Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sit on a Hot Potato and you Get Burned – Minnesota Timberwolves Approach to Kevin Love

Signed Love Picture - 8x10If you sit on a hot potato chances are you will get burned and that wouldn't feel too good. This is the approach that the Minnesota Timberwolves and their owner Glen Taylor seem to be taking with their hot potato, NBA star Kevin Love.

Sitting on a hot potato in this case refers to the team sitting on a great player without securing his future (for a long time) with the team.

Love is a machine. He’s awesome and a fan favorite. When he signed the pathetic contract (in terms of length) that the Minnesota Timberwolves offered him last time around he made his displeasure known to the public. The Timberwolves vowed that they wouldn't commit to him and right off the bat, fans and the media feared it would come back to haunt the team.

Kevin Love Entering Last Year of his Contract

Kevin Love is in his last year of the aforementioned contract. The team needs him or the right compensation for him via a trade. Note to Timberwolves: Why would a team enter into a trade with you, knowing he will be a free agent after next season? They won’t and if they do, you will get bubkas.

The time to sign Love is now. The team needs to offer him an extension (length) with great compensation or they will lose the best and most valuable player since Kevin Garnett. The chances of the Timberpuppies offering Love that type of contract don't seem good at all.

Glen Taylor seems to have made it clear that the team wouldn’t offer much more in the way of a two year extension, something Love’s camp would sneer, ridicule and laugh at.

Kevin Love Seems Destined to be Anywhere Else but Minnesota in 2015

Minnesota Timberwolves fans should enjoy Love’s final season under his current contract. If history rears its ugly head again and history does repeat itself, fans of this team will see glen Taylor flub his way out of signing one of the NBA’s best players.

The Timberwolves are one of the few NBA teams and that could miss finding gold, even when the gold is staring them in the face. They do know how to sit on a hot potato.

Kevin Love fans will have to cheer for their favorite player when he’s in another team’s uniform and building. It will hurt to see him go and play for another team. It will hurt to see him play for a winning team that makes the playoffs but it will be nice to see him have success and be appreciated for it.

So it seems that the Minnesota Timberwolves are content with sitting on the hot potato even if it means getting burned and leaving fans with 20 more years to cheer for a dud of a team.

Kevin Lovel

Will Kevin Love stay in Minnesota after his contract expires?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New York Giants Trying to Emulate the New York Jets – Sign Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman Autographed Picture - 8x10The New York Giants are trying their best to emulate their New York football brothers, the New York Jets. Today the Giants signed Josh Freeman to a one year contract. Freeman is expected to compete to be Eli Manning’s backup.

The Jets have had issues at the quarterback position for a few years now. Mark Sanchez outlived his welcome in the Big Apple prior to last season and when he went down with an injury it allowed the Jets to start rookie QB Geno Smith. Smith wasn’t much better in his rookie season, so when the Jets recently dumped Sanchez, they hired another pathetic quarterback in Mike Vick.

Now Giants fans will learn how it feels to be a Giants fan.

Josh Freeman is a Disaster

Josh Freeman was released early into the 2013 season by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. By many accounts, Freeman was a slacker who wouldn’t toe the line. It is alleged that he missed meetings and didn’t put in the work (during practice or through film study) to improve his skills as a quarterback.

I wasn’t a fan of the Josh Freeman hiring. I was upset that Christian Ponder was still the team’s choice as the starter (when healthy) and didn’t want another pathetic quarterback on the team. I like Matt Cassell and thought he should have been named starter with Ponder as his backup (until the end of the season).

I was worried that the distraction that led to Freeman being released by Tampa Bay would follow him to Minnesota. I didn’t think that the embarrassment that this team was already should be allowed to get any worse. That fateful day against the Giants on national TV allowed the nation to witness the complete and utter self-destruction of the Minnesota Vikings.

