Monday, April 21, 2014

In a Word Column Now On Last Word On Sports

 Anthony Bloch Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports TalkIn the past has periodically run a column called In a Word. In a Word is a weekly sports recap column that reviews the major stories in one word. Sportmentary has agreed to write the In a Word Column for Last Word On Sports.

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ESPNtronics – ESPN Fries Power Source to Raptors Shot Clock System

It looks like we have a new word for ESPN’s technical savvy. Let’s just call it ESPNtronics because there’s no other word to describe the amateurish incident that occurred in game one of the NBA playoffs between the Toronto Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets at the Air Canada Centre on Sunday.

Using technician and technical knowhow in the same breath seems to be an oxymoron when ESPN is concerned.

Public address Announcer Counts Down Shot Clock

With just under six minutes to play in the third quarter, the Raptors public address announcer had to count down the shot clock because an ESPN technician allegedly plugged into the same power source as the shot clock.

You really can’t make this type of stuff up can you? You would think that a technician would have the knowledge and ability to prevent this type of accident from happening, especially during an NBA playoff game.

Maybe the Raptors need to have detailed warnings and instructions for TV technicians for game two. They could post something like this:

Warning to Sherlock: Don’t plug anything into this outlet. You will destroy the power source to the shot clock. It’s a better idea to plug it into your…

Seriously though; this is an embarrassing incident for ESPN who prides themselves with being the worldwide leader in sports. As a raptor’s official so eloquently put it;

Electronics 101 Training

I think that the technician responsible for this untimely error needs to take an Electronics 101 class or a refresher course. The technician should also take a refresher course about where and where not to plug his devices into.

You can just see the technician saying to himself…Darn! I shouldn’t have used that cheap power cord that I bought at Big Time Great Buy. Ok. It’s enough of making fun of the poor technamateur. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.

ESPN has not confirmed or denied if this alleged incident was the fault of ESPN. My guess is that it was. My guess is that in game two, ESPN will be told in no uncertain terms where and what they they can plug into. I’m guessing it won’t be the same power source as the shot clock.

I would like to thank ESPN for providing me with my daily laugh attack. This story brightened up my day and provided with a much needed smile on my face.

Anthony Bloch – Sportmentary – Radio Interview Tonight

Anthony Bloch, Editor in Chief of will be interviewed on WCRD 91.3 (the Pulse of ball State) Radio tonight at 6:30 PM CST (7:30 EST). Anthony will be interviewed regarding the Minnesota Wild’s playoff series with the Colorado Avalanche.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Milan Lucic $5,000 Fine is Joke - Shame on the NHL

Signed Milan Lucic Photograph - 16x20The NHL fined Boston Bruins player Milan Lucic $5,000 for a low blow or should I say poking his stick from behind at Dan DeKeyser's groin. $5,000 for a vicious spear to the groin of another player? Is the NHL kidding? Why does Lucic get away with a measely $5,000 fine? That's pocket change for Milan. Milan acted like a goon and he was fined only $5,000.

Milan Lucic Should Have Been Suspended

Lucic speared a player in the groin but the NHL thought that it only deserved a $5,000 fine. I guess the clowns at the NHL have never been hurt in their groin. For those of us that have, it is extremely painful and it knocks the wind out of you.

Most of us have not had a professional hockey player take a whack at their groin. That would be a major injury if that happened to the regular Joe. It is universally understood that it is unacceptable to hit a man in in his groin area.

You have to be a sick pathetic person to spear a person in the groin. You have to be a piece of garbage to do that. You would have to have no common sense to spear a player in their groin and you would have to have no common sense if you only fined a player $5,000 for hitting a player in their groin. I guess the NHL is void of common sense.

NHL is Inconsistent

The NHL is not consistent with handing out penalties. They will hand down a lengthy fine to one player and then hand out a measly fine to another player who acted just as viciously. I have no idea what goes on in the puny and pathetic minds of the NHL's leadership but they are lacking good judgment.

Here is a list of recent suspensions and fines.

1) Mike Rupp of the Minnesota Wild was suspended for four games for making contact to the head of St. Louis Blues player T.J. Oshie in the Wild's second to last game of the regular season. The hit deserved a suspension but not four games. There was no intent to injure. Careless? Yes. Vicious? No.

Rupp did not intentionally target Oshie's head. It happened in the course of a play where Oshie skated towards Rupp and had his head down. Rupp should have been more careful on the play but I don't believe he intentionally targeted Oshie's head.

