Thursday, May 14, 2015

When Alex Ovechkin Guarantees a Victory You Can Expect the Opposite

Alex Ovechkin Washington Capitals Autographed Stretched and Gallery Wrapped 25" x 38" Canvas - #2-7 of a Limited Edition of 8 - Fanatics Authentic CertifiedAlex “Ovechloss” Ovechkin guaranteed a victory for his Washington Capitals in game 7 against the New York Rangers. When Alex made that bold guarantee, I thought to myself that the Rangers had just been handed the victory.

It helped the Rangers that they were playing the deciding game at home. After Washington took a 3-1 lead in the series, it looked the Rangers’ were in big trouble. Then again, they were playing the Capitals who’ve had their share of game 7 heartbreaks (including OTs).

Game 7 did go into OT but it was the rangers who came out on top, leaving Ovechkin and his teammates to wonder what could have been.

Alex has become accustomed to big time failures. He’s the poster child for that.

Alex is a Great Regular Season Player

Ovechkin is a great player…in the regular season. He’s arguably the greatest player in the world during the regular season but when it comes to the playoffs, a different Alex emerges. He has flashes of brilliance but those are often shadowed by a near non-existence in many playoff games.

I’m underwhelmed with his playoff performances through the years. I know it’s not a fair question to ask but I’ll ask it anyway. Would the Capitals have a better chance in the playoffs without Alex ovechkin? Who knows? Alex is the face of the team and may also be the face of their failures.

One thing is certain to me, Alex Ovechkin should never guarantee a playoff victory again. History wasn’t on his side and the guarantee doomed him and his team. It was a no win situation for the guy. How can he explain this loss? How can he explain that he never delivered on his guarantee?

His guarantee makes him look like a dud. I have a recommendation for Ovechkin; He should shut his piehole and concentrate on winning the game. He shouldn't add distractions to his team or undue pressure.

Do you think that I’m being overly critical of Ovechkin? Yes I am but he deserves it.

Ovechkin’s Woes in the Winter Olympics

Alex Ovechkin’s Russian team has had its fair share of frustration and trouble during the past two winter Olympics. In the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Russians didn't only lose to Canada, they were trounced in the Semi-Final game.

Then there was last year’s debacle in front of a home town crowd at Sochi. Alex’s Russian team didn’t even medal. I think that’s awesome. It was wonderful to see Alex and his teammates stumble and crumble at home.

Alex hasn’t won a Stanley Cup or Olympic gold medal and until he does, he might be considered a failure. Sure he’s a great regular season player but that doesn’t count for much. It’s only statistics. If that’s what matters to Alex he is a success. If winning a cup or gold medal is his goal, he is a big failure.

I Don’t Like the Guy

I have to admit it, if it isn't already obvious; I dislike Alex Ovechkin. The reason for this dislike has to do with Alex’s behavior after his Russian team was demolished by Canada in the Semi-Final game at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Alex was invisible during the game against his arch rival Canadians.

When Alex exited the ice, he rudely avoided the media. He acted like a rude punk and not an NHL superstar. The crybaby couldn't even act like an adult for one second.

Sure his team was humiliated by Canada in Canada but he could have showed a little class.

Alex might surprise us all someday and have the last laugh if he wins a Stanley Cup. I think that’s a long shot andI won’t be holding my breath. I sure hope that doesn’t happen.

Alex Ovechkin

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Much Ado about Nothing – Tom Brady & Deflategate

Tom Brady New England Patriots Pro Quotes #2 Framed 8x10 PhotoSo the Wells Report came out a couple of days ago and in it, it said stated that it was more than probable that Tom Brady was aware of the deflated footballs. The report is basically accusing Brady of lying and not cooperating with the investigation, both claims that his agent denies.

Football fans have been fixated over something that I think is much ado about nothing. Other quarterbacks and players in the NFL have said that their teams did the same thing and that it’s common place. Yet, we are fixated on Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Should Tom Brady be Punished?

Do I think that Tom Brady should be punished? Sure I do. The rules were broken and he likely lied about his knowledge and involvement in Deflategate. He should be suspended. The NFL needs to support its rules and those who cheat should be punished.

This would be no different than suspending other players who have broken NFL rules. So yes, Tom should be punished and that’s that. All the other talk about Deflategate is nonsense and hot air.

Not a Competitive Advantage

According to Ben Leber, former Minnesota Vikings player and now a TV/Radio personality, he said on Friday morning’s Power Trip radio show on KFAN that the deflated footballs provided no competitive advantage to Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Ben should know. Other football players and experts have said the same thing. Fans are right in wanting tom Brady punished but to say that Deflategate helped the Patriots win the Superbowl or a playoff game is completely ridiculous.

Fans who want Tom Brady to have some sort of asterisk besides his name due to his role in Deflategate are also ridiculous. The NFL would have to put an asterisk in front of many players who have cheated. That list would be huge and it wouldn’t make any sense to do that.

Other Teams Cheating has Provided a Competitive Advantage

So why pick on the Patriots? Because of jealousy. People are jealous about the success of this team. Some fans seem to hate winners and love to root for inferior teams. People forget that the Patriots were once the laughing stock of the NFL. The team turned themselves around and into a winner.