It Only Took One Game before the Vikings to Realized they had Signed a Dud

The Minnesota Vikings realized one game into the Josh Freeman experiment (Monday Night Football against the New York Giants) that they had signed a guy who didn’t have the skills mentally or physically to compete at a high level in the NFL. Prior to this offseason, the Vikings coaching staff had real trouble evaluating the quarterback position.

That was evident with their handling of the Christian Ponder soap opera and debacle. Ponder was awful but the coaching staff still gave the pathetic quarterback chance after chance after chance. So you know Freeman had to be extra pathetic if the Vikings realized that they had made a mistake just one game into his Vikings tenure.

Giants Disregarded Evidence that Freeman is a Lost Cause

The thing that is sad about the Giants signing Josh Freeman is that they witnessed how pathetic Josh Freeman was in his first and only start with the Vikings. The Giants were the opponents on that dreadful Monday Night last October.

Anyone with half a brain cell realized that Josh Freeman is a terrible quarterback. Some people will argue that Freeman didn’t have enough time to learn the Vikings playbook and never should have been given the start.

It is true that the team shouldn’t have started Josh Freeman but the guy couldn’t complete even easy passes or short passes. Freeman wasn’t close to being accurate on passes that even rookie quarterbacks can complete.

Freeman’s accuracy was pathetic. Freeman went 20 of 53 for 193 yards. Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe that performance.  A veteran should never make the mistakes that he made, experience with playbook or not.

After all the evidence that the Giants had at their disposal, they went out and signed one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. It’s sad for Giants fans that their team is trying to out dumb the New York Jets.

Josh Freeman

Do you agree with t he Giants signing Josh Freeman?

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Anthony Bloch Interview on Last Word on Sprots

Sportmentary's Anthony Bloch has been interviewed by Last Word On Sports for their Internet Hotstove series. Hotsotve is a series of interviews regarding NHL teams. Admin Mitchell Tierney (@mitchrtierney on Twitter) asks "respected Bloggers" about their team's chances in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Anthony discusses his opinions on a number of topics related to the Minnesota Wild and their upcoming series against the Colorado Avalanche.

You can read the interview on Last Word On Sports.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Take a Load off Manny - Pacquiao Wins Title

Manny Pacquiao won the WBO Welterweight World Title Saturday night by defeating Timothy Bradley. The two went the distance with Pacquiao winning all three of the judges' score cards. It was a convincing victory, similar to the last fight these two had in 2012. In that fight Bradley won by decision.

It's good to see Manny reclaim his rightful spot as a boxing champion, something that the incompetent judges took away from him in the first fight.

Manny Pacquiao Was Robbed by the Judges in 2012

By most media accounts, boxing experts and the vast majority of boxing fans, Timothy Bradley was decisively beaten in 2012 by Manny. Despite that being obvious to almost everyone who saw the fight, the disgusting judges awarded a split decision to the obvious loser Timothy Bradley.

Manny went back to work and was able to avenge that brutal, dishonest and unfair decision. This time there were credible and decent judges who handed Manny a unanimous decision. I'm glad Bradley didn't win unfairly this time.

No Doubt who is the Better Boxer

There should be no doubt who is the better boxer. Manny Pacquiao dominated both fights. He had very little trouble with Bradley. I hope this puts an end to the debate ab who is the better boxer. Bradley got a gift in 2012, something he didn't earn or deserve.

Now justice has been rendered. Bradley now knows what defeat tastes like and it isn't good. Too bad he didn't have the same taste in 2012.

Will this Rejuvenate Manny Pacquiao's Career?

Hopefully this will be the victory that will rejuvenate Manny's career. Since the 2012 Bradley fight, Manny has been struggling to regain his form. Hopefully this victory isn't a blip on the screen.

I think Manny will be able to have some success moving forward. At 35 years old, he's shown that he is a versatile fighter. The window for Manny to win big time fights is shrinking but he's a great fighter with tons of experience in the ring.

He will be fighting as champion and really doesn't have much to prove, at least in my mind. Manny has had a great career and this fight proves that to me.

I believe that Manny will go down as one of the great boxers of his generation.

