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Monday, August 11, 2014

I Just Don’t Know – Kevin Ward Jr. Tragedy

Before I begin my diatribe I need to make a couple of things very clear to our readers. I am not a NASCAR fan. I rarely watch a race and when I do it's the last few laps. I don't care who wins or loses and I don't follow the sport. The little I know about NASCAR I learn from reading sports stories.

Not only am I not a NASCAR fan, I'm not a Tony Stewart fan. So why am I writing a NASCAR article? Because it's a sports story. It's a very big story with a very human side to it.

I've watched the video that shows Tony Stewart hitting (killing) fellow racer Kevin Ward Jr. (see video below). Kevin Ward left his vehicle to confront Tony Stewart during a caution after Stewart’s car hit the car of Ward, causing him to have an accident.

There is nothing in the video(s) that I’ve seen that shows that this accident was intentional. It looks like it was an accident but who really knows? I sure don’t. Here are some undeniable facts relating to the incident that tragically killed Ward Jr.

Ward Left His Car

Kevin Ward left his car after his car was hit by Tony Stewart. A caution was given. Then Ward left his car. While there was a caution, cars were still moving around the track. It didn't look like it was safe to enter the track. It was night time.

Drivers are not supposed to get out of their cars during cautions but Kevin Ward Jr. did so. Then tragically, Ward was struck by Stewart and killed.

Many people on sports boards are claiming that Stewart is guilty of a crime. I just don't see it in the video but I will continue with the facts.

Tony Stewart Was Behind another Car That Was Able to Avoid Ward

There are those people who claim that the video shows that Stewart was either trying to scare Ward or drove negligently, causing Ward's death. Once again I can't see that in the video. I would have to be a psychic to be able to understand what Tony Stewart was thinking at the time of the accident.

What I can see is that Stewart was behind another car that avoided Ward. Then Stewart struck Ward who was moving towards Stewart's vehicle.

The track was a dirt track and NASCAR stock cars were not being driven that night. So I'll assume that the type of car being driven handles differently than a NASCAR stock car, especially on dirt. Yes, this was a dirt track.

Ward Was Wearing Black

Kevin Ward Jr. was wearing a black race suit. From the video (above) it looks like it would be hard for another driver to see Ward, especially if a driver's view of Ward was blocked. It was night time and the black suit was not easy to see.

I'm not a professional race car driver so I don't know for sure but my guess is that it would be hard to see another racer on the track if that racer was wearing a black race suit, it was dark that night and I was behind another car.

Obviously professional race car drivers have better reaction time than I do and are trained to react in a second or less at high speeds to avoid possible danger. I'm sure when the danger isn't greatly visible the reaction to dangerous situations is much more difficult.

Track Was Poorly Lit (It was Night Time)

It is being reported that the track was poorly lit on Saturday night. You can see that in the video. I had a hard time seeing what exactly happened. I can't see how you can prove negligence or intent in the video that I saw. Maybe in the coming days new video will surface that will provide us with more facts about what happened. Until that happens I can only go by what I saw in the video above.

I think that it's obvious that the lighting on the track was poor. Hopefully track officials around the country will work to provide better lighting for night races. Everything needs to be done to prevent this type of accident from occurring again.

Stewart Has Entered the Track Before (So What?)

There are some Einstein's on message boards claiming that Tony Stewart has confronted drivers on the track in a similar fashion than Kevin Ward. Who cares? That has no, nada, zero, zilcho, nothing to do with this accident. These are separate incidents and should be treated that way.

Even if you disagree with me, you would see in the other incidents that it was either daylight or the track was properly lit (you could see Stewart). Tony Stewart was also wearing a white racing suit. He could be seen. There was little to no danger in those incidents involving Stewart.

With all the facts that I saw in the video (Ward leaving car, track being poorly lit, Stewart behind another car, etc.), I can't conclude that this was anything but an accident. It doesn't look like this was an intentional or even a negligent act on the part of Stewart but I don't know.

There aren't enough facts for me to ascertain that Steward acted in an inappropriate manner. What I do know is that this incident is a tragedy. A young man, with a promising career is gone. That's terrible and extremely unfortunate.

Tony Stewart

Do you think that Tony Stewart Should be charged with a crime?

