Monday, April 20, 2015

Minnesota Still Holds Upper Hand in Adrian Peterson Saga

Minnesota Vikings 50x60 Marque Design Fleece BlanketWhile Adrian Peterson (AP) tries to posture and flex his muscle, saying he wants out of Minnesota, I still maintain that he holds almost no leverage. I believe that the Vikings have the upper hand.

It's true that in many cases a disgruntled NFL player can force a trade. Teams don't want the hassle of dealing with an unhappy player or one that will not show up. With that said this isn't one of those cases.

Vikings Have Maintained Their Position

For months, the Vikings have maintained that they won't release Adrian Peterson. They have stated that they want Adrian Peterson to play for the team in 2015.

The Vikings are smart. They had the time to think through their game plan and they are dealing with a player who is delusional.

While I might argue that Peterson brought all this on himself, the fact that the guy hasn't taken responsibility for his actions and realized that he is a player under contract, he has done himself a big disservice  .

By being consistent and not panicking, teams that may be interested in Peterson, haven't found much wiggle room in dealing with the team .

Until recently the Vikings haven't revealed what it would take to trade AP.

Vikings Reveal What Their Selling Price is for Adrian Peterson

Within the last few days the Vikings finally revealed the compensation they want from potential AP trade suitors. As reveals, the Vikings would want at least a first and second round draft pick but prefer a first round pick and a Cornerback (a position the Vikings need to fill).

That's the type of compensation that I believe the team should get. The team shouldn't settle for less. I don't think they have to. If teams want AP, they will fairly compensate the Vikings.

There is only one sticking point and it is a major one AP would also have to agree to take a major pay cut if a team were to cave in to the Vikings demands. I believe that AP would have to take a pay cut of at least two million dollars.

Is he willing to do that? If he's serious about not wanting to play in Minnesota I think he would. Let's see how serious he is.

Fans Have Lost Patience with AP

Minnesota Vikings fans remained loyal and mostly in support of child beating Adrian Peterson. They were willing to forgive AP and move on from the saga.

Then Peterson played the Victim card and blamed the team for throwing him under the bus. Even after his initial bogus comments, fans remained patient but AP and his agent couldn't keep their yaps shut. They continued and continued berating the Vikings and the Twins City community.

Finally fans have had enough and have lost patience with their once beloved king of a player. I say finally because the fan base remained way too patient with the child beater. I thought the team should have played hard ball with this creep the moment he was critical of the team's handling of his situation, one that he created.

Like the fans, the team remained loyal to him and supported him. Fans are sick and tired of AP frivolously criticizing the team. They see what AP is and that's a no good cry baby.

With the fan base becoming increasingly upset with AP, the team's resolve has been strengthened. The fan base seems content with the team not releasing AP or trading him for little compensation. This is one added example how AP's leverage remains next to nothing.

Adrian Peterson Can't Afford to Sit Out another Season

Likely the biggest thing that the Vikings can hold over AP is that AP has already sat out a season and can't afford to sit out another. AP is already 30 and has just sat out season. AP would be sticking a dagger in his career if he were to actually sit out.

For those people saying that AP would be a disruption in the locker room and would be a distraction to the team, I disagree. AP has a chip on his shoulder (right or wrong). He wants to prove to the NFL world that he was slighted and can still perform at the highest level.

If he were too sit out, that would be two consecutive years he hasn't played and he will be 32 entering the 2016 season. If he is a distraction or performs poorly, teams would be reluctant to trade for him and if they did, Peterson's salary would be sure to be greatly reduced.

It seems to me that AP has very little leverage. Even if AP is upset if he has to play in Minnesota next season I'm convinced he will continue to have a good work ethic and give it all he has. He has pride in his craft. It's in his DNA to give a 100% effort on the field every Sunday and in practice.

Adrian Peterson Under Contract With Vikings for Two More Seasons

Finally I want to make one final point why the Vikings have the upper hand and hold most of the leverage when dealing with AP. AP is still under contract until 2017. That's right, the Vikings have the rights to Peterson for two more seasons and if they want to be as petty as AP, they can decide to play hardball with him.

