Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is Fox Sports Sexist?

Fox Sports has made decisions that I don’t agree with. They relate to women and it has this sports fan asking this question; is Fox Sports Sexist? This is an opinion piece and I look at a couple of incidents that have me shaking my head. Sexism in these cases isn’t overt or necessarily apparent. What is apparent is insensitivity to women and the chasing of the almighty greenback.

Hockey Day Minnesota

Every winter Minnesota hosts an all-day/all state event called Hockey Day Minnesota. The event showcases hockey at all levels all the way to the pros. In fact the live events culminate with a Minnesota Wild hockey game.

It’s a great day of hockey that shows Minnesotans all of what the state has to offer. Almost that is. Every year, Fox Sports North televises only one girls hockey game. It is a high school game but it’s never televised live. It’s televised at 11:00 PM at night when most Minnesotans are either in bed or getting ready for bed.

Young girls around the state are in bed by the time this game is finally televised. That’s a shame. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for girls in Minnesota to watch one precious game live? I’ve been critical of Fox Sports North’s decision to relegate the girls’ game to the gutter of television.

Media personalities on the network allude to how far women’s hockey has come but why not showcase it? It’s only one game? Is it because of money/perceived ratings? Is it because the powers to be don’t think that girl’s hockey is good enough for its live viewing audience?

Only Fox Sports knows the answer to that question. Fox Sports North also does short stories about hockey players and parents around the state. Maybe I missed it but I haven’t seen a story focusing on a female hockey player? Why not? Why not? Maybe it has been on (during the 11:00 PM showing) but is it on live and when people are actually awake to see it?

Pam Oliver

Fox Sports has announced that the younger and more attractive Erin Andrews will be replacing the more experienced and respected veteran Pam Oliver. Fox Sports won’t admit it but I believe Pam Oliver is being replaced because Fox Sports wants what they perceive as a more attractive, younger female. If that is the case, do you think that would mean that Fox Sports is sexist?

Pam Oliver is a good reporter. She does her job well. She is respected by her peers and the people in the game. While it may be nice to see a young pretty face for about three seconds, I prefer a knowledgeable and experienced sideline reporter who understands football.

It’s insulting to my intelligence that Fox Sports might be thinking that I don’t care about quality, only glitz and pizazz. That’s not the case. I like Pam Oliver and I’m saddened that she may have been kicked to the curb because she is an older woman.

Her male counterparts who are in the booth or conducting interviews are sometimes old, obese and not what I would call attractive. I wonder what the NFL’s female fans think of that. Maybe they want Chippendale’s Dancers to take to the sidelines and do the reporting. The NFL claims that nearly 50% of its fans are female. Maybe Fox Sports thinks that women don’t need eye candy and that they care more about the game and the network’s content.

Maybe Fox Sports only cares and caters to their male counterparts who they think are Neanderthals who foam at the bit when they see an attractive sideline reporter.

Is Fox Sports Sexist? I’m not sure I’d go that far. It’s your call. I do believe that the network is insensitive to women, especially its female audience.

Pam Oliver

Is Fox Sports Sexist?

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Devastated Argentinian Fans a Beautiful Site for this Soccer Fan

Brazilian 2014 World CupSeeing the crying, heartbroken and devastated Argentinian fans after Germany’s victory over Argentina in the World Cup Final was a beautiful site for me. It made my day that millions of people in Argentina were devastated by their team’s loss in the biggest game that soccer has to offer.

Argentinian Soccer Fans are Classless

In the days leading up to the World Cup title game, the Argentinian fans acted like you would expect; cocky, obnoxious and stupid are just a few words to describe them. They went around Rio laughing and ridiculing Brazilians. They said that the inferior drug addicted, buffoon named Diego "Crackadona" Maradona was greater than Pele.

These morons are either stupid or…stupid fits. If these numbskulls knew anything, they would know that Pele won more World Cups (3) than Argentina has ever won. Pele is the only player to win three World Cups.