Other players have cheated (numerous times) and very few people have been upset with them. As Ben leber mentioned this morning, we can look at the Seattle Seahawks who have had multiple players suspended for PED use. We know that PEDs provide a player with a competitive advantage. Shouldn’t we say that the Seahawks Super Bowl victory was tainted?

I believe that most fans give other clubs a pass when they cheat. Look at the Atlanta Falcons who pumped noise into their stadium. That gave them a competitive advantage. I could go on and on but the criticism by football fans regarding the New England Patriots is unjustified, ridiculous and an outright joke.

I believe the only reason football fans are so upset with the Patriots is because they are jealous of the Patriots and their success.

If it was their team that were winners like the Patriots and they did what the Pats have been accused of doing, they wouldn’t care. That’s why I think all this coverage of Deflategate has been blown way out of proportion.

It really has been much ado about nothing!

Tom Brady - Deflategate

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Rafael Soriano Not A Good Fit For The Young Twins

Rafael Soriano Washington Nationals Home Replica Cool Base JerseyOne of the most talented free agents in baseball right now is Rafael Soriano. The closer has had a very successful career up to this point, and he has saved 117 games in the last 3 years. Despite all of that success, people are still looking at his poor finish to the 2014 season and his high asking price as a reason to hold off this year. However, recently the Minnesota Twins have been linked to him as a possible landing spot. Although it might be enticing, Minnesota should not be throwing money at an aging arm.

Right now, Minnesota would be competing with a number of other teams looking for help in the bullpen. As the season goes along, more and more teams will be willing to give him the money he is looking for in order to try to have success. For Minnesota, it really does not make all that much sense for a team trying to rebuild.

The bullpen for Minnesota is not exactly stellar. Glen Perkins is the only one with the value in daily fantasy MLB. He would still be the closer for Minnesota, and Soriano would be used for other situations. However, for a team that probably is not going to contend for the playoffs this year, maybe Minnesota would be better off trying to develop some of the younger arms.

Another thing to consider is that Soriano is probably holding out for a contender this late in his career. That means Minnesota would really have to sweeten the offer in order to make him consider coming to the Twins. It just does not make financial sense for a franchise trying to rebuild from within.

Adding an arm like him would certainly help Minnesota win a few more games, but all in all it is not the move to be made. He might be able to provide a little bit of trade value if everything went perfectly, but the gamble is too much at the moment.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sportmentary Article on LastWordOnSports has posted an article by Sportmentary. It is an article about St. Louis Blues Head Coach Ken Hitchcock and is a must read for our readership.

You can read the article here.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Minnesota Still Holds Upper Hand in Adrian Peterson Saga

Minnesota Vikings 50x60 Marque Design Fleece BlanketWhile Adrian Peterson (AP) tries to posture and flex his muscle, saying he wants out of Minnesota, I still maintain that he holds almost no leverage. I believe that the Vikings have the upper hand.

It's true that in many cases a disgruntled NFL player can force a trade. Teams don't want the hassle of dealing with an unhappy player or one that will not show up. With that said this isn't one of those cases.

Vikings Have Maintained Their Position

For months, the Vikings have maintained that they won't release Adrian Peterson. They have stated that they want Adrian Peterson to play for the team in 2015.

The Vikings are smart. They had the time to think through their game plan and they are dealing with a player who is delusional.

While I might argue that Peterson brought all this on himself, the fact that the guy hasn't taken responsibility for his actions and realized that he is a player under contract, he has done himself a big disservice  .

By being consistent and not panicking, teams that may be interested in Peterson, haven't found much wiggle room in dealing with the team .

Until recently the Vikings haven't revealed what it would take to trade AP.

Vikings Reveal What Their Selling Price is for Adrian Peterson

Within the last few days the Vikings finally revealed the compensation they want from potential AP trade suitors. As reveals, the Vikings would want at least a first and second round draft pick but prefer a first round pick and a Cornerback (a position the Vikings need to fill).

That's the type of compensation that I believe the team should get. The team shouldn't settle for less. I don't think they have to. If teams want AP, they will fairly compensate the Vikings.

There is only one sticking point and it is a major one AP would also have to agree to take a major pay cut if a team were to cave in to the Vikings demands. I believe that AP would have to take a pay cut of at least two million dollars.

Is he willing to do that? If he's serious about not wanting to play in Minnesota I think he would. Let's see how serious he is.

Fans Have Lost Patience with AP

Minnesota Vikings fans remained loyal and mostly in support of child beating Adrian Peterson. They were willing to forgive AP and move on from the saga.

Then Peterson played the Victim card and blamed the team for throwing him under the bus. Even after his initial bogus comments, fans remained patient but AP and his agent couldn't keep their yaps shut. They continued and continued berating the Vikings and the Twins City community.

Finally fans have had enough and have lost patience with their once beloved king of a player. I say finally because the fan base remained way too patient with the child beater. I thought the team should have played hard ball with this creep the moment he was critical of the team's handling of his situation, one that he created.