Brent Seabrook Autographed Picture - 11x14 w COA2) Then there's Brent Seabrook who was suspended only three games for intentionally charging St. Louis player David Backes. Seabrook started to leave his feet and placed his shoulder intentionally at the head of Backes. If Rupp was suspended for four games, Seabrook should have been suspended for 5 games.

3) After game one against the St. Louis Blues, Head Coach Joel Quenneville was fined a whopping $25,000 for grabbing own coconuts. So Quennevill received a $25,000 fine for grabbing his groin and Milan Lucic was fined only $5,000 for whacking another player's groin? Does that make sense to you? It makes no sense to me.

By the standards or lack thereof that the NHL set on the Quenneville fine, Lucic should have been fined $250,000. The lack of consistency here is troubling and disconcerting. It's time for the NHL to sit down and figure out a way to be consistent with their fines and suspensions. Then they should communicate that to the players, coaches and management of NHL teams.

The only way to explain this nonsense is for me to believe that the NHL has their favorite players. They want these players to get back into the lineup as soon as possible so they will hand out the lowest penalty they can stomach.

The fine against Lucic is bush league and makes the NHL look like an amateur and rogue league.

Milan Lucic

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Friday, April 18, 2014

The NHL is investigating Whether Joel Quenneville Grabbed it

Update: The NHL has fined Joel Quenneville $25,000.

Signed Joel Quenneville Picture - *CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS* 8X10 W COAThe NHLis investigating whether Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville grabbed his crotch during the second overtime period in game one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. With St. Louis already a man down in the penalty box, officials gathered to discuss if the Blues should be assessed a delay of game penalty (if the puck was shot directly into the crowds without being tipped or hitting any part of the boards or protective glass).

The officials determined that no penalty should be assessed. Quenneville was not a happy camper. He started yelling at the officials and then looked like he grabbed his crotch.

Was there an Itch in Quenneville’s Pants?

I don’t think so. I think it was just a poor attempt at mocking the officials. It was a rude gesture. He should have been a little more restrained. It’s one thing to disagree with the officials and even yell at them but grabbing one’s package? That’s not acceptable.

I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw it. It was a tough call for the referees but I think they handled the situation correctly. If they weren’t 100% certain that the play warranted a delay of game penalty, they had to opt for a no call.

The Blues would score early in the third overtime to win the game. That must have made Joel even angrier. His team should have won the game. They were the better team on Thursday night but as is often the case in the playoffs the better team doesn’t always win.

What Should the NHL Do with Joel Quenneville?

If the NHL determines that Joel Quenneville did indeed grab his whatsums, he should be fined. The fine should sting a little bit. That would take the itch away that Joel must be feeling. All kidding aside, a fine is in order here. Quenneville’s actions on live television were unacceptable and offensive.

After the initial belly laugh, one can easily feel that Quenneville went too far in displaying his displeasure, even if he wanted to grab the attention of…the officials.

I feel sorry for any official that has to review the tape. They’ll have to try and keep a straight face. I can’t imagine how they will remain serious if they have to tell Mr. Quenneville that he is being suspended for inappropriate behavior.

That announcement will likely send Joel through the roof but hopefully he grabs for something else next time. I’m sure he doesn’t want to hurt himself.

I do think that Joel Quenneville will be embarrassed with his actions when he looks back at the tape of the crotch grabbing incident. He is likely to realize that his actions were inappropriate, rude and soar on the eyes.

Joel Quenneville

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sit on a Hot Potato and you Get Burned – Minnesota Timberwolves Approach to Kevin Love

Signed Love Picture - 8x10If you sit on a hot potato chances are you will get burned and that wouldn't feel too good. This is the approach that the Minnesota Timberwolves and their owner Glen Taylor seem to be taking with their hot potato, NBA star Kevin Love.

Sitting on a hot potato in this case refers to the team sitting on a great player without securing his future (for a long time) with the team.

Love is a machine. He’s awesome and a fan favorite. When he signed the pathetic contract (in terms of length) that the Minnesota Timberwolves offered him last time around he made his displeasure known to the public. The Timberwolves vowed that they wouldn't commit to him and right off the bat, fans and the media feared it would come back to haunt the team.

Kevin Love Entering Last Year of his Contract

Kevin Love is in his last year of the aforementioned contract. The team needs him or the right compensation for him via a trade. Note to Timberwolves: Why would a team enter into a trade with you, knowing he will be a free agent after next season? They won’t and if they do, you will get bubkas.