Unlike the Germans, Argentinian fans are classless. They counted their chickens before they hatched and ended up with nothing. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Can they count?

You have to wonder if Argentinian soccer fans can count. In an attempt to mock Brazilians, Argentines (Or Argentinians) made ludicrous comments. They tried to tell Brazilians that winning the World Cup in Brazil would count as three World Cups, meaning they would have five, equaling Brazil’s five World Cups (most by any nation).

This is the worst form of taunting I’ve ever heard of. If you are going to taunt your rival (who you aren't even playing against) do it by being smart, not idiotic. I know that’s too much to ask of these fans. It’s a stretch to believe that they can count from two to five without getting messed up along the way.

It would have been devastating to Brazilians had their hated rival won on their soil. Argentinians would have partied in the streets of Rio, mocking and taunting Brazilians. That didn't happen. They left Rio with the same number of World Cup titles that they had when they arrived in Rio.

Long Trip Home

ESPN reported that many Argentinian fans drove three to four days to reach Rio to see the World Cup Final. I’m sure the trip to Rio was much more fun and promising than the long trip back home. Driving home for Argentinians has to feel like an eternity. I can hardly contain my laughter. Tears are rolling down my face, thinking of the sour pusses in those cars and around Argentina. I wish I could see those faces.

Argentinians do have one thing to look forward to in the next four years (and beyond). They can look forward to Disgracego Maradona’s comments. Maradona is good for something; that is outlandish, obnoxious and derogatory comments.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tears Pour Down from the Brazilian Soccer Gods

As it rains in Rio tonight, it seems as if the Brazilian soccer gods are mourning Germany's destruction of Brazil in today's semi-final match. The soccer Gods are weeping. They are crying and they must know that this loss and the way that the Brazilians played are a complete and utter disgrace and embarrassment.

It's not that Brazil lost that has me angry tonight; it's how they lost that is maddening. I and almost every soccer fan expected Brazil to lose due to the fact that Neymar was injured and out of the tournament and that Thiago Silva was out due to having accumulated two yellow cards in matches preceding the match.

I think it's disgusting how the Brazilians showed a lack of organization and a lack of heart. The Brazilian players should be ashamed of their lack of effort and their lackluster playing. The Brazilians showed a lack of heart and they had no fight in them. They gave up and allowed Germany to obliterate them.

Brazil allowed Germany to destroy them on their home field. They proved to the nation of Brazil that the players on the pitch were bums. They are a disgrace to the sport and a disgrace to their country. As I said earlier it's not that they lost but that they displayed no effort and didn't fight until the end. They wilted like dead flowers. They were a joke.

So who should take the fall for this blunder? First and foremost Brazil's manger Luiz, Felipe Scolari should be fired immediately. How could you allow the manager to continue with this team after this humiliation? The Brazilian Football Federation needs to send a message to future managers that this type of result will not be tolerated.

The next step that the federation needs to take is to ban Thiago Silva from playing for Brazil ever again. It was Silva, the captain that stupidly interfered with Columbia's netminder, earning a yellow card and being suspended for the semi-final match today.

Silva is a disgrace and showed a lack of judgement. He hurt his team. He's a complete clown and doesn't deserve to play for Brazil ever again.

The Federation should also ban every player (besides netminder Cesar) who took the pitch today. Since those players are a disgrace to their nation and displayed little if any effort on the pitch, they don't deserve to ever play for Brazil again. They are bums and they played like amateurs. Their lack of desire to display any effort today was awful and inexplicable.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Suarez Takes a Bite Out of Italy

Luis Suarez is today's Fool of the Day. It looked like Luis Suarez bit Italian player Giorgio Chiellini during the teams' final group stage match. Uruguay would score moments later and win the game and knock out stage.