Many Pacquiao

Are you happy that Pacquiao defeated Timothy Bradley?

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Minnesota Gophers Lose to Union College 7-4 in NCAA College Hockey Championship Game

After the Minnesota Gophers dramatic game winning goal against the University of North Dakota with less than one second left in the third period on Thursday, Gophers fans ran into the streets in droves to riot and act like animals.

I have no patience for rioting, especially when your team wins.

Minnesota Gophers Fans Celebrate One Game too Early

University of Minnesota students and Gophers fans who rioted on Thursday night aren't the brightest bulbs in the room or in this case the streets of Dinkytown (U of M Campus). These losers celebrated one game too early. I've never heard of fans rioting and celebrating after a semi-final victory but the boneheads in Dinky town did just that.

Saturday was much different as the Union Dutchmen defeated the Minnesota Gophers 7-4 to win their first college hockey championship. After the Gophers took a 2-1 lead in the first period, the Dutchmen scored 3 straight goals in a period of about 5 minutes to take a 4-2 lead.

The Dutchmen would never look back as they went on to defeat the Gophers.

The Gophers Didn't Give Up

Minnesota never gave up. They scored a goal early in the second period to cut the lead to one but Union scored at the 5:32 mark of the third period to go up by two again. Then the Minnesota Gophers led us on a ride and many fans had to believe that they would find a way to win another game in dramatic fashion.

With 3:40 left in the third period the Gophers scored a power play goal to pull within one goal. The Gophers were definitely gritty. They were like that fly at a picnic that never leaves you alone. They kept coming and with about 1:30 left, the Gophers were flying into the Dutchmen's zone, on their way to the net.

A union defenseman made a spectacular play and poked the puck away, then passed the puck to his teammate who went on to score, ending the Gophers hopes of winning a national title. Union would score an empty net goal shortly after and the Gophers were left shaking their heads.

Gophers Seemed Destined to be Champions

When the Minnesota Gophers scored their fourth goal late in the third, I thought I would have to witness another annoying victory from a team that finds ways to stick a dagger in opposing fans metaphoric hearts. I still hadn't recovered from their victory over the University of North Dakota on Thursday night, so this North Dakota fan did what all other North Dakota fans did on Saturday night; they were cheering for Union to pull off the upset.

The Gophers were the best team in the nation for most if the season. There didn't seem to be anything that could stand in their way, until they met Union. Union was that road block and it came at the worst time for the Gophers.

In all previous games against Union, the Gophers came out victorious. So the odds were against Union and against this fan getting his wish. Amazingly I did witness the defeat of the Gophers. Yes sir and Yes Ma'am.

Now I won't have to listen to KFAN radio here in the Twin Cities and listen to the homers brag and gloat about their Minnesota Gophers.

Minnesota Gophers

Were you happy to see the Gophers lose to Union?

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

MLB to Investigate Adam Jones

Adam Jones Autographed Hitting the Ball 8x10 PhotoBaltimore Orioles player Adam Jones will be the subject of a Major League Baseball (MLB) investigation due to comments that Jones made after the two fans ran onto the field during a game between the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees. Jones believes that baseball fans should be able to inflict physical punishment (using the metal spikes on their shoes) against any fan that runs onto the field.
While I don’t advocate or condone violence, I can understand why Jones would be angry.

Player Safety

Fans who run onto the field during baseball games put the safety of the players in jeopardy. I couldn’t care less about the safety of the imbeciles who run onto the field. If they get injured, they deserve that. I do care about the safety of the players. They shouldn’t have to worry about some idiot who has a lack of judgment running onto the field of play during a MLB game.

I can’t imagine how it must feel when you’re trying to focus on a baseball game and a fan runs onto the field. It has to be disconcerting, threatening and worrisome. I’m sure I would be angry if I was in that situation. I might even say or do something in the heat of the moment. Does that mean I would really physically harm that fan? No!