Adrian Peterson should rethink his options. If he continues to act like a poor sport and cry baby, the Vikings will also dig their heels in the sand. AP has far more to lose than the Vikings. Sure they want to get the most bang out of a trade but they are not willing to settle for poor compensation.

Minnesota Vikings

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Minnesota Vikings
Adrian Peterson
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Alex Boone is a Spineless and Gutless Coward

San Francisco 49ers 50x60 Marque Design Fleece BlanketSan Francisco 49ers’ offensive lineman Alex Boone is a gutless and spineless coward. Boone figuratively backstabbed his former coach John Harbaugh and threw him under the bus.

Boone is upset that Harbaugh made him work out and had high expectations of him. He made the guy and his teammates work hard? Wow! What  a bad coach.

Jim Harbaugh’s NFL Coaching record is Stands for Itself

Alex Boone believes that Jim Harbaugh is a good fit for Michigan but not a good NFL coach. Is this guy on drugs or is he having mental health issues? Harbaugh amassed a great record with San Francisco

His teams were winners but it looks like Boone was satisfied with his team's accomplishments and he's really a quitter. How dare Jim have high expectations for his team and want to push them. 

Sure the 49ers won two division titles, reached three consecutive NFC Championships and barely lost a Super Bowl but Harbaugh wanted to win the big game. His goal was winning the Super Bowl and he wanted to push his team until they did that.

If players like Boone couldn't take that, they are not true professionals and are a disgrace to the NFL.

Alex Boone Flip Flops

How can we take this underachieving and spineless player seriously? When news surfaced that Harbaugh's tenure with the 49ers was in jeopardy, Boone defended his coach telling the media that "he does a great job". Now Boone thinks he was bad coach for San Francisco?

When was he being truthful? Was it last year or now? I'm not sure but Boone also said that Harbaugh was "clinically insane". The only one that sounds like they are in need of mental health counseling is Boone.

The guy can't make up how he feels and talks out of both sides of his mouth. If I was one his teammates I would stay as far away from him as possible. The guy might throw me under the bus. One day he might praise me and the next day he might criticize me.

I wouldn't be able to trust a player like Alex Boone. He's a gutless and spineless coward who has no shame in stabbing a former coach in the back when the guy is not around anymore. Why didn't Alex have the guts to make these comments when Harbaugh was still his coach?

Alex Boone took the time to show the NFL who he is. He's a guy that flip flops his comments, is a spineless person and a guy who will turn his back on you the moment your back is towards him or you're out of sight.

Alex is also a guy who detests having to be pushed. He must love the status quo. Is this the type of player you want for your team?

Alex Boone

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Twins Single Season Run Tracker

MLB Minnesota Twins 3-Foot by 5-Foot Banner FlagThe Twins are on a torrid pace to set records this season. Unfortunately for the team and their fans, they aren't the good ones. The Twins are a terrible baseball team and as this season wears on, their fans might be tuning in to see if they set records for least wins in a season or even least runs scored in a season. is tracking the Twins to see if they score the fewest runs in a season.

The fewest runs scored by a team in a Major League Baseball (MLB) season are 372 by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1908. The Cardinals played 154 games that year, meaning they scored 2.42 runs per game.

Heading into this afternoon’s game with the Kansas City Twins, the Twins are on pace to set the MLB single season record for fewest runs.


Will the Twins set the record? We’ll have to see. Visit our Twins Run Tracker page  after every game for an update of the tracker.

Just because our Twins are terrible and will give us very little to cheer about doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun.


Twins Run Tracker

Will the Minnesota Twins set the record for the fewest runs scored in a MLB season?

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sportmentary Interview on Light the Lamp Radio Show

Below is the audio of the interview that our Editor in Chief, Anthony Bloch had with Jake Bartelson of Light the Lamp radio show.

Sportmentary thanks Jake for having Anthony on the show.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let’s Review: Adrian Peterson is Still a Piece of Garbage

Adrian Peterson 2014 ActionI don’t have any respect for Adrian Peterson. Not only did he beat his four year old son but he’s acted like a cry baby since that event occurred. In this world there are some people who take ownership for their actions and try to become better people. Then there are scumbags who blame the world for their misdeeds and play the poor me game.

