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Sports Net Worth - Infograhic Shows the Story

Did you know that the top five NFL teams were worth a total of $12.1 billion at the start of this season? Take a look at this football infographic below inspired by some free financial software tools to see some of the other stats on players and coaches! 

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Thursday, October 22, 2015 NFL Picks Week 7

Tom Brady PosterWeek six in the NFL was another exciting week of football. Once again, there were some OT games and some games that had close finishes.

As mentioned in a previous post, the highlight for me was the botched fake punt attempt by the Indianapolis Colts.

This week should bring added excitement and new highlights for football fans to relish. I'll be happy this week if the Patriots obliterate the Jets.

Now for the picks.

Thursday Night Special - Seattle Seahawks (2-4) at San Francisco 49ers (2-4)
This won't be a very close game.

Although both teams are terrible and the winner will move out of the cellar in the NFC West, I don't put much stock in the 49ers victory last week. They beat a terrible Baltimore Ravens team. Seattle on the other hand lost to a good team and their schedule has been pretty tough.

This might be the breakout game the Seehawks need. Look for Seattle defense to dominate this game and cause fits for Colin Kaepernick, which will force Colin to make mistakes.

Seattle wins 27-10.

Snoozer of the week - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4) at Washington Football Team (2-3)
One team has to win doesn't it? Actually games can end in a tie but that won't happen this week.

This game will be boring. These teams aren't good at all and having them match up against each other makes for a game that football fans should avoid.

Washington wins 14-9.

Wild Card of the Week - Dallas Cowboys (2-3) at New York Giants (3-3)
After last weeks debacle by the Giants, it's hard for me to know which Giants team will show up.

Lucky for the Giants that this game is home against a divisional rival and that rival's starting QB is injured.

The Giants will find a way to win this game but it will be close.

New York wins 17-13.

Game of the Week - New York Jets (4-1) at New England Patriots (5-0)
In years past, the Jets have had their problems at Foxborough. We've seen some funny moments at the Jets expense and we've seen some blowouts.

The Jets come into this year's Foxborough match up a stronger and better team. At 4-1, the Jets are the turnaround kids.

This will be the Patriots toughest match up so far this year but Tom Brady will find a way to win another game.

New England stays undefeated and wins 24-21.

Monday Night Football (also Doubles as our Lock of the Week) - Baltimore Ravens (1-5) at Arizona Cardinals (4-2)
Both these teams are coming off defeats. The Cardinals started out on fire but have fizzled in the past couple of weeks and the Baltimore Ravens haven't got anything started at all.

It's a good thing that the Cardinals are facing the hapless Ravens. Look for Arizzona to bounce back in a big way.

Arizona wins 45-20.

That's it for this week. I got my picks in just in time for Thursday Night Football.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

NFL Recap – Week 6

Week 5 didn’t disappoint us. We had some more OT games (two to be exact) and some really close finishes.

The highlight of the week for me was watching the botched fake punt by the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots sure are in the heads and minds of the Colts. The Colts must feel that they need to resort to gadget and trick plays to beat the Pats.

The only ones that they are tricking are themselves.
Here is the recap!

Atlanta Falcons 21 at New Orleans Saints 31
Atlanta – Every team has a week where they play like clowns. This was our week.
New Orleans – We won! We won!

Washington Football Team 20 at New York Jets 34
Washington – OK, now we’re back to reality. We can only beat terrible teams.
New York Jets – Without Geno we are a better team!

Arizona Cardinals 13 at Pittsburgh Steelers 25
Arizona – What Atlanta said but this is our second terrible game. So maybe we get two bad games this season?
Pittsburgh – you think you could beat us even if we don’t have Big Ben? Think again!

Kansas City Chiefs 10 at Minnesota Vikings 13
Kansas City – We’re in rebuilding mode.
- Hey zebras? That was a flipping safety. Can’t you morns get anything right?

Cincinnati Bengals 34 at Buffalo Bills 21
Cincinnati – Undefeated! Yes! Andy! Andy! Andy!
Buffalo – We’re good at beating terrible teams? So that means we have a chance?

Chicago Bears 34 at Detroit Lions 37
Chicago - Are you kidding me? We’re bad aren’t we?
Detroit – Yes! You’re not good and your QB sucks! By the way, we won a game!

Denver Broncos 26 at Cleveland Browns 23
Denver – If Peyton can get going we will be a powerhouse!
Cleveland – Same old story isn’t this. Where’s Johnny? Wait a second; he’s acting like a punk!

Houston Texans 31 at Jacksonville Jaguars 20
Both these teams are an embarrassment to the NFL!

Miami Dolphins 38 at Tennessee Titans 10
Miami – We’re back baby!
Tennessee – Don’t be so high on yourselves. You beat an atrocious team!

Carolina Panthers 27 at Seattle Seahawks 23
Carolina – Did you see Cam our man? Yes he can!
Seattle – Do you have him? Do you have him? Who has him? Where is he? TD? TD? Who had him?