Adam Jones isn’t Threatening Violence

Let’s be clear here; Jones was saying that he believed that he should be able to punish fans who run on to the field. He didn’t tell other players to do that and he never said he would do it. Yes, his comments might have gone a little too far but it was in the heat of the moment and he was just venting.
I do think that there is a big difference between beating someone up, threatening to beat someone up or believing that you should be able to beat someone up. It’s not that much different than some people who believe that the penalty for violent crimes should be corporal punishment. Do we think those people will actually take matters into their own hands? I don’t think so.

I think way too much is being made of Adam’s comments.

No Penalty or Suspension Needed

I do think that the MLB should have a discussion with Adam and recommend that he should tone down his comments. They should even warn him that the league will not tolerate further comments about abusing fans or any comments about inflicting violence on another person.

Beyond that, I think that the powers to be should do nothing. I don’t believe that any penalty or fine is warranted in this case. That would be going too far and punishing the player who was put in danger. That wouldn’t be right at all.

I sure hope that Major League Baseball doesn’t waste too many resources investigating this incident. There are greater issues in the game of baseball than Adam Jones expressing an opinion about what should happen to fans who put players’ safety in danger.

Adam Jones

Should Adam Jones be penalized for his comments?

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Has Common Sense Finally Found its Way into Los Angeles Lakers Management?

Mike D'antoni Signed Lakers 8x10 Photo Authentic Autograph Psa/dna #v68336There are reports that the Los Angeles Lakers will fire Head Coach Mike D'Antoni after the NBA season is over. It looks like Lakers management finally has some common sense, even if though the team did sign general manager Mitch Kupchak to an extension. I was not a fan of the hiring of D'Antoni from day one and hopefully he will be toast at season's end.

Wrong Coach Hired
I believed that the Lakers hired the wrong coach. That job should have gone to Phil Jackson. Jackson appeared to have the job locked up before the Lakers shockingly and out of nowhere hired D'Antoni. Even Phil seemed surprised. He believed that the job had virtually been offered to him.

Lakers fans like me were outraged. We believed that Phil could turn around the losing ways of the Lakers and return them to greatness. Lakers fans are not used to their teams having losing seasons and missing the playoffs. That's unacceptable.

I had my doubts about Mike D'Antoni's philosophy and approach to the game.

Mike D'Antoni Mortgaged Good Defense in Favor of All out Scoring
I believed that D'Antoni would focus too much on offense at the expense of defense. Mike D'antoni believed that scoring 100+ points per game would mean that the team's focus on defense wasn't necessary.

I believed that the Lakers offense would eventually be destroyed by terrible defense and that has happened. The Lakers are 11th in points scored and 29th in points allowed. Their offense isn't good enough to overcome such a bad defense.

I know some people will give D'Antoni a pass due to the absence of Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant is Injured
Kobe has missed most of the season due to injury but I'm not sure that Kobe's presence on the court could have saved this season or D'Antoni's job. When Kobe was playing last season, the Lakers also had one of the worst defenses in the NBA. Kobe was extremely frustrated by the Lakers poor performance last season and I believe that frustration was due to who the head coach is.

I believe that Kobe is sitting at home and silently hoping that Mike D'Antoni is closed to being a bad dream and a failed hire in Lakers Town. I know that I am but I'm not silent about how I feel. I don't mind shouting out loud that it will be a good day in LA when Mike D'Antoni is terminated.

Lakers fans deserve to have better results from their club.

Will the Lakers Next Head Coach be John Calipari?
This is stating the obvious but Lakers management needs to use common sense in making the next coaching hire. They blew this one and finally seem to be showing some common sense (assuming they do fire D'Antoni). The Lakers will have to see who's available.

Will the next hire be Kansas coach John Calipari? I think that's a possibility even though he is strongly denying the rumors of him being the next head coach of the Lakers. I think his strong denials are just a smokescreen and that at the very least he is in the running for the Lakers job.

Only time will tell who the Lakers hire. As a Lakers fan I don't want it to be the wrong guy again. The Lakers need to get it right this time around.

Mike D'Antoni

Should Mike D'Antoni be Fired?

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