Adrian falls into the second group. How can we respect a person like this? This is the type of narcissist that you can never please, no matter how hard you try.

Adrian Peterson, through his degenerate agent says that the Minnesota Vikings aren't a good fit for him. He wants the team to release him. Good luck with that AP (Abuse Perpetrator).

Let’s review the facts in this case.

Adrian Peterson Beat His Four Year Old son

Adrian Peterson did what many degenerate people and low lives have done in the past; he abused a defenseless victim. Adrian Peterson in what he calls disciplining his little boy, took a switch (a stick) and beat the boy until he had cuts, bruises and welts all over his body. The beating went so far that it left cuts on the boy’s genitals.

That’s AP’s idea of discipline but it’s my idea of child abuse. There were some people that say that’s how parents discipline their children in Texas. What? So that makes it right. Some things are wrong and just because some idiots discipline their children in this manner does not make it right.

We have come a long way in society. Women and children used to be the property of men. Women used to be disciplined as well. Today that’s called abuse.

How did Adrian Peterson react? He claimed that’s how he was raised. That’s not only a poor excuse but a total cop out. This is the reaction you would expect from a complete and utter low life scumbag.

How Did the Minnesota Vikings React?

Initially the Minnesota Vikings were going to play Adrian Peterson but due to public and corporate pressure they reversed course. The team fully supported Adrian. They did everything so that he could play.

When the NFL that was already reeling from the Ray rice scandal started feeling pressure from their fans, corporate partners and public officials, the Vikings hand was forced.

The team and Adrian agreed. Again, AGREED that the child beater would be placed on the commissioner’s exempt list. During the time that Peterson was on the exempt list, he was PAID by the Minnesota Vikings. Did I mention that this guy was PAID. He was PAID.

The Vikings also publicly stated that they wanted and expected that Adrian Peterson would play for the Vikings in 2015. His teammates, coaches and team ownership supported the child beater.

Even fans that were disgusted and critical of Peterson’s actions were ready to move on and forgive the man. The media in the Twin Cities were even supportive. This team and community fully supported the child beater.

Did the Vikings let down Adrian Peterson? Absolutely not. On the contrary, the team was loyal to the man.

Do the Vikings Have the Upper Hand?

Peterson claims the team let him down and has insinuated that they threw him under a bus when things got tough. His agent wants him out of Minnesota. Adrian is playing the blame game. He hasn't taken responsibility for his disgusting actions.

I think AP is living in a dream land if he thinks the Vikings will just release him. Adrian is under contract and he can’t afford to lose another season by sitting on the sidelines. Peterson has a lot to prove to the world (in his mind) and will work hard to do that, even if he finds himself on the Vikings roster when the regular season starts.

Adrian is posturing but I think that the Vikings should call his bluff. They should retain his services. If he refuses to play, they don’t have to pay him. If he’s a disruption in the locker room they can suspend him without pay.

I know most teams will rid themselves of a disgruntled player but in this case the Vikings should stick to their guns. They should refuse to release him and only trade him if they can get adequate compensation.

This is a business. The Vikings have invested millions of dollars into this guy. Releasing him or receiving inadequate compensation for him would be a lost investment, even if Adrian Peterson is still a piece of garbage!

Adrian Peterson Comments

Have the Vikings Treated Peterson Well?

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

NBA Should Start the Season Earlier Not End Later

Spalding NBA Street Basketball - Official Size 7 (29.5")The NBA is considering extending the season into July in order to space out its 82 game schedule. I don't like this idea. In my opinion it would be basketball overload. The season goes on way too long to begin with, so having the NBA going into summer, might result in many NBA fans may losing interest.

Option 1 - Play Fewer games

The NBA does have the option of playing fewer games but that would be a terrible option and one that the NBA likely not consider a real option. Reducing the number of games played would also reduce the NBA's earnings.

For NBA fans, a reduced schedule would make the league more exciting. Winning a game would be more critical as the teams would have fewer opportunities to make up a loss or a losing streak.

The fans will not be considered under this option because it will not happen. Even the players wouldn't want to earn less money. If the NBA were to choose this option, the owners will surely try to force the players into taking major cuts in pay.

If option one is not a good option what's the alternative to extending the NBA season into July?