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fool of the Day - Daniel Snyder

 Washington Redskins Football HelmetThe Fool of the Day is the Washington NFL football team's owner Daniel Snyder who says the team's nickname respects and honors Native Americans. In my opinion Daniel Snyder is a piece of garbage. I believe that this creep is avoid of human decency and respect for Native Americans.

I believe that one of the only ways that Washington will change its nickname is if Snyder is forced to do so. That would mean that the NFL would have to ban the name. For that to happen, the NFL would actually have to take a stand against such a horrible and demeaning name. The NFL has failed to do anything to force a name change.

Original Owner a Racist

Good old Dan should read about his team's history and its founding father George Preston Marshall who "opposed having" African Americans on his roster. Do you think Marshall was honoring or respecting Native Americans when he decided on the team's name? Of course not.

Daniel is either a complete and utter idiot, ignorant or a piece of garbage racist that is refusing to rid his team of what I believe is a racist name. I'll let you decide what he is but I don't believe he is an idiot or ignorant. Well maybe he isn't a racist...maybe he thinks keeping the name is a money making proposition.

So it's all about money isn't Dan? It sickens me that Snyder feels the need to defend such a horrible and demeaning name.

Is Snyder a good Person?

I have no idea if Snyder is a good person. I don't know him. Everything I know about him is what has been reported by the media and his quoted comments. I don't think a good person defends a horrible name. I don't believe a good person has to try and convince people that a horrible name is respectful and honors the people it demeans.

I'm Jewish like Daniel. If someone called me a derogatory name because of my religion I would be offended. Sure the ant-Semite that offended me could visit a few synagogues and have a few people who kiss their feet and tell them the name honors and respects them but a decent human being would scoff at such a suggestion.

Snyder Should Quit While He's Behind

In my opinion Snyder is losing this argument and the more he opens his mouth, the dumber and more insensitive he sounds. Snyder should quit while he's behind. the guy is making himself look like a scumbag and a rotten dirty human being.

As I said earlier, I'm not sure if he's a good person but I believe that he is portraying himself as a disgusting person. The more he opens his mouth the more I think he is proving the point that many people believe and that's that his team's name disparages Native Americans.

It makes me sick to my stomach that in this day in age in the greatest country on earth, we could have an owner who is allowed to have a team nickname that is derogatory to Native Americans.

I hope that someday, Daniel is forced to change his team's name. I don't believe he will do the decent thing and change it all by himself. I believe that if the name is changed it will be due to Snyder being forced to do so.

Daniel Snyder

Do you think that Daniel Snyder should change his team's nickname?

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Cincinnati Bengals Pay Andy Dalton Like an Elite Quarterback

Andy Dalton Signed Photograph - 8x10The Cincinnati Bengals reached a contract extension with quarterback Andy Dalton. The Dalton deal is reportedly for six years and 115 million green ones. The Bengals are paying Dalton like an elite QB and in my opinion Dalton is OK at best.

Dalton in the Playoffs

Dalton has taken the Bengals to the playoffs three times but he's been atrocious in those games. Don't believe me? Dalton has lost all three of his playoff appearances and has thrown for one, count them one touchdown and six interceptions. Wow that's elite isn't it. Dalton's rating in those games was 51.4, 44.7 and 67.0.

So the Bungals are paying a guy just for getting them to the playoffs? They are OK with that? That is nonsense. I believe you should pay a guy for being successful in the post season. Paying a guy 115 million dollars over six years without proving himself is laughable.

Training Camp 2014

The Bengals seem to be rating Dalton based on non-game situations. Apparently Mr. Dalton has had a very good training camp according to Bungals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson. According to Jackson, Dalton has been "sensational" during training camp.

OK, maybe I'm being too tough on the team. They must be basing their decision on other factors, like his regular season play.

Dalton in the Regular Season

To Dalton's credit he has accumulated a pretty good regular season record in his three years with the team. Dalton's record is 30-18 as a starter. That's pretty good. Dalton has also thrown for 80 TDs over three years. That's pretty good isn't it? Sure but he's also thrown 49 interceptions and fumbled the ball 10 times.