The time to sign Love is now. The team needs to offer him an extension (length) with great compensation or they will lose the best and most valuable player since Kevin Garnett. The chances of the Timberpuppies offering Love that type of contract don't seem good at all.

Glen Taylor seems to have made it clear that the team wouldn’t offer much more in the way of a two year extension, something Love’s camp would sneer, ridicule and laugh at.

Kevin Love Seems Destined to be Anywhere Else but Minnesota in 2015

Minnesota Timberwolves fans should enjoy Love’s final season under his current contract. If history rears its ugly head again and history does repeat itself, fans of this team will see glen Taylor flub his way out of signing one of the NBA’s best players.

The Timberwolves are one of the few NBA teams and that could miss finding gold, even when the gold is staring them in the face. They do know how to sit on a hot potato.

Kevin Love fans will have to cheer for their favorite player when he’s in another team’s uniform and building. It will hurt to see him go and play for another team. It will hurt to see him play for a winning team that makes the playoffs but it will be nice to see him have success and be appreciated for it.

So it seems that the Minnesota Timberwolves are content with sitting on the hot potato even if it means getting burned and leaving fans with 20 more years to cheer for a dud of a team.

Kevin Lovel

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New York Giants Trying to Emulate the New York Jets – Sign Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman Autographed Picture - 8x10The New York Giants are trying their best to emulate their New York football brothers, the New York Jets. Today the Giants signed Josh Freeman to a one year contract. Freeman is expected to compete to be Eli Manning’s backup.

The Jets have had issues at the quarterback position for a few years now. Mark Sanchez outlived his welcome in the Big Apple prior to last season and when he went down with an injury it allowed the Jets to start rookie QB Geno Smith. Smith wasn’t much better in his rookie season, so when the Jets recently dumped Sanchez, they hired another pathetic quarterback in Mike Vick.

Now Giants fans will learn how it feels to be a Giants fan.

Josh Freeman is a Disaster

Josh Freeman was released early into the 2013 season by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. By many accounts, Freeman was a slacker who wouldn’t toe the line. It is alleged that he missed meetings and didn’t put in the work (during practice or through film study) to improve his skills as a quarterback.

I wasn’t a fan of the Josh Freeman hiring. I was upset that Christian Ponder was still the team’s choice as the starter (when healthy) and didn’t want another pathetic quarterback on the team. I like Matt Cassell and thought he should have been named starter with Ponder as his backup (until the end of the season).

I was worried that the distraction that led to Freeman being released by Tampa Bay would follow him to Minnesota. I didn’t think that the embarrassment that this team was already should be allowed to get any worse. That fateful day against the Giants on national TV allowed the nation to witness the complete and utter self-destruction of the Minnesota Vikings.

It Only Took One Game before the Vikings to Realized they had Signed a Dud

The Minnesota Vikings realized one game into the Josh Freeman experiment (Monday Night Football against the New York Giants) that they had signed a guy who didn’t have the skills mentally or physically to compete at a high level in the NFL. Prior to this offseason, the Vikings coaching staff had real trouble evaluating the quarterback position.

That was evident with their handling of the Christian Ponder soap opera and debacle. Ponder was awful but the coaching staff still gave the pathetic quarterback chance after chance after chance. So you know Freeman had to be extra pathetic if the Vikings realized that they had made a mistake just one game into his Vikings tenure.

Giants Disregarded Evidence that Freeman is a Lost Cause

The thing that is sad about the Giants signing Josh Freeman is that they witnessed how pathetic Josh Freeman was in his first and only start with the Vikings. The Giants were the opponents on that dreadful Monday Night last October.

Anyone with half a brain cell realized that Josh Freeman is a terrible quarterback. Some people will argue that Freeman didn’t have enough time to learn the Vikings playbook and never should have been given the start.

It is true that the team shouldn’t have started Josh Freeman but the guy couldn’t complete even easy passes or short passes. Freeman wasn’t close to being accurate on passes that even rookie quarterbacks can complete.

Freeman’s accuracy was pathetic. Freeman went 20 of 53 for 193 yards. Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe that performance.  A veteran should never make the mistakes that he made, experience with playbook or not.

After all the evidence that the Giants had at their disposal, they went out and signed one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. It’s sad for Giants fans that their team is trying to out dumb the New York Jets.

Josh Freeman

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