Like the fans, the team remained loyal to him and supported him. Fans are sick and tired of AP frivolously criticizing the team. They see what AP is and that's a no good cry baby.

With the fan base becoming increasingly upset with AP, the team's resolve has been strengthened. The fan base seems content with the team not releasing AP or trading him for little compensation. This is one added example how AP's leverage remains next to nothing.

Adrian Peterson Can't Afford to Sit Out another Season

Likely the biggest thing that the Vikings can hold over AP is that AP has already sat out a season and can't afford to sit out another. AP is already 30 and has just sat out season. AP would be sticking a dagger in his career if he were to actually sit out.

For those people saying that AP would be a disruption in the locker room and would be a distraction to the team, I disagree. AP has a chip on his shoulder (right or wrong). He wants to prove to the NFL world that he was slighted and can still perform at the highest level.

If he were too sit out, that would be two consecutive years he hasn't played and he will be 32 entering the 2016 season. If he is a distraction or performs poorly, teams would be reluctant to trade for him and if they did, Peterson's salary would be sure to be greatly reduced.

It seems to me that AP has very little leverage. Even if AP is upset if he has to play in Minnesota next season I'm convinced he will continue to have a good work ethic and give it all he has. He has pride in his craft. It's in his DNA to give a 100% effort on the field every Sunday and in practice.

Adrian Peterson Under Contract With Vikings for Two More Seasons

Finally I want to make one final point why the Vikings have the upper hand and hold most of the leverage when dealing with AP. AP is still under contract until 2017. That's right, the Vikings have the rights to Peterson for two more seasons and if they want to be as petty as AP, they can decide to play hardball with him.

Adrian Peterson should rethink his options. If he continues to act like a poor sport and cry baby, the Vikings will also dig their heels in the sand. AP has far more to lose than the Vikings. Sure they want to get the most bang out of a trade but they are not willing to settle for poor compensation.

Minnesota Vikings

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Minnesota Vikings
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Alex Boone is a Spineless and Gutless Coward

San Francisco 49ers 50x60 Marque Design Fleece BlanketSan Francisco 49ers’ offensive lineman Alex Boone is a gutless and spineless coward. Boone figuratively backstabbed his former coach John Harbaugh and threw him under the bus.

Boone is upset that Harbaugh made him work out and had high expectations of him. He made the guy and his teammates work hard? Wow! What  a bad coach.

Jim Harbaugh’s NFL Coaching record Stands for Itself

Alex Boone believes that Jim Harbaugh is a good fit for Michigan but not a good NFL coach. Is this guy on drugs or is he having mental health issues? Harbaugh amassed a great record with San Francisco

His teams were winners but it looks like Boone was satisfied with his team's accomplishments and he's really a quitter. How dare Jim have high expectations for his team and want to push them. 

Sure the 49ers won two division titles, reached three consecutive NFC Championships and barely lost a Super Bowl but Harbaugh wanted to win the big game. His goal was winning the Super Bowl and he wanted to push his team until they did that.

If players like Boone couldn't take that, they are not true professionals and are a disgrace to the NFL.

Alex Boone Flip Flops

How can we take this underachieving and spineless player seriously? When news surfaced that Harbaugh's tenure with the 49ers was in jeopardy, Boone defended his coach telling the media that "he does a great job". Now Boone thinks he was bad coach for San Francisco?

When was he being truthful? Was it last year or now? I'm not sure but Boone also said that Harbaugh was "clinically insane". The only one that sounds like they are in need of mental health counseling is Boone.

The guy can't make up how he feels and talks out of both sides of his mouth. If I was one his teammates I would stay as far away from him as possible. The guy might throw me under the bus. One day he might praise me and the next day he might criticize me.

I wouldn't be able to trust a player like Alex Boone. He's a gutless and spineless coward who has no shame in stabbing a former coach in the back when the guy is not around anymore. Why didn't Alex have the guts to make these comments when Harbaugh was still his coach?

Alex Boone took the time to show the NFL who he is. He's a guy that flip flops his comments, is a spineless person and a guy who will turn his back on you the moment your back is towards him or you're out of sight.

Alex is also a guy who detests having to be pushed. He must love the status quo. Is this the type of player you want for your team?

Alex Boone

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Twins Single Season Run Tracker

MLB Minnesota Twins 3-Foot by 5-Foot Banner FlagThe Twins are on a torrid pace to set records this season. Unfortunately for the team and their fans, they aren't the good ones. The Twins are a terrible baseball team and as this season wears on, their fans might be tuning in to see if they set records for least wins in a season or even least runs scored in a season. is tracking the Twins to see if they score the fewest runs in a season.

The fewest runs scored by a team in a Major League Baseball (MLB) season are 372 by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1908. The Cardinals played 154 games that year, meaning they scored 2.42 runs per game.

Heading into this afternoon’s game with the Kansas City Twins, the Twins are on pace to set the MLB single season record for fewest runs.


Will the Twins set the record? We’ll have to see. Visit our Twins Run Tracker page  after every game for an update of the tracker.

Just because our Twins are terrible and will give us very little to cheer about doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun.


Twins Run Tracker

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