The loss was very devastating for Italy. It really bites as far as they are concerned. Suarez has bitten opponents in the past. The guy is a disgusting human being and a disgrace to football. Italy didn't lose the match due this piece of cow dung's actions (Italy played for the tie and got burned) but the fact that Suarez didn't receive a red card from the referee is embarrassing to FIFA.

I also think that both teams played dirty football. Unfortunately this match featured the worst that football has to offer. Both teams are an embarrassment to their sport.

FIFA needs to ban Suarez for life. He has shown time and time again that he can't act like a normal and decent person. He's shown the football world that he is a creep, dirty player and menace to the game. Allowing this horrible person to play another game would be pathetic and unforgivable.

We'll see how FIFA deals with Suarez but I'm not confident that FIFA will act in a suitable manner. Luis is a repeat offender (three biting incidents). How many more chances can they give this fool? If I were Chiellini I would get tested for rabies.

I really hope that we won't see Suarez for the remainder of the World Cup and I also hope that football fans around the world never have to see this animal take the pitch again. He has shown the world that he is a wild animal that can't be tamed. Now we need to put that rabid animal out of it's misery by banning him from the sport that he earns his living at.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ghona - Drama in USA vs. Ghana World Cup Match

Team USA Home 2014 World Cup Soccer Home Jersey Short Sleeves M Men's White

When team USA scored just thirty seconds into their match with Ghana on a beautiful goal by Clint Dempsey, it looked like the USA might roll onto victory. History told us that this match would be a tight affair and would come down to some dramatic moments as the match neared its end.

That's exactly what happened. For most of the match's 90 regular minutes and nine additional minutes, Ghana dominated the match. They held the ball for most of the game and greatly out chanced the Americans. Adding to team USA's hardship was an unfortunate injury to Jozy Altidore who went down in the 21st minute with a strained hamstringing injury.

The Americans are a tough group of men. They were resilient, gritty and opportunistic. They are like Ali in The Rumble in the Jungle. Like Ali who allowed Foreman to take his shots and swings until he had no gas, the Americans allowed Ghana to take their shots and for the most part, Team USA was able to withstand the shots.

When Andre Ayew scored in the 82nd minute it looked like the USA would have to work for the tie but John Brooks Jr. scored off a set piece in the 86th minute, a corner kick taken by Graham Zusi, the Americans showed that they are opportunists.

Both men were heroes on Monday. Both men sent Ghana leaving their first game of the World Cup without a point. It was an awesome moment and it was beautiful. You could feel that the Americans would capitalize on their set piece. The Americans are on good set pieces and they showed their fans why they can't ever be counted out of a match.

The result wasn't only great because our boys needed a victory to have a chance in their brutal group but also because Ghana has had USA's number in the past two World Cups and it was nice to see them come out on top of this game.

Soccer is about capitalizing on your chances and that's what our boys did. Its one thing to have chances but it's quite another to actually score on those chances. Team USA showed the world that they don't need many chances to burn you. These men will fight to the end and won't give up.

What a game and what a feeling it is being a Team USA fan.

Team USA Wolrd Cup

Will Team USA make it out of their group?

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Clown Town in New York – Same Old Wonderful New York Jets

Signed Rex Ryan Photo - 8x10 w COA #1The New York Jets never disappoint NFL fans that relish seeing the Jets continue their mediocre ways. Fans like me love and laugh at Clown Town in New York. Who is the head Clown? It’s None other than Rex Ryan.

Rex Ryan finally admitted that there is a QB competition between incumbent Geno Smith and the has-been Michael Vick. The fact that a guy like Vick who is injury prone and has seen better days is in the mix to be the starter of the Jets is a joke in and of itself.

If Michael Vick is on board with being in a QB competition he is doing a great acting job. Vick responded to questions from reporters regarding a QB competition by stating that there was none.

So what is it? Does Vick think that Rex has pre-ordained Geno to be the starter come game one? Does Vick not want to be a starter anymore? I doubt that the latter is true. So it must be that Vick is questioning Rex about there being an open competition.