San Diego Chargers 20 at Green Bay Packers 27
San Diego – What part of roughing the kicker do the refs not understand. They handed the game to the Packers!
Green Bay – Maybe if you could do more than just pass the ball, you could win. How about playing some defense on a drive or two?

Baltimore Ravens 20 at San Francisco 49ers 25
Baltimore - You know you suck when you can’t beat the 49ers.
San Francisco – We beat the Ravens!

New England Patriots 34 at Indianapolis Colts 27
New England – Justice! Payback! Great play guys?
Indianapolis - Whoever called that stupid fake punt should be fired!

New York Giants 7 at Philadelphia Eagles 27
That was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen. These teams are terrible and should be embarrassed how they played!

That’s a wrap for this week. We hope to see you next week for another NFL recap.

Optimizing Sports Stadiums for the Fan Experience

We would like to thank Circa Interactive for the infographic below, created by the University of Florida's Sport Management program.

The infographic details how operators are upgrading their stadiums for the fan experience. By making necessary upgrades, stadiums are looking to increase their revenue streams due to higher attendance.

We hope that you enjoy the infographic (below).

UF Online Infographic: How Sport Stadiums are Optimizing the Fan Experience
UF Online B.S. in Sport Management

Monday, October 19, 2015

Why The Colts Faked Punt Debacle Is Worse Than The Butt Fumble

Many of us remember the famous Butt Fumble. It made you laugh if we weren’t a New York Jets fan and it made you cry if you were. The Butt Fumble will go down as one of the weirdest and most terrible plays in NFL history but can a case be made that we saw a worse play on Sunday Night?

I think we can make the case that the faked punt debacle in Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots was worse than the infamous Butt Fumble. Why?

Butt Fumble was a Weird Play
The Butt fumble was a weird and unlucky play. It was bad luck, plain and simple. It wasn’t like the Jets set-up for that play. It happened while a play was developing and the fumbler, Mark Sanchez didn’t know what hit him until it was over. Ha ha ha ha.

The play was so funny and unexpected.  The fumble couldn’t come at a worse time for the beleaguered Jets. The Jets were a team in chaos. Mark Sanchez was having a horrible season under center. Everything that could go wrong that season did go wrong.

The play also occurred against the Patriots who are the Jets arch rivals. For all these reasons, the actual play seems worse than it might have been. I think the funny nature of the play and the fact that this was yet another blunder and blooper by gang green, made the play seem bigger and more hilarious than it was.

Indianapolis Had Something to Play for
The Colts had something to play for last night. They want to win their division (which they should do easily) and they want to have the best playoff position possible. Yesterday’s loss was a devastating blow to the Colts.

The Colts have been on the short end of the stick as far as losing to the Patriots are concerned, for years’ now. They needed a win to prove to themselves that they could beat the mighty New England Patriots.

Since the Colts were the whiners who were the accusers of the Patriots in the Deflategate nonsense, the Patriots had something to prove to their fans and the football world. The Colts could have silenced Patriots fans with the win.

Instead of that happening, the Cols ran inexcusable play at the wrong time in the game and the wrong place on the field. By doing the unthinkable and snapping the ball (in fake punt formation), the Colts handed the game to the Patriots.

The Indianapolis Colts looked like an amateur outfit on the botched fake punt. They looked like a team that was confused and scared of the Patriots. They looked like a team that was so desperate that they would attempt a horrible play that had almost no chance of working.

It looked like the Patriots got into the heads of the Colts and the botched fake punt was the culmination of an Indianapolis team that had to resort to trick plays to beat the Patriots.
The Colts looked like a team that didn’t believe they could beat the mighty Patriots.

For those of us that have grown to despise the Indianapolis Colts, the botched fake punt that only faked out the Colts made us laugh so hard that we could hardly breathe. It was an awesome play for Patriots fans and a boneheaded and unimaginable one for Colts fans.

It was justice. It was a play that Pats fans will remember for a long, long time. Due to all the circumstances surrounding the game, Pats fans might regard the botched fake punt as the funniest play ever.
I do think that the botched faked punt is the most terrible play of the past two decades and worse than the Butt Fumble.

I thought it would be years until I saw another ridiculous and unimaginable play that lived up to the Butt Fumble. It didn’t take many years for the Colts to give us another one. I thank the Indianapolis Colts for providing me with some humor and entertainment.

I’m still laughing at how idiotic the Colts looked on that play. It was a dumb and hilarious play. It might take a long time for a worse play to develop in the NFL but until one does, we will have the botched faked punt to turn to for some laughs.

Friday, October 16, 2015 NFL Picks Week 6

Another week in the NFL has started and I’m looking to another exciting week. Last week had three, count them, three OT games. After last night’s debacle by the Atlanta Falcons, five teams remain unbeaten.

I think when everything plays out this week, we will be left with four undefeated teams. That makes for some exciting football. Which teams will continue to impress and which teams will continue to implode?

We’ll have to see. In the meantime you can view my picks for week 6.

Snoozer of the Week - Houston Texans (1-4) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4)
Isn't this awesome? We have two 1-4 teams matching up for a divisional game. Divisional games are supposed to be exciting but this game will leave many fans wanting to take a nap.