Andy Dalton isn't the guy I would want running my team's offense. I think he's too inconsistent and I don't trust that he can be successful in the playoffs. It might be OK that he does well in training camp but he has to prove himself when it counts and that's in the playoffs.

With the type of cash that the Bengals are throwing at him, he better produce. Nothing short of a Super Bowl championship will be a reward for the ridiculous contract that Cincinnati signed him to.

I might be too tough on Andy. I guess making it to the playoffs is an outstanding accomplishment as far as Cincinnati is concerned. They aren't used to having winning records. Making the playoffs is like winning the big game as far as they are concerned.

I feel sorry for the fans that have had to watch this team year in year out, especially in the past three years. The team's fans have had high hope, entering the playoffs with a decent record, only to see Andy throw away the game, literally.

If I was a Bengals fan, I wouldn't be happy that they signed the guy to such a huge deal, because Andy isn't such a huge deal!

Andy Dalton Contract

Do you agree with the Bengals signing Dalton to a huge contract extension?

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is Fox Sports Sexist?

Fox Sports has made decisions that I don’t agree with. They relate to women and it has this sports fan asking this question; is Fox Sports Sexist? This is an opinion piece and I look at a couple of incidents that have me shaking my head. Sexism in these cases isn’t overt or necessarily apparent. What is apparent is insensitivity to women and the chasing of the almighty greenback.

Hockey Day Minnesota

Every winter Minnesota hosts an all-day/all state event called Hockey Day Minnesota. The event showcases hockey at all levels all the way to the pros. In fact the live events culminate with a Minnesota Wild hockey game.

It’s a great day of hockey that shows Minnesotans all of what the state has to offer. Almost that is. Every year, Fox Sports North televises only one girls hockey game. It is a high school game but it’s never televised live. It’s televised at 11:00 PM at night when most Minnesotans are either in bed or getting ready for bed.

Young girls around the state are in bed by the time this game is finally televised. That’s a shame. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for girls in Minnesota to watch one precious game live? I’ve been critical of Fox Sports North’s decision to relegate the girls’ game to the gutter of television.

Media personalities on the network allude to how far women’s hockey has come but why not showcase it? It’s only one game? Is it because of money/perceived ratings? Is it because the powers to be don’t think that girl’s hockey is good enough for its live viewing audience?

Only Fox Sports knows the answer to that question. Fox Sports North also does short stories about hockey players and parents around the state. Maybe I missed it but I haven’t seen a story focusing on a female hockey player? Why not? Why not? Maybe it has been on (during the 11:00 PM showing) but is it on live and when people are actually awake to see it?

Pam Oliver

Fox Sports has announced that the younger and more attractive Erin Andrews will be replacing the more experienced and respected veteran Pam Oliver. Fox Sports won’t admit it but I believe Pam Oliver is being replaced because Fox Sports wants what they perceive as a more attractive, younger female. If that is the case, do you think that would mean that Fox Sports is sexist?

Pam Oliver is a good reporter. She does her job well. She is respected by her peers and the people in the game. While it may be nice to see a young pretty face for about three seconds, I prefer a knowledgeable and experienced sideline reporter who understands football.

It’s insulting to my intelligence that Fox Sports might be thinking that I don’t care about quality, only glitz and pizazz. That’s not the case. I like Pam Oliver and I’m saddened that she may have been kicked to the curb because she is an older woman.

Her male counterparts who are in the booth or conducting interviews are sometimes old, obese and not what I would call attractive. I wonder what the NFL’s female fans think of that. Maybe they want Chippendale’s Dancers to take to the sidelines and do the reporting. The NFL claims that nearly 50% of its fans are female. Maybe Fox Sports thinks that women don’t need eye candy and that they care more about the game and the network’s content.

Maybe Fox Sports only cares and caters to their male counterparts who they think are Neanderthals who foam at the bit when they see an attractive sideline reporter.

Is Fox Sports Sexist? I’m not sure I’d go that far. It’s your call. I do believe that the network is insensitive to women, especially its female audience.

Pam Oliver

Is Fox Sports Sexist?