Rex is a funny guy. You never know what is going on in his head. He is the guy that destroyed Mark Sanchez’s season in 2013 by putting him in a meaningless pre-season game in the 4th quarter with a bunch of 3rd stringers.

While I do think that Vick is the better QB, it doesn’t mean that the Han Gliders would win many games with Vick under center. I believe that Vick is washed up, injury prone and a shell of his former self.

The Jets are in a pickle. They have two sub-par QBs and a fan base that continues to be shell shocked by the team’s inability to be relevant. As other NFL teams improve, the Jets continue to be hampered by the Rex bug.

Just when you think Rex has calmed down and stopped his ridiculous antics, he finds a way to continue to be a clown. Before he opens his yap to the media, he should make sure that his house is in order. The QB situation in New York has been a joke the past few seasons and it looks to get even worse this season.

While I don’t like the team, I do feel for the fan base. What the fan base has to witness with their beloved club is ridiculous. They deserve much better. One thing you can’t take away from Jets fans is their passion and loyalty for their team.

I’ve said it before and I will repeat it once more; Rex Ryan is not the right guy for this team. The Jets need a credible and level headed coach. Rex isn't that type of guy.

New York Jets

Do you believe that there really is a QB competition between Vick and Smith?

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Milan Lucic is a Cry Baby

This article also doubles as our Fool of the Day. Who is that fool you may ask? It’s none other than the poor sport cheap shot artist Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins. Why don’t I like this guy? Milan embodies everything I dislike about the Bruins.

Why is Milan our fool for today? In typical Milan fashion he had to act like a poor sport, cry baby, sore loser and obnoxious scoundrel after his Boston Bruins were eliminated from the playoffs by Les Habitants de Montreal last night.

Lucic allegedly threatened Montreal player Dale Weise. The guy is a creep. Lucic is making a name fr himself as a disgusting and unsavory hockey player. keep up the bad work Milan. Hockey fans are noticing what a disgrace you are to the sport.

Poor Milan couldn't take the fact that his number one ranked Eastern conference team lost to the Montreal Canadians.

Milan had some words with Montreal players during the customery handshake.  Milan disrespected what the handshake is all about in the NHL. It’s about good sportsmanship. It’s about respecting the game of hockey. After teams and rivals have beaten each other up for seven hard fought games, players can take a few moments to shake each other’s hands.

Very few handshake lines end up the way Milan treated it last night. Milan acted like a clown. I have lost any respect that I might have had for the guy and I barely had any left for him. I think he makes a mockery of the game. I don’t like Milan.

Let’s take you back a few weeks. During the first round series between Boston and Detroit, Milan speared Detroit Red Wings player Danny DeKeyser from behind and between his legs. It looked like Danny was speared in his private area
That spear embodies who Milan is on the ice. He disrespects his opponents and the game of hockey. Why would Milan do that to a player who had his back turned to him? Not only was that a cheap shot but shows that Milan is a sissy.

Poor Milan couldn’t face the guy before trying to decapitate Danny’s…you know what I’m talking about. I think I dislike Milan more than I normally would because he plays for the Boston Bruins. I grew up being a Habs fan and Boston is the ultimate rival to the Canadians.

I grew to hate the Bruins. Milan is a perfect match for the Bruins. As I said he’s obnoxious and disrespectful. I’m glad he will be watching the rest of the NHL Playoffs from the confines of his home.

In parting, I would like to make two more comments. First of all, it was great to hear how quiet it got at TD Garden when Montreal was victorious. The only people you could hear were Montreal players screaming in joy that they had advanced to the conference finals.

My last point is how I describe Milan as a player. Borrowing from the old TV show Night Court when Bull has to say one good thing about Dan Fielding who is missing, “he’s a mammal”. I can’t think of anything nice to say about Milan Lucic the hockey player.

Milan Lucic

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