Someone has to win this game between these losing clubs...or maybe, just maybe this one ends in a tie.

Jacksonville wins 16-9.

Upset in the Making of the Week - None!
I know that this is a cop out but I don't see any big upsets this week. the losers continue to stink up the field.

Wild Card of the Week - Chicago Bears (2-3) at Detroit Lions (0-5)
The only saving grace for this game is that it pits two division rivals against each other.

Chicago is lucky to have two wins. I don't care what anyone says, Jay Cutler is not a good quarterback.

This game won't be pretty but it will be close.

Detroit wins 17-14.

Game of the Week - New England Patriots (4-0) at Indianapolis Colts (3-2)
This game also doubles as our Sunday Night Classic.

This has the making of a great battle between these two teams. It pits the playground snitch (Colts) against the mighty Patriots. Tom Brady has something to prove on Sunday night.

I don't think that Tom and his men will run away with the game (although I would love to see the Pats crush the Colts). This game will come down to the wire and which team has the ball last will likely win.

New England wins 27-24.

Monday Night Special - New York Giants (3-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-3)
On the surface, this looks to be a good match up between these divisional opponents. Taking a closer look, I don't see this game being close at all.

The Eagles are terrible and the Giants will feast on them!

New York wins 30-14.

Lock of the Week - San Diego Chargers (2-3 at Green Bay Packers (5-0)
Remember when I stated earlier in this article that one out of the five remaining undefeated teams would lose this week?

It won't be the Packers. The Packers will destroy San Diego. I can't see Dan Diego's porous defense being able to stop Aaron Rodgers.

Green Bay wins 49-13.

Well that's it for this week's picks. I hope that you enjoy the games. I look forward to you visiting our picks article in week 7.

Last week Sportmentary went 3-2.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

NFL Recap – Week 5

Tom Brady - PhotoCan you say OT over and over and over again? There were some breathtaking, heartbreaking and nail biting moments in week 4 of the NFL season. I was gripped to my seat, watching NFL RedZone as the returns were coming in and all I could think of saying  was; “Let me breathe… the suspense is crazy”.

To say that week 5 was fun to watch is a great understatement. I only hope that future weeks bring me this much joy and also success in my weekly pick’em!
Now for the recap!

Indianapolis Colts 27 at Houston Texans 20
Indianapolis – That Matt Hasselbeck can sure play a down or two can’t he?
Houston – So how do you start over?

Chicago Bears 18 at Kansas City Chiefs 17
Chicago Bears – Cutler to the rescue. Cutler to the rescue! He’s great! He’s awesome! Ok! Let’s not get carried away here.
Kansas City – So there were people who thought we would do well this year? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Seattle Seahawks 24 at Cincinnati Bengals 27 (OT)
Seattle – Defense? Defense? What the heck are you talking about?
Cincinnati – 5-0! 5-0! Do you know the odds of a 5-0 team making the playoffs? Then pencil in Andy for some playoff magic. He can’t fail now, can he?

Washington Football Team 19 at Atlanta Falcons 25 (OT)
Washington – Now that’s how you lose a game. We’re awesome at that!
Atlanta – Pick Six! Pick Six…and we’re undefeated!

Jacksonville Jaguars 31 and Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38
Jacksonville – These losses will make us better, won’t we? Losing builds character, doesn’t it? You get used to being a loser, don’t you?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Thank heavens for the Jaguars!

New Orleans Saints 17 at Philadelphia Eagles 39
New Orleans – Bring back the brown paper bag!
Philadelphia – So we beat the Aints. WOW!

Cleveland Browns 33 at Baltimore Ravens 30 (OT)
Cleveland – Yes we can! Yes we can! What can we do?
Baltimore – We lost to the Browns? Seriously? Really?

St. Louis Rams 10 at Green Bay Packers 24
St. Louis – We have a good defense but against double check we were third rate.
Green Bay – We still kicked there *ss even with my two interceptions and one fumble.

Buffalo Bills 14 at Tennessee Titans 13
Buffalo – I guess we have to play a terrible team to get a W these days.
Tennessee – Talk about horrible finishes. Next time we should have our siesta after the game.

Arizona Cardinals 42 at Detroit Lions 17
Arizona – Detroit Lions? More like kittens!
Detroit – Only 11 more losses to another winless season. At least we’re working towards something.

New England Patriots 30 at Dallas Cowboys 6
New England – That was easy!
Dallas – Uh Oh.

Denver Broncos 16 at Oakland Raiders 10
Denver – We don’t need Peyton this year. We have a great D!
Oakland – When are we moving?

San Francisco 49ers 27 at New York Giants 30
San Francisco – Where’s Jim?
New York – The division is ours!

Pittsburgh Steelers 24 at San Diego Chargers 20
Pittsburgh – That was awesome!!!!!
San Diego – WTF defense was that? What a bunch of nonsense! I drive my team down the field for what should be the game winning score and the defense let’s that garbage happen? TERRIBLE! Just terrible!

So that's it for week 5! We would love to have you back for week 6. Enjoy the games!