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Devastated Argentinian Fans a Beautiful Site for this Soccer Fan

Brazilian 2014 World CupSeeing the crying, heartbroken and devastated Argentinian fans after Germany’s victory over Argentina in the World Cup Final was a beautiful site for me. It made my day that millions of people in Argentina were devastated by their team’s loss in the biggest game that soccer has to offer.

Argentinian Soccer Fans are Classless

In the days leading up to the World Cup title game, the Argentinian fans acted like you would expect; cocky, obnoxious and stupid are just a few words to describe them. They went around Rio laughing and ridiculing Brazilians. They said that the inferior drug addicted, buffoon named Diego "Crackadona" Maradona was greater than Pele.

These morons are either stupid or…stupid fits. If these numbskulls knew anything, they would know that Pele won more World Cups (3) than Argentina has ever won. Pele is the only player to win three World Cups.

Unlike the Germans, Argentinian fans are classless. They counted their chickens before they hatched and ended up with nothing. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Can they count?

You have to wonder if Argentinian soccer fans can count. In an attempt to mock Brazilians, Argentines (Or Argentinians) made ludicrous comments. They tried to tell Brazilians that winning the World Cup in Brazil would count as three World Cups, meaning they would have five, equaling Brazil’s five World Cups (most by any nation).

This is the worst form of taunting I’ve ever heard of. If you are going to taunt your rival (who you aren't even playing against) do it by being smart, not idiotic. I know that’s too much to ask of these fans. It’s a stretch to believe that they can count from two to five without getting messed up along the way.

It would have been devastating to Brazilians had their hated rival won on their soil. Argentinians would have partied in the streets of Rio, mocking and taunting Brazilians. That didn't happen. They left Rio with the same number of World Cup titles that they had when they arrived in Rio.

Long Trip Home

ESPN reported that many Argentinian fans drove three to four days to reach Rio to see the World Cup Final. I’m sure the trip to Rio was much more fun and promising than the long trip back home. Driving home for Argentinians has to feel like an eternity. I can hardly contain my laughter. Tears are rolling down my face, thinking of the sour pusses in those cars and around Argentina. I wish I could see those faces.

Argentinians do have one thing to look forward to in the next four years (and beyond). They can look forward to Disgracego Maradona’s comments. Maradona is good for something; that is outlandish, obnoxious and derogatory comments.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tears Pour Down from the Brazilian Soccer Gods

As it rains in Rio tonight, it seems as if the Brazilian soccer gods are mourning Germany's destruction of Brazil in today's semi-final match. The soccer Gods are weeping. They are crying and they must know that this loss and the way that the Brazilians played are a complete and utter disgrace and embarrassment.

It's not that Brazil lost that has me angry tonight; it's how they lost that is maddening. I and almost every soccer fan expected Brazil to lose due to the fact that Neymar was injured and out of the tournament and that Thiago Silva was out due to having accumulated two yellow cards in matches preceding the match.

I think it's disgusting how the Brazilians showed a lack of organization and a lack of heart. The Brazilian players should be ashamed of their lack of effort and their lackluster playing. The Brazilians showed a lack of heart and they had no fight in them. They gave up and allowed Germany to obliterate them.

Brazil allowed Germany to destroy them on their home field. They proved to the nation of Brazil that the players on the pitch were bums. They are a disgrace to the sport and a disgrace to their country. As I said earlier it's not that they lost but that they displayed no effort and didn't fight until the end. They wilted like dead flowers. They were a joke.

So who should take the fall for this blunder? First and foremost Brazil's manger Luiz, Felipe Scolari should be fired immediately. How could you allow the manager to continue with this team after this humiliation? The Brazilian Football Federation needs to send a message to future managers that this type of result will not be tolerated.

The next step that the federation needs to take is to ban Thiago Silva from playing for Brazil ever again. It was Silva, the captain that stupidly interfered with Columbia's netminder, earning a yellow card and being suspended for the semi-final match today.

Silva is a disgrace and showed a lack of judgement. He hurt his team. He's a complete clown and doesn't deserve to play for Brazil ever again.

The Federation should also ban every player (besides netminder Cesar) who took the pitch today. Since those players are a disgrace to their nation and displayed little if any effort on the pitch, they don't deserve to ever play for Brazil again. They are bums and they played like amateurs. Their lack of desire to display any effort today was awful and inexplicable.