Option 2 - Start the Season Earlier

I haven't read that starting the season earlier is an option. The NBA started the 2014-15 season on October 28th. I think that starting the NBA season three to four weeks earlier is better option than extending the season.

The NHL, which also plays an 82 game season that is extremely physical started their season on October 18th. That does mean that the NHL has to start it's exhibition schedule in September but that also means that the NHL season (playoffs) ends in June (first to second week).

I'm not sure if this is an option that owners and players would consider but I personally believe that my option/proposal not only works but is also a better one.

I think that it would solve the NBA's issue of playing too many back to back games and would prevent the possibility of their fans losing interest as the playoffs go into July.

July is summer time and families begin their summer schedules and vacations. If the NBA is worried about stretching their games out as well as maximizing their revenues, they should seriously consider starting their season in early July.

I believe the NBA will opt for extending the season into July. I don't believe that starting the season earlier is even on their radar. That's a shame but I'll have to deal with it.

NBA Regular Season

Which option do you prefer?

Option 1
Option 2
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Friday, February 20, 2015

What Do You Do With Trash? You Throw It In The Garbage – Vikings Should Be Done With Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Vikings PennantWhen you have trash in your house, what do you do? Do you keep it and let it clutter up. Do you let the stink of the garbage fester in your house and back yard? Do you let it make you so sick that you have to hurl?

Chances are that most people would throw that trash in the garbage. I liken Adrian Peterson to trash and I think that the Vikings should get rid of him. It would be nice if they could get something for this ingrate, child abuser and self-professed victim.

ESPN Interview

Yesterday in an interview with ESPN, Adrian Peterson (AP) who should be known as Abuse Perpetrator, lashed out at the Minnesota Vikings, the team’s fan base and the community in which he has played his entire career.

Adrian Peterson basically said FU to his team and the team’s fans. The poor victim, who beat his four year old son so badly with a stick that it left bruises on his body including the child’s genitals, wants us to have pity on him.

AP As A Victim?

I’m not one of those fans who sees Peterson as a victim. I believe he brought this on himself. It was AP who beat his child badly, not the fans of the Vikings and the team’s brass.
AP claims that the team (“empire”) and the fans let him down and were disloyal to him. He feels like he was on a leash.

The Vikings are a terrible team that supported him from the moment they found out about his allegations. They only refused to play him and worked with the NFL to put him on the commissioner’s exempt list after sponsors threatened to pull of their partnership with the team.

As the season progressed the Vikings pressed the league for a resolution, wanting AP to play. All through his suspension, coaches and the team’s higher ups expressed that they wanted him back. They were loyal to the guy, despite what he says now.

The Minnesota Vikings And Their Fans Are The Victims

It seems to me that it’s the Vikings and the fans that are victims of his Adrian’s behavior. Peterson is the one that beat his child to a pulp. AP is the one that embarrassed his employer. AP is the one that was suspended, leaving the team and its fans to be left out in the cold without their star player.

AP is not a victim. He is the abuser and the one with the big mouth. AP is the one that isn’t loyal. AP is the piece of trash that is throwing his team under a bus.

The Vikings paid AP around eight million dollars to sit on his sorry butt and pout. What a terrible team they are. Terrible, terrible team, aren't they. Looks like he was put on a leash by the empire , doesn't it?

Roger Goodell May Have The Last Laugh

As part of AP’s suspension, Roger Goodell let AP know what it would take for him to be reinstated when April 15th comes around. Part of that requirement stated that You must commit yourself to your counseling and rehabilitative effort”. While I don’t know if he is seeking counseling and rehabilitation his statements read like a person who blames everyone but himself for his suspension.

AP must be counting on a federal judge to rule in his favor regarding the length and fairness of his suspension but if the judge doesn’t do that, his comments and actions might come back to biter him in the caboose. AP is dealing with a commissioner, ready to pounce on him and destroy him. A smart person would tread lightly but AP doesn’t seem to be the brightest bulb around.

Adrain Peterson sickens me. As he continues to make statements, the more I want to vomit. I believe that the Vikings and our community here in the Twin Cities deserves better from a player they treated as its king. I think we would be better without the child abuser.

Adrian Peterson

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