he does enter into a plea deal and doesn't do any jail time. It would also be nice if he was barred from having contact with the child he abused.


With the San Francisco 49ers inches away from winning the football game against the St. Louis Rams, Colin Kaepernick fumbled the ball on the goal line and with that the 49ers lost another game.

Colin was once considered the savior for the 49ers but I think his play continues to decline. I don't think he is the dominant player we saw in his first year under center with the 49ers where he took them to the Super Bowl.

With the loss, I also believe that John Harbaugh is one game closer to being fired. The 49ers are making their chances of making the playoffs very hard.

Harbaugh banked his team's success with Kaepernick and while it's not all Kaepernick's fault that the team is losing, he isn't a quarterback that teams fear.

Rapid Fire for Sunday

What story interested you the most?

Butt Fumbler
Please Allow me to Plea
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Scoring Bonanza at TCF Bank Stadium - Vikings Win

Teddy Bridgewater 2014 Panini National VIP Rookie JERSEY PATCH Cracked Ice 14/25The Minnesota Vikings overcame and early 10-0 deficit to the Robert Griffin III (RG3) led Washington Football Team to win the game in the final minute on a Matt Asiata touchdown (his third).

The game was exciting and came down to the wire. There were some questionable calls by the officials today. The most egregious was a roughing the passer penalty on the Vikings when they seemed to stop Washington.

The ref claimed that RG3 was struck in the head but replay showed that wasn't true. It was a bogus call that put Washington in the lead and made the game closer than it should have been.

Minnesota had all the momentum at that point and it was almost completely sucked out of them. To the credit of the Vikings offense they didn't let up and kept the pressure on Washington's defense.

The defense also held its own at the end by stopping Washington with just over a minute left in the game.

Vikings Offense Shines in Win

I have to compliment the offensive line for the Vikings. I've been on their case all season long. Teddy hasn't had time to throw the ball and he's been sacked multiple times a game as well as being hurried all game long.

Today was different. Teddy had time to make plays and was only sacked twice. The offense did their part in aiding Matt Asiata to score three touchdowns (TD).

Asiata's last TD was scored with 1:09 left in the game. That sealed the victory for the Minnesota Vikings. Asiata also rushed for a two point conversion after the touchdown.

Jerrick McKinnon rushed for the most yards for the Vikings but it was Aiata who got the call on short yardage situations for the offense.

Teddy Bridgewater is the player that made the most strides today. After being criticized for not moving the ball consistently, Teddy led the Vikings on four touchdown drives. Teddy and the Vikings offense scored the most points offensively since week #4.

It's hard to tell if the offense has found its stride. Washington has given up tons of points this season. I don't want to discount the effort that the offense put forth. I'll take 29 points all day long.

Vikings Defense Does its Job

While the Vikings defense gave up the most points since week #5, they did what they needed to do to win the game. That was especially evident on Washington's last drive (discounting them having the ball with 12 seconds left in the game).

The defense was all over RGIII. They sacked him 5 times and also had one interception (Captain Munnerlyn).

The defense played well in this game but they did have some collapses and that almost cost the Vikings the game.

The defense can usually be counted on to keep this team in the game. That's due the Vikings having had trouble scoring more than 17 points in a game. Today the offense scored 29 points and that was barely enough for the defense to hold on for the win.

I'm not too concerned with defense. They have played well all year and I think they are still the strongest part on this team.


This might have been the most impressive game that the team played this season. In the fourth quarter when the offense had to counter Washington touchdowns, Teddy and his offense did just that. It was an impressive game for the offense.

The defense also held their own at the end of the game. Unlike the prior two weeks in which the defense gave up late fourth quarter touchdowns, this time around the Vikings stopped their opponent on their last meaningful drive.

It was a good ending to an exciting game and it was nice to see our team come away with the win.

This should be a huge confidence builder for Teddy Bridgewater.

My imaginary game balls go to the offensive line, Teddy Bridgewater and Matt Asiata.

Skol Vikings!

Vikings defeat Washington

Who do you think should get the game ball?

Matt Aiata
Teddy Bridgewater
Matt Asiata
Vikings Offense
Vikings Defense
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rapid Fire Sports Review for Saturday November 1st

Rapid Fire Sports Review is a brief commentary on the stories that I find most interesting during the day.

I hope that you've recovered from a busy Halloween of trick-or-treaters. Now you can sit back and read my commentary on the stories I found most interesting today.

The Gambler

The Gambler Thomas Vanek should understand that "You have to know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away. Know when run" (Kenny Rogers, The Gambler). OK. So Vanek isn't that Gambler but he was caught up in a gambling situation.

You know you have a gambling problem when you answer "It’s something I got caught up into" when you're asked if you have a gambling problem. I think he still does. That's my unprofessional opinion.

Vanek reportedly got caught up in gambling and owed thousands of dollars to a man who plead guilty to illegal gambling. Vanek was a witness for the government.

I sure hope that Vanek is taking his gambling issues seriously. Any addiction can harm how you perform in your job. As a Wild fan, I sure hope that Vanek doesn't have a gambling addiction because I believe that Vanek's performance on the ice will suffer if he does.

Driving 101

If you're Emmitt Holt, you should have learned in driving class that you don't hit your passenger after they've exited the vehicle. You should have also learned that you shouldn't drink alcohol when you drive.

Holt hit fellow Indiana basketball player Devin Davis with his car. Davis is in hospital in serious condition with a head injury. Holt was cited for "illegal consumption and operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

In Indiana if you're under the age of 21 you are considered over the limit for consumption of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. Holt apparently had a blood alcohol content of .025.

Law enforcement say he wasn't intoxicated but he was drinking and driving and he is a minor. While the amount of alcohol he consumed might not have been the cause of the incident we won't know if the accident could have been prevented had he not been drinking.

Holt should be banned by the school and the NCAA and receive the stiffest penalty allowed by law. It's stupid to drink and drive. It's stupid for people under the legal age to drink and drive and now Holt should suffer the consequences for being a criminal and an idiot.

I wish Davis a speedy recovery and hope that he is able to lead a healthy and productive life.

Before any one asks if I drank as a minor or if I've ever driven after I consumed alcohol, my answer to both those questions is no.

Chemistry Among Criminals?

Jason Garrett held met with Dez Bryant and Joseph Randle (separately) after a verbal disagreement between the two. The disagreement occurred after a video surfaced that showed Randle making disparaging comments in regards to a couple of teammates.

Randle called out Bryant for hitting his mom and Brent for killing a fellow teammate.

Garrett also met with the rest of the team after he met with Bryant and Randle. I'm sure he wants to make sure that the chemistry in the locker room isn't harmed by this recent incident.

This is what happens when you have a bunch of criminals on your team. When you support an atmosphere of criminal behavior, you get nonsense like this and while the Cowboys seem to have improved greatly this season, you never know when things are going to boil over.

We'll have to see what happens going forward but I do think the best course of action for the Cowboys is to release Randle.

Kings of the Snub

Maryland's three captains refused to shake the hands of Penn State's captains before Saturday's coin toss.

The three men displayed poor sportsmanship. Actually there was a complete lack of sportsmanship and the three men should be stripped of their captaincy.

Maryland should also suspend the players for the remainder of the season. The school needs to instill character among its players and the three men need to be punished for their poor behavior.

Rapid Fire for Saturday

Which story did you find the most interesting?

The Gambler
Driving 101
Chemistry Among Criminals?
Kings of